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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well hello there (I'm back, after a week or two),

'Ti' the Gaelic word for tea and the name of the new (well almost, it's actually been open since last October) tea lounge at the Hilton hotel in Glasgow. I along with some other bloggers who are part of The Scottish Bloggers Network, were lucky enough to be invited along earlier this week to try out the various afternoon tea's on offer, how perfect.

I'd never been to the Hilton hotel in Glasgow, in truth I don't know Glasgow all that well, but excitedly headed through on Wednesday straight after my PR class to catch up with some of the lovely Scottish bloggers who I've gotten to know at various events and meet some new ones! A special mention must go the lovely Kirsty, who liased with the Hilton through SBN, without her we wouldn't have been there! It was also lovely to meet Kirsty for the first time, down from Aberdeen :)

Having never been for the whole 'Afternoon Tea' experience I was rather excited and curious as to what Ti had to offer, boy was I left impressed! I only hope every other afternoon tea I ever (I mean ever!) have is as good, sadly I don't think this will be the case... unless I always and only go to Ti for afternoon tea, possible...?

I guess in order to explain or rather show why Ti did Afternoon tea so well, I guess some pictures are in order:

Chocaholics Afternoon Tea £15pp
Forever blinding people with my flash! Sorry Andii!

Classic Afternoon Tea £14pp

Mad Hatters Tea £17pp

Don't mind if I do... 

As an Alice lover, this appealed to me so much!! 

bottom levels of the Chocaholics Afternoon Tea (this was what we had) YUM!
So much tea to choose from, perfect for a tea lover like me!

I tried the Orange and Cinnamon Rooibos, which was lovely.
Ah so much delicious food and fizz, not perfect for someone trying to be on a diet... I choose Wednesday as my treat day (but ended up having Tuesday and Friday as treat days too, oops!) despite how delicious everything looked and was, I did restrain myself, as I didn't want to feel too guilty! Though I'll definitely be returning with some of my friends, hopefully soon! :)

I've pinched the descriptions of the three afternoon tea's from the Hilton website, for a few more details:

"Classic Afternoon Tea  £14.00 per person
An assortment of freshly cut finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones served
with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a selection of artisan cakes.

Confessions of a Chocoholic  £15.00 per person

Yummy chocolate fondue accompanied by dunkable treats- assorted diced
seasonal fruits, marshmallows, rolled gaufrettes, and a selection of cakes to bite.

Mad Hatters Tea Party  £17.00 per person

An assortment of freshly cut tea party finger sandwiches.
Queen of Hearts strawberries, dipped in scrummy chocolate
A selection of cupcakes and themed cakes.
“DrinkMe” Potion, blue bubblegum soda."
Another amazing positive about afternoon tea at Ti is that you can have as much tea (the liquid kind) as you like, I do know many other places only give you once cup or pot, bonus! Even the tea pots were awesome, we also all had little tea timers so your tea would be perfectly brewed dependent on what type of tea you chose.

All in all I had such a lovely evening on Wednesday and cannot thank Glasgow Hilton enough!! If you're looking for somewhere for afternoon tea with the girls in Glasgow, head here!! here's the site
I hope you have all had a lovely week and apologies for a partial blogging drought!! The past two weeks have been hectic, but good busy :) lots coming up in 2013!! Oh and thanks to the Hilton for the lovely gifts we each recieved, I can't wait to make some of the delicious cocktails from the book, I might even post about them, watch this space...

Such a sweet gift, I love Hilton Glasgow, it's also beautiful inside if you haven't been before!! As if I ever needed encouragement to drink cocktails ;) now I can make my own! First up Raspberry Daiquiri's!
Till next time,

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