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Monday, 28 January 2013

Well hello there,

Another blue Monday over and done with, today was a dreaded day of getting on with coursework and chores, bleurgh! It rained so much today, I got soaked doing the school run and my macaron's burned in the oven, perfect eh. Alas Monday has not been all bad, I treated myself and had a hot chocolate (a proper one with cream and marshmallows, naughty!), I got new slippers which have black cats on and I watched tonight's episode of Girls, not so bad after all.

A quick wishlist for you all today, a few things I have my eye on:

I love this brooch, I am pretty open about being a feminist and hate when people get all antsy about it. I want this brooch so I can literally "wear my heart on my sleeve" well not quite as I wouldn't wear it there... Being a feminist is becoming more acceptable but at the same time some women are so anti-feminism, which I find really upsetting! Grr... Anyways this brooch by Kate Rowland, on the Hannah Zakari website may have to be purchased in the near future ;)
Feminist Heart Brooch £8 link
Having booked my venue for my 21st last week I've recently been wondering what shoes I'll wear, most people would instantly look for the perfect pair of heels, I however know that my party will 1. include lots of dancing 2. I'll be standing up a lot! 3. It's fancy dress (more on the theme later ;)...) and I know fine well I'd get grumpy and want to change into flats very quickly! I'll most likely get some pictures taken with heels on but have been loving the idea of buying some Nike ID's as in personalised trainers, I'm hoping they can do glittery :O for my party, many people will be horrified at the idea! But hey I want to be comfortable ;) and unique!

These are just a quick random pair I made on the site as an example :) These would cost £85 which I personally think is fairly reasonable, you can even have your name on them :P available from NikeID.

I love love love the Wizard of Oz, it's no secret and I literally cannot wait for the new Tim Burton movie. When I heard that Urban Decay were releasing OZ themed palettes, I shrieked out loud with excitement! I can't decide which one I want more and will have to wait to swatch in store so I can decide so so pretty :)

Glinda Palette £35 available at Debenhams
(I had planned to include both palettes however the Debenhams website has crashed :( Shall include the Theodora palette tomorrow when it's back online :) )

A little Monday wishlist :) I'm still swithering over which of the two black ASOS midi dresses' I featured in my 'Having a midi moment' to buy, I'm leaning towards the embroidered sleeve one though!! 

Have a lovely Tuesday lovelies, I'm off to bed as I'm back at college tomorrow! sigh... 
Till next time,


  1. :O oooh I love those Oz themes palettes!!! So pretty!

    Lynsey xxx

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it, I'm undecided which one too get as I can't really justify both :P hmm... Xx

  2. I love the idea of wearing Nike IDs to your party, and I'm so excited by the Oz pallets, I missed out on the Alice in Wonderland one which I've never gotten over so I'm determined I'm getting at least one of these :L

    1. That's my plan too get at least one :) I'm such a big Tim Burton geek, I love all of his movies, so these palettes are mega exciting! Now just to decide which to buy :) xx

  3. GURL YES. Kate Rowland is pretty flawless but I am all up in this feminist broach - like so much.
    also the oz palettes are delicious, must own! x

    1. Thinking it's a definite purchase!! And I know they're so beautiful :) x

  4. oooh the Glinda Palette looks amazing! i want it! lol xx


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