Rainy Thursdays...

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Well hello there,
YAY! It's the end of the working week, you're probably thinking eh? But my working week is a little different to most, college Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, working Saturday and Sunday, with Monday and Friday as my weekend! TGIF! I'm very much looking forward to a day off tomorrow, before a busy weekend of working and another birthday night out.
But before that I've got to head home, in the pouring rain I might add, to get ready to head to my friend's house and off for a wee night out; without the horrifying prospect of work tomorrow, definitely necessary after a week of college deadlines and rubbishy weather.

Against the odds I've also been managing (more or less) to stick to my diet/healthy eating kick, and have been loving trying out different recipes and ideas from my best pal' Pinterest ;) Including a banana 'ice cream' which only has one ingredient! Suprisingly it works! And I've been making full use of my extensive selection of lunchboxes and bento boxes, by getting back into a regime of packing a lunch for college. Which has been helping me keep track of exactly what I'm eating; so shall be allowing myself a night off tonight ;)

But anyways the weather in Central Scotland is thrououghly miserable today so I've decided as a last wee thought I'll leave a couple of pictures from Pinterest which have had me in fits of giggles or wearing a massive smile this week. I'll be thinking of these when I'm walking home with the rain battering against my face, makeup running down my cheeks like a panda (sexy I know!)



Till next time,