Longing for Paris...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well hello there,

Ah Tuesday, today was the day, my holidays or sincere lack of where truly over and back to college bright and early I went. Luckily thanks to my new Liz Earle skincare, having packed my bag and laid out my outfit the night before and most importantly the 'Sleep Cycle' app (for those with trouble waking up in the morning I really recommend this!!) I woke feeling refreshed, had porridge and a cup of tea for breakfast, then headed to college, fur coat on Hello Kitty travel mug filled with coffee, ready to face Semiotics! 

My first day back was as would be expected so-so, except for my last class 'Globalization and the Media' those who follow may have saw my recent tweets about how I'm longing for a holiday; preferably to Paris or Berlin, just a wee city break, perfect. Sadly none of my friends are able to come!! Boo! :( And then dangled in front of me for two hours during class was the beautiful Paris... 

How you may wonder? Well we were watching Amelie, I'd surprisingly never seen it and was so taken aback by how great it really is. It is such a beautiful film and made me long to go to Paris even more... And Audrey Tautou was incredible in it. So there we have it my thoughts of Tuesday occupied by what I believe to be one of the prettiest cities in the world, a bit cliched but hey. 

Off to see Life of Pi tomorrow after PR class, exciting times, I might even pop up a wee review on the ol' blog, have any of you seen it yet? I've heard that it is amazeballs!! 

Till next time,



  1. The boyfriend went to see Life of Pi and said it was really good :) I've never seen Amelie either, though it's one of those films I really feel I should have!

    1. It was amazing!! Also I definitely recommend Amelie, it's beautiful :) xx


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