How ya going?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well hello there,

Most people are probably looking at the title of this post thinking huh?! Those familiar with living in Australia however will know exactly what I mean... I lived in Australia for a year, completely immersed in normal everyday Australian life and I loved it, due to this I often use a lot of Australianisms in my everyday speech. I'm not so bad now as I've been home for a year and a half, but I got a lot of funny looks when I'd recently returned. "How ya going?" is one of the most common Australian sayings which in essence means "How are you?" what I'm really trying to say, in a roundabout way, is how are you all? I've been AWOL from the old blogosphere for a week or two as everything has been rather hectic, but I'm looking forward to getting back into a blogging routine and getting posts scheduled when I'm not busy.

I can't believe how fast January has flown by already, it's nearly February and this weekend is my last free weekend (I mean a weekend without a party or event) till mid March! 2013 is definitely set to be a busy one. Today's post is just a quick on for Sunday and though not a 'Life in Picture's' post (I've not done them recently as I haven't been using instagram...)

So far this year I've been trying more and more to appreciate the little things, pretty sunsets, time with friends, how lucky I am, it all sounds cliched but it's true. Earlier this week I had a big splurge and finally bought my iPad mini, I think I may have made one of the quickest purchases in the Apple store ever! I went in asked if they had it in stock and said "Great, I want to buy one." the guy looked so shocked, but I'd decided to treat myself after working lots at Christmas and knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from the last week (and one from the week before) little things which make all the difference.

Sunset on my walk to the bus, Scotland really is beautiful,
My new iPad mini!! 

An unexpected and lovely gift, this made me smile and realise that things you do are appreciated,
so grateful to have such lovely people in my life :)
Have a lovely Sunday all and remember to appreciate the little things, lastly I'll leave you with one of my favourite ever quotes:

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
- Anne Frank.

Till next time,


  1. Awww love your wee doggy shirt, so cute!

    Lynne x

  2. That's such a gorgeous sunset photo! Anytime I try to take pictures of nice skies they never turn out well xx

    1. I was just lucky the sky was so pretty that day ☺ xx

  3. Such a lovely post, it's true, January is flying in! I think I've decided on a new blog name by the way, how exciting! :P xxx

    1. I know it's crazy!! Not long left at all and so exciting I'm aiming to have decided by the end of the week 😊 xx


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