Having a 'midi' moment...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Well hello there,

Apparently today was 'Blue Monday' or something like that... the most depressing day of the year, how miserable, for me however (and I hope you too!) I had a pretty lovely day, trudging through the snow to take my little brother to school, a warming gingerbread chai latte (at The Burgh of course!), a pampering morning at Sonas getting HD Brows and gel nails (shall be doing a wee post featuring both very soon!), lunch and a wee business meeting cosy in Kelly's flat and of course currently living in a wintery wonderland tops it all of perfectly.

 I've had a rather lovely day and thought I'd do a quick post of something that has been plauging my mind for weeks, in a good way, the midi dress, though my preferred length of dress or skirt; perfect as I'm rather tall. Despite this I only have one (I think...) midi dress and I have been longing to expand my collection, I've compiled a few that I have my eye on, also I'm sorry most are from ASOS or BooHoo, firstly I love ASOS and secondly I've never ordered from BooHoo and have been interested to try some of their 'stuff'.

1. BooHoo; Cap Sleeve Midi Dress- Berry  £12. Firstly the colour of this dress is gorgeous, I love deep berry colours and have been looking for a dress like this for a while (good shapewear will be a must though!)  my only worry is I've not bought from BooHoo before so unsure of quality/sizing...

2. BooHoo; Kaye Printed Cap Sleeve Midi Dress £15. I love love love this dress, thinking it's something to aim towards whilst on my healthkick/diet, as I feel the pattern could be unforgiving. Love it so much though the pattern reminds me of blue china :)


3. ASOS; Midi Dress with Embroidered Sleeves £60. The emroidered detailling on this dress is gorgeous, the shape of the skirt would be perfect too as the subtle pleats look like the would be very flattering. I need another black dress right? ;)


4. ASOS Marketplace, XXDAISYCHAINXX; Vintage Peach Pleat Dress, 50's style £18.75. I had to throw in a pretty vintage number! This is from an ASOS marketplace seller and is gorgeous, I think it'd be perfect in the summer, cats eye sunnies, a pretty headscarf and obligatory red lipstick, I'm sold.


5. ASOS; Midi Dress with Floral Print and Button Waist £42. This is my favourite of the five dresses, in fact I'm debating whether or not to treat myself to it come payday?! (What do you think?) This is simply perfect, cinched in waist, beautiful floral print, perfect coming up for Spring, but still dressy as the base colour is black and of course the perfect length. I'm in love with this dress and have a feeling this could be arriving on my doorstep very soon... Now just to decide which occasion to wear it to ;)

Have any you been sporting midi dresses lately? Watch this space to find out which one I fall for first ;)
For now I'm off to make a cup of tea then watch Girls on Sky Atlantic +1, perfect!

Till next time,