Confessions of a shopaholic; Lured in by Boxing Day Sales!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Well hello there,
Working in retail I don't have a huge amount of time after Christmas to trail around shops and on my rare days off during the post-Christmas sale period the last thing I want to do is spend a day trailing round the shops; I have however picked up a few bits and pieces, though over the past couple of weeks, not all on the one trip!

Forever a shopaholic... As you can tell I'm not taking part in the whole '100 day Spending Ban' for starters it would be near on impossible for me; why you ask? Well I work in a retailer where we have to wear the clothing and accessories sold in store, I haven't bought my new uniform yet, but after the sale ends I will have to buy either enough to last me through the season or buy in installments, a little here and there. Ergo I can't not shop for 3 months! Sorry!! Above is everything I have bought since Christmas (I think...)

I managed to get my hands on the £12 bucket tote!! Yay, though not on sale I finally got this bag and couldn't be happier I also bought two mens t-shirts (£2.50 not on sale) in grey and white, two hi-lo skirts in black and burgundy (were £10 each, reduced to £5), a nail art kit (£2) and the most amazing French Bulldog print blouse! (£6 new stock); not much actual sale shopping in Primark...

FRENCH BULLDOGS!! Also the belts on both skirts are surprisingly really nice and good quality in comparison to the usual belts which come attached to Primark clothing!
LUSH (and a cheeky MUA item):
All of these items were bought in the half price sale at Lush Stirling, of course stocking up on more Snow Fairy (I already have two big bottles!) these ones are perfect for holidays! Another Sandy Santa; my favourite body scrub, 4 Emotional Brilliance makeup items and MUA Fur-Effect Nails in 'Fluff and Cuddles', review coming up soon! (on offer from £3 to £2 in Superdrug at the moment).

Decisive, Vibrance, Independence and Ambition. (review of all of my EB cosmetics coming soon!)
70% off Sale! I picked up some gifting bits and pieces for my 'Present Box' (Which I wonder if anyone would be interested in a post about it...?) So pretty tissues, wipes, earphones, nail polish, etc, which all make great little 'add-ons' to presents, or gift baskets :) The poppy ring is a new addition to my work uniform (I work in Accessorize you see) and the squirrel headphones were a little treat for moi.

How adorable!?
Random bits and pieces:
Lee Stafford 'Wavy Baby Hair Kit' £15 (half price) in Boots; I actually purchased this using my Boots points which I think makes it free ;) A door organiser from Dunelm Mill, courtesy of my Mum £1.49 reduced from £2.99. Hello Kitty hairbrush from H&M £1 reduced from £2.99. And some brooches from Primark £1 were £2.50.

Not quite got the hang of this yet, but give me time! Anyone used this or have any tips on best results?
Stocking up for the New Year, amazingly this lot only came to £41 which for Liz Earle products is amazing!! I don't mind paying a little bit more for Liz Earle products as they make such a hug difference to my skin, I got this on offer for over half price, incl P&P! I bought the 'December 2012 Essentials Kit' which contains: 100ml Cleanse and Polish (plus two muslin cloths), 200ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 150ml Eye Bright Soothing Lotion, 50ml Skin Repair Moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin, Lash Definition Smudgeproof mascara in Black and a complimentary 30ml Cleanse and Polish with another cloth! BARGAIN! 
I am a religious Cleanse and Polish user and have tried the Skin tonic before but I am so excited to now have a full regime from Liz Earle for 2013; roll on better skin :) This all arrived this morning so after this post I'm off to do a full cleanse, tone and moisturise, eeee excited! :) 

And lastly a little bargain from earlier today I picked these make up bags in Marks and Spencers for £5 (originally the two would have cost £14.50) £3 for the big one and £2 for the little one. I've been searching for a new make up bag for my handbag and also was looking for something to hold all my new Liz Earle skincare in, in the bathroom; and here we have the solution! I love the pretty lilac colour and polkadots!

And there we have it all my post-Christmas shopping, I'm also going to be making a rather large purchase next week after pay-day!! Hello iPad mini, I'll be purchasing it with the money I earned working hard over Christmas, I was basically working full-time (I'm only on a 10hour contract!) So was able to earn a bit of extra monies, which I have decided to splurge on a a pretty wee iPad mini, exciting times!
I hope you have all had a lovely Monday, I had planned to be more pro-active and actually get cracking with my coursework and sadly I haven't typical... But hey there's always tomorrow! I'm also hoping to see Life of Pi on Wednesday which I have heard is amaze! And then Les Mis' on Saturday (gutted that I'm babysitting Friday night!) though I just need to find someone to come along and be soppy with me! For now I'm off to immerse myself in Liz Earle and organising my pretty makeup bags :) 

Till next time,

P.S I also bought my fur coat from ASOS in the sale (which I'm wearing in my last post) it was £60 and is now reduced to £24.50 bargain! (I got it for £31 still a bargain though!) link


  1. You've managed to buy some lovely items in the sales! I think I bought one thing in the sale as I normally cannot stand them.
    Lovely post xx

  2. Looks like you got some lovely bits and bobs, the accessorize stuff looks fab! X

    1. Indeed I did :) and you should check out Accessorize most stores still have loads of bargains! x

  3. The Skin tonic is pretty good. I wish I had purchased some of the Lush makeup in the sale now, I couldn't make my mind up.

    Much Love:


    1. Tried it out last night and this morning with my usual Cleanse and Polish and the moisturiser! LOVE THEM! Check your local store they may still have some sale items :) xx

  4. wow, What a great day of shopping, some lovely stuff. and great bargains. I love lush and did a post on the emotional brilliance range. I love the colors you got. I also did a post called nail it into 2013 which I thought might be of interest to you, give you some inspiration for nail designs to go with your new clothes :)

    1. I love nail art too, so will definitely pop over for a wee look :) thanks for commenting lovely xx


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