Rainy Thursdays...

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Well hello there,
YAY! It's the end of the working week, you're probably thinking eh? But my working week is a little different to most, college Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, working Saturday and Sunday, with Monday and Friday as my weekend! TGIF! I'm very much looking forward to a day off tomorrow, before a busy weekend of working and another birthday night out.
But before that I've got to head home, in the pouring rain I might add, to get ready to head to my friend's house and off for a wee night out; without the horrifying prospect of work tomorrow, definitely necessary after a week of college deadlines and rubbishy weather.

Against the odds I've also been managing (more or less) to stick to my diet/healthy eating kick, and have been loving trying out different recipes and ideas from my best pal' Pinterest ;) Including a banana 'ice cream' which only has one ingredient! Suprisingly it works! And I've been making full use of my extensive selection of lunchboxes and bento boxes, by getting back into a regime of packing a lunch for college. Which has been helping me keep track of exactly what I'm eating; so shall be allowing myself a night off tonight ;)

But anyways the weather in Central Scotland is thrououghly miserable today so I've decided as a last wee thought I'll leave a couple of pictures from Pinterest which have had me in fits of giggles or wearing a massive smile this week. I'll be thinking of these when I'm walking home with the rain battering against my face, makeup running down my cheeks like a panda (sexy I know!)



Till next time,

Sitting Waiting Wishing, little things :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Well hello there,

Another blue Monday over and done with, today was a dreaded day of getting on with coursework and chores, bleurgh! It rained so much today, I got soaked doing the school run and my macaron's burned in the oven, perfect eh. Alas Monday has not been all bad, I treated myself and had a hot chocolate (a proper one with cream and marshmallows, naughty!), I got new slippers which have black cats on and I watched tonight's episode of Girls, not so bad after all.

A quick wishlist for you all today, a few things I have my eye on:

I love this brooch, I am pretty open about being a feminist and hate when people get all antsy about it. I want this brooch so I can literally "wear my heart on my sleeve" well not quite as I wouldn't wear it there... Being a feminist is becoming more acceptable but at the same time some women are so anti-feminism, which I find really upsetting! Grr... Anyways this brooch by Kate Rowland, on the Hannah Zakari website may have to be purchased in the near future ;)
Feminist Heart Brooch £8 link
Having booked my venue for my 21st last week I've recently been wondering what shoes I'll wear, most people would instantly look for the perfect pair of heels, I however know that my party will 1. include lots of dancing 2. I'll be standing up a lot! 3. It's fancy dress (more on the theme later ;)...) and I know fine well I'd get grumpy and want to change into flats very quickly! I'll most likely get some pictures taken with heels on but have been loving the idea of buying some Nike ID's as in personalised trainers, I'm hoping they can do glittery :O for my party, many people will be horrified at the idea! But hey I want to be comfortable ;) and unique!

These are just a quick random pair I made on the site as an example :) These would cost £85 which I personally think is fairly reasonable, you can even have your name on them :P available from NikeID.

I love love love the Wizard of Oz, it's no secret and I literally cannot wait for the new Tim Burton movie. When I heard that Urban Decay were releasing OZ themed palettes, I shrieked out loud with excitement! I can't decide which one I want more and will have to wait to swatch in store so I can decide so so pretty :)

Glinda Palette £35 available at Debenhams
(I had planned to include both palettes however the Debenhams website has crashed :( Shall include the Theodora palette tomorrow when it's back online :) )

A little Monday wishlist :) I'm still swithering over which of the two black ASOS midi dresses' I featured in my 'Having a midi moment' to buy, I'm leaning towards the embroidered sleeve one though!! 

Have a lovely Tuesday lovelies, I'm off to bed as I'm back at college tomorrow! sigh... 
Till next time,

Lazy days...

Friday, 25 January 2013

Well hello there,

For me this week has been a monumentally lazy one! I had a 'reading week' from college and must ashamedly admit I haven't done a huge amount of reading! (naughty!!) Instead I've had a pampering week, caught up on sleep, caught up with friends and generally had a well deserved break. This week has been the first time I've had two or more days off in a row since well before Christmas, so I think it's okay to be a little lazy sometimes and to enjoy being a little unproductive.

Though looking back I have been busier than I first thought; maybe just not doing what my lecturers had hoped ;) I would be:

Monday: HD Brows and Gelish nails appointment, then lunch at my friend Kelly's.
Tuesday: The longest lie in I've had in over a year, 96% sleep quality on 'Sleep Cycle' most likely due to my ten hour sleep!
Wednesday: Lunch and spa afternoon with Kelly, nothing like a swim, jacuzzi, sauna and steamroom sesh' to revitalise you :) then off to see the Hobbit with my little brother.
Thursday: Lunch at Cibo e Vino (Stirling's best Italian restaurant btw!) with my Granny and Mum, plus a cheeky trip to the new Waitrose which had just opened.
Friday: Trip to the hairdressers, a quick run about the shops to buy a new dress for tomorrow night ;) and to buy new work uniform and then home for Burns Supper, perfect.

Little brother being a cool kid in his Parka ;) heading to finally see The Hobbit.

Snow on the hills and the Wallace Monument :)

Using Pinterest for hairstyle inspiration; look no.1 Heidi braids. 
Love having Waitrose in Stirling :) Froyo! 
Kirsty from CoffeeandCakes recommended this, picked it up in Waitrose so excited to give it  a try.

Amusing myself at the Hairdressers, bleach oan!

Snowy view from the window this morning, so pretty :) it's snowed non-stop all day.

So despite not getting a huge amount of college work done, I've had a lovely week. I'm pretty sure I did something on Tuesday though I can't remember what I did?!...

As I haven't posted much this week I decided I'd do a little post with a few pictures, a wee update if you like :) I'll also be posting my first DIY post in the next few days, a must for those of us attending lots of 18th and 21st Birthday parties this year. I'm turning 21 later this year and so this year is in a way 'The year of the 21st's' and presents can be so hard to buy!

And last but not least a picture of my new favourite cushion;

"IT'S A PUG!" 
I hope you all had a lovely week and that the snow (if you've had it) hasn't been too much of a hindrance, have a lovely weekend all!! 

Till next time,

Having a 'midi' moment...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Well hello there,

Apparently today was 'Blue Monday' or something like that... the most depressing day of the year, how miserable, for me however (and I hope you too!) I had a pretty lovely day, trudging through the snow to take my little brother to school, a warming gingerbread chai latte (at The Burgh of course!), a pampering morning at Sonas getting HD Brows and gel nails (shall be doing a wee post featuring both very soon!), lunch and a wee business meeting cosy in Kelly's flat and of course currently living in a wintery wonderland tops it all of perfectly.

 I've had a rather lovely day and thought I'd do a quick post of something that has been plauging my mind for weeks, in a good way, the midi dress, though my preferred length of dress or skirt; perfect as I'm rather tall. Despite this I only have one (I think...) midi dress and I have been longing to expand my collection, I've compiled a few that I have my eye on, also I'm sorry most are from ASOS or BooHoo, firstly I love ASOS and secondly I've never ordered from BooHoo and have been interested to try some of their 'stuff'.

1. BooHoo; Cap Sleeve Midi Dress- Berry  £12. Firstly the colour of this dress is gorgeous, I love deep berry colours and have been looking for a dress like this for a while (good shapewear will be a must though!)  my only worry is I've not bought from BooHoo before so unsure of quality/sizing...

2. BooHoo; Kaye Printed Cap Sleeve Midi Dress £15. I love love love this dress, thinking it's something to aim towards whilst on my healthkick/diet, as I feel the pattern could be unforgiving. Love it so much though the pattern reminds me of blue china :)


3. ASOS; Midi Dress with Embroidered Sleeves £60. The emroidered detailling on this dress is gorgeous, the shape of the skirt would be perfect too as the subtle pleats look like the would be very flattering. I need another black dress right? ;)


4. ASOS Marketplace, XXDAISYCHAINXX; Vintage Peach Pleat Dress, 50's style £18.75. I had to throw in a pretty vintage number! This is from an ASOS marketplace seller and is gorgeous, I think it'd be perfect in the summer, cats eye sunnies, a pretty headscarf and obligatory red lipstick, I'm sold.


5. ASOS; Midi Dress with Floral Print and Button Waist £42. This is my favourite of the five dresses, in fact I'm debating whether or not to treat myself to it come payday?! (What do you think?) This is simply perfect, cinched in waist, beautiful floral print, perfect coming up for Spring, but still dressy as the base colour is black and of course the perfect length. I'm in love with this dress and have a feeling this could be arriving on my doorstep very soon... Now just to decide which occasion to wear it to ;)

Have any you been sporting midi dresses lately? Watch this space to find out which one I fall for first ;)
For now I'm off to make a cup of tea then watch Girls on Sky Atlantic +1, perfect!

Till next time,

How ya going?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Well hello there,

Most people are probably looking at the title of this post thinking huh?! Those familiar with living in Australia however will know exactly what I mean... I lived in Australia for a year, completely immersed in normal everyday Australian life and I loved it, due to this I often use a lot of Australianisms in my everyday speech. I'm not so bad now as I've been home for a year and a half, but I got a lot of funny looks when I'd recently returned. "How ya going?" is one of the most common Australian sayings which in essence means "How are you?" what I'm really trying to say, in a roundabout way, is how are you all? I've been AWOL from the old blogosphere for a week or two as everything has been rather hectic, but I'm looking forward to getting back into a blogging routine and getting posts scheduled when I'm not busy.

I can't believe how fast January has flown by already, it's nearly February and this weekend is my last free weekend (I mean a weekend without a party or event) till mid March! 2013 is definitely set to be a busy one. Today's post is just a quick on for Sunday and though not a 'Life in Picture's' post (I've not done them recently as I haven't been using instagram...)

So far this year I've been trying more and more to appreciate the little things, pretty sunsets, time with friends, how lucky I am, it all sounds cliched but it's true. Earlier this week I had a big splurge and finally bought my iPad mini, I think I may have made one of the quickest purchases in the Apple store ever! I went in asked if they had it in stock and said "Great, I want to buy one." the guy looked so shocked, but I'd decided to treat myself after working lots at Christmas and knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from the last week (and one from the week before) little things which make all the difference.

Sunset on my walk to the bus, Scotland really is beautiful,
My new iPad mini!! 

An unexpected and lovely gift, this made me smile and realise that things you do are appreciated,
so grateful to have such lovely people in my life :)
Have a lovely Sunday all and remember to appreciate the little things, lastly I'll leave you with one of my favourite ever quotes:

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
- Anne Frank.

Till next time,

Time for Ti? ;)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well hello there (I'm back, after a week or two),

'Ti' the Gaelic word for tea and the name of the new (well almost, it's actually been open since last October) tea lounge at the Hilton hotel in Glasgow. I along with some other bloggers who are part of The Scottish Bloggers Network, were lucky enough to be invited along earlier this week to try out the various afternoon tea's on offer, how perfect.

I'd never been to the Hilton hotel in Glasgow, in truth I don't know Glasgow all that well, but excitedly headed through on Wednesday straight after my PR class to catch up with some of the lovely Scottish bloggers who I've gotten to know at various events and meet some new ones! A special mention must go the lovely Kirsty, who liased with the Hilton through SBN, without her we wouldn't have been there! It was also lovely to meet Kirsty for the first time, down from Aberdeen :)

Having never been for the whole 'Afternoon Tea' experience I was rather excited and curious as to what Ti had to offer, boy was I left impressed! I only hope every other afternoon tea I ever (I mean ever!) have is as good, sadly I don't think this will be the case... unless I always and only go to Ti for afternoon tea, possible...?

I guess in order to explain or rather show why Ti did Afternoon tea so well, I guess some pictures are in order:

Chocaholics Afternoon Tea £15pp
Forever blinding people with my flash! Sorry Andii!

Classic Afternoon Tea £14pp

Mad Hatters Tea £17pp

Don't mind if I do... 

As an Alice lover, this appealed to me so much!! 

bottom levels of the Chocaholics Afternoon Tea (this was what we had) YUM!
So much tea to choose from, perfect for a tea lover like me!

I tried the Orange and Cinnamon Rooibos, which was lovely.
Ah so much delicious food and fizz, not perfect for someone trying to be on a diet... I choose Wednesday as my treat day (but ended up having Tuesday and Friday as treat days too, oops!) despite how delicious everything looked and was, I did restrain myself, as I didn't want to feel too guilty! Though I'll definitely be returning with some of my friends, hopefully soon! :)

I've pinched the descriptions of the three afternoon tea's from the Hilton website, for a few more details:

"Classic Afternoon Tea  £14.00 per person
An assortment of freshly cut finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones served
with clotted cream and strawberry jam and a selection of artisan cakes.

Confessions of a Chocoholic  £15.00 per person

Yummy chocolate fondue accompanied by dunkable treats- assorted diced
seasonal fruits, marshmallows, rolled gaufrettes, and a selection of cakes to bite.

Mad Hatters Tea Party  £17.00 per person

An assortment of freshly cut tea party finger sandwiches.
Queen of Hearts strawberries, dipped in scrummy chocolate
A selection of cupcakes and themed cakes.
“DrinkMe” Potion, blue bubblegum soda."
Another amazing positive about afternoon tea at Ti is that you can have as much tea (the liquid kind) as you like, I do know many other places only give you once cup or pot, bonus! Even the tea pots were awesome, we also all had little tea timers so your tea would be perfectly brewed dependent on what type of tea you chose.

All in all I had such a lovely evening on Wednesday and cannot thank Glasgow Hilton enough!! If you're looking for somewhere for afternoon tea with the girls in Glasgow, head here!! here's the site
I hope you have all had a lovely week and apologies for a partial blogging drought!! The past two weeks have been hectic, but good busy :) lots coming up in 2013!! Oh and thanks to the Hilton for the lovely gifts we each recieved, I can't wait to make some of the delicious cocktails from the book, I might even post about them, watch this space...

Such a sweet gift, I love Hilton Glasgow, it's also beautiful inside if you haven't been before!! As if I ever needed encouragement to drink cocktails ;) now I can make my own! First up Raspberry Daiquiri's!
Till next time,

Longing for Paris...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Well hello there,

Ah Tuesday, today was the day, my holidays or sincere lack of where truly over and back to college bright and early I went. Luckily thanks to my new Liz Earle skincare, having packed my bag and laid out my outfit the night before and most importantly the 'Sleep Cycle' app (for those with trouble waking up in the morning I really recommend this!!) I woke feeling refreshed, had porridge and a cup of tea for breakfast, then headed to college, fur coat on Hello Kitty travel mug filled with coffee, ready to face Semiotics! 

My first day back was as would be expected so-so, except for my last class 'Globalization and the Media' those who follow may have saw my recent tweets about how I'm longing for a holiday; preferably to Paris or Berlin, just a wee city break, perfect. Sadly none of my friends are able to come!! Boo! :( And then dangled in front of me for two hours during class was the beautiful Paris... 

How you may wonder? Well we were watching Amelie, I'd surprisingly never seen it and was so taken aback by how great it really is. It is such a beautiful film and made me long to go to Paris even more... And Audrey Tautou was incredible in it. So there we have it my thoughts of Tuesday occupied by what I believe to be one of the prettiest cities in the world, a bit cliched but hey. 

Off to see Life of Pi tomorrow after PR class, exciting times, I might even pop up a wee review on the ol' blog, have any of you seen it yet? I've heard that it is amazeballs!! 

Till next time,


Confessions of a shopaholic; Lured in by Boxing Day Sales!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Well hello there,
Working in retail I don't have a huge amount of time after Christmas to trail around shops and on my rare days off during the post-Christmas sale period the last thing I want to do is spend a day trailing round the shops; I have however picked up a few bits and pieces, though over the past couple of weeks, not all on the one trip!

Forever a shopaholic... As you can tell I'm not taking part in the whole '100 day Spending Ban' for starters it would be near on impossible for me; why you ask? Well I work in a retailer where we have to wear the clothing and accessories sold in store, I haven't bought my new uniform yet, but after the sale ends I will have to buy either enough to last me through the season or buy in installments, a little here and there. Ergo I can't not shop for 3 months! Sorry!! Above is everything I have bought since Christmas (I think...)

I managed to get my hands on the £12 bucket tote!! Yay, though not on sale I finally got this bag and couldn't be happier I also bought two mens t-shirts (£2.50 not on sale) in grey and white, two hi-lo skirts in black and burgundy (were £10 each, reduced to £5), a nail art kit (£2) and the most amazing French Bulldog print blouse! (£6 new stock); not much actual sale shopping in Primark...

FRENCH BULLDOGS!! Also the belts on both skirts are surprisingly really nice and good quality in comparison to the usual belts which come attached to Primark clothing!
LUSH (and a cheeky MUA item):
All of these items were bought in the half price sale at Lush Stirling, of course stocking up on more Snow Fairy (I already have two big bottles!) these ones are perfect for holidays! Another Sandy Santa; my favourite body scrub, 4 Emotional Brilliance makeup items and MUA Fur-Effect Nails in 'Fluff and Cuddles', review coming up soon! (on offer from £3 to £2 in Superdrug at the moment).

Decisive, Vibrance, Independence and Ambition. (review of all of my EB cosmetics coming soon!)
70% off Sale! I picked up some gifting bits and pieces for my 'Present Box' (Which I wonder if anyone would be interested in a post about it...?) So pretty tissues, wipes, earphones, nail polish, etc, which all make great little 'add-ons' to presents, or gift baskets :) The poppy ring is a new addition to my work uniform (I work in Accessorize you see) and the squirrel headphones were a little treat for moi.

How adorable!?
Random bits and pieces:
Lee Stafford 'Wavy Baby Hair Kit' £15 (half price) in Boots; I actually purchased this using my Boots points which I think makes it free ;) A door organiser from Dunelm Mill, courtesy of my Mum £1.49 reduced from £2.99. Hello Kitty hairbrush from H&M £1 reduced from £2.99. And some brooches from Primark £1 were £2.50.

Not quite got the hang of this yet, but give me time! Anyone used this or have any tips on best results?
Stocking up for the New Year, amazingly this lot only came to £41 which for Liz Earle products is amazing!! I don't mind paying a little bit more for Liz Earle products as they make such a hug difference to my skin, I got this on offer for over half price, incl P&P! I bought the 'December 2012 Essentials Kit' which contains: 100ml Cleanse and Polish (plus two muslin cloths), 200ml Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 150ml Eye Bright Soothing Lotion, 50ml Skin Repair Moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin, Lash Definition Smudgeproof mascara in Black and a complimentary 30ml Cleanse and Polish with another cloth! BARGAIN! 
I am a religious Cleanse and Polish user and have tried the Skin tonic before but I am so excited to now have a full regime from Liz Earle for 2013; roll on better skin :) This all arrived this morning so after this post I'm off to do a full cleanse, tone and moisturise, eeee excited! :) 

And lastly a little bargain from earlier today I picked these make up bags in Marks and Spencers for £5 (originally the two would have cost £14.50) £3 for the big one and £2 for the little one. I've been searching for a new make up bag for my handbag and also was looking for something to hold all my new Liz Earle skincare in, in the bathroom; and here we have the solution! I love the pretty lilac colour and polkadots!

And there we have it all my post-Christmas shopping, I'm also going to be making a rather large purchase next week after pay-day!! Hello iPad mini, I'll be purchasing it with the money I earned working hard over Christmas, I was basically working full-time (I'm only on a 10hour contract!) So was able to earn a bit of extra monies, which I have decided to splurge on a a pretty wee iPad mini, exciting times!
I hope you have all had a lovely Monday, I had planned to be more pro-active and actually get cracking with my coursework and sadly I haven't typical... But hey there's always tomorrow! I'm also hoping to see Life of Pi on Wednesday which I have heard is amaze! And then Les Mis' on Saturday (gutted that I'm babysitting Friday night!) though I just need to find someone to come along and be soppy with me! For now I'm off to immerse myself in Liz Earle and organising my pretty makeup bags :) 

Till next time,

P.S I also bought my fur coat from ASOS in the sale (which I'm wearing in my last post) it was £60 and is now reduced to £24.50 bargain! (I got it for £31 still a bargain though!) link

"There's a guy behind me touching my fur coat..." Happy New Year!

Well hello there,

One thing, I've learnt so far this year:
If you wear a fur coat on a night out you will have randoms (and or friends) touching your coat at every opportunity. You have been warned! ;)

Well Happy New Year everyone, this week has once again been a full on one and to a certain extent I'm actually glad to be going back to college, and getting back into a normal routine! I've been doing so much overtime lately, which is good (money-wise) but I am rather exhausted and have a load of coursework to catch up on! Bleurgh! Day off tomorrow though and I shall be spending it getting ready for going back to college on Tuesday, making a start on coursework, scheduling a few blog posts and generally tidying up, as well as a nice wee coffee at The Burgh as shockingly I haven't had one at all this year!

New Year with Alice, Jo and Kate in the 'Burgh :)
I spent New Year with friends in Edinburgh drinking wine and cocktails, eating 'Party' chicken at the flat and Chilli con Carne in the pub, dancing around like crazies with Alice and Kate to Auld lang Syne in the Polwarth Tavern, making best pals with the locals and all in all having a random but glorious Hogmanay :) How did you all spend Hogmanay?
 Even though it feels a little like a distant memory... I've spent the time since working and catching up with my lovely friends, sitting for hours in a coffee shop, with discussions ranging from surviving the 'Apocalypse' to the likelihood of another World War... hmmm? Deep conversations. After work dinner and cocktails with Ami, anyone noticing a favourite beverage emerging? (for anyone wondering I do love a Raspberry daiquiri!) Then a belated Christmas/Birthday night out with the college lot, before a well deserved day off yesterday!

Raspberry daiquiri anyone?
I'm not usually one for New Years Resolutions and I'm not strictly setting this as one though I intend in life to from now on be more spontaneous and less uptight! We'll have to see how it goes though... Not sure I'm ready for a spur of the moment holiday yet, I like to meticulously plan! For now I'm off to make a cup of tea (herbal of course as it's bed time) and tuck myself into bed with a book, though first I'll need to decide what to read and choose from my massive book case! :O But anyways I hope you've all had a lovely first week of 2013 as I certainly have, I was surprised with the loveliest most thoughtful belated Christmas gift from my friend who just returned from Amsterdam :) and have spent time with some of my closest friends and family, 2013 is going swimmingly so far, even if I did spill carrot and corriander soup allover myself today, forever clumsy.

The coat people can't stop touching, who can blame them ;) I feel like a teddybear wearing it;
Loving my furry coat from ASOS :) 

Till next time,