Tuesdays Talons no5. Festive Fun

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Well hello there,
7 DAYSSSSS!! Today is the 18th,  and I'll always remember the Facebook event 'International Answer the phone like Buddy day': "Buddy the elf, what's your favourite colour?" as it happened I didn't even recieve any phone calls today, go figure. So couldn't even put this into practice.

But anyways today was quite lovely, spontaneous and fun. I still have college this week, yes shockingly to those living in England and those at Uni, I don't finish till Thursday and my brother's later still on Friday!! There weren't many of us in today and in our first class we persuaded our lecturer not to show us a lecture (on DVD) by Stuart Hall, joyous! Instead a few of us decided we WANTED to go Ice Skating, drove to our local Ice Rink, only to find we were too early, 4 days too early that is! And that the rink wasn't open for skating today Booo, spontaneity ruined.

New plan needed, we headed to the Bowling Alley (which was nearby) but we were again early, only 10 minutes so we waited, soon after herds of school children descended and skipped in front of us straight into the bowling!! Cheeky! We spent a while wasting money at the arcade desperatley trying to win things on machines and playing basket ball before heading to the pub for lunch, where I ate a 'Monster Burger' (yes, that's what it's called) and then we returned to college for our last lecture, all in a days work eh...

Here's more festive nails my penguin ones which were in my post yesterday :) I'm currently changing them right now so may even do a Thursday's Talons post :P with whatever I come up with... This nail look is really simple, navy blue background (I used sparkly blue glitter on top too), white bellies, eyes, feet and a beak; easy! The snowy ones are even simpler; blue background, wavy white line of snow, and falling snow done with a dotter tool, not hard at all :)

I use a cheap nail art pen for the white from Poundland, though I do need to invest in a better one for intricate patterns, it's great for penguin bellies and squiggly lines.

P.S Have you heard about the Instagram T&C's changing... all a bit fishy there! I'm seriously looking into it and also downloading 'Tadaa' as a backup in case they don't change things. 
Anyways time for me to finish off tonight's nail art and watch a wee movie :) 
Till next time,


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