Tuesday's Talons; The Christmas Edition.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Well hello there,
I love Christmas, I unashamedly start getting excited about it in November (though thoughts and plans of Christmas for me start back in October) and having got into nail art in a big way this year I had to give Christmassy nails a wee go :)

I'm considering doing tutorials for either of these looks, so leave a wee comment if that's something you'd like to see as I'll try and fit one in! 

Last night I was at the #bloggerchristmasparty, but as this was actually written on Monday you'll have to wait till Wednesday to hear more about it! And I'm off to The List (which is an events magazine and website) Hot 100 Party in Glasgow tonight at The Arches, very exciting! #hot100party

Christmas mismatch nails; I did these for my first two Christmas parties of the season! The Pinky's night out and a charity fundraiser I went to later that night; so many people commented on these! :)

Rudolph and his friends ready for the #bloggerchristmasparty
and the #hot100party :D exciting times!
So what do you think? Has anyone else given Christmassy nails a wee go? If not you should definitely have a wee try even festive glitter looks amazing! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone! 

Till next time,

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