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Monday, 10 December 2012

Well hello there,
How are we all? Once again apologies for a bit of a blogging drought, I've just had a mental week! I really need to start scheduling posts... Maybe I'll get a few done tomorrow, I had an essay deadline and a hundred and one other things to do, the joys eh! In among-st the craziness I managed to get along to the opening of the Lush Spa Edinburgh, it's no secret that I am a massive Lush fan!

For starters my Mum works at Lush, so is forever telling me little Lush facts and interesting asides about the amazing products. Secondly I've pretty much been brought up on Lush products, my Mum is a major lushie and has been using their products for ages and ages! Even back to when they were 'Cosmetics to Go'; the Comforter is definitely a scent of my childhood mmm :) it's just so lovely.

But anyways onto the Lush Spa, I've never properly been to a spa and to a certain extent they scare me a little, I'm just not a very relaxed person. And typical spa settings seem a bit clinical for me, luckily the new Lush spa in Edinburgh is unlike any spa I've see before; it's cosy and homely and beautiful, I felt safe there which sounds a bit silly, but when I've massages before I've felt a bit vulnerable, as I previously mentioned I'm not the most relaxed.
The Lush Spa in Edinburgh is on Princes Street, Lush has moved premises to a much bigger shop which in itself is amazing, with a dedicated skincare section, new Emotional Brilliance displays, I was pretty happy. For any Lush lover it was paradise and the spa was the icing on the cake, or maybe the shop was and the hidden Lush Spa (it's in the basement kind of thing...) was the cake, the main attraction and definitely worth a visit.

Purty :) skincare tiles... Yes I'm easily pleased.

Love the new Emotional Brilliance displays!
Despite all my ramblings I've not even mentioned what happened last Wednesday... So I went along last Wednesday night with the lovely Gillian to the launch, it was so busy, which shows how excited everyone was about the Spa opening. We tried 'Comforter' cocktails which you actually have at the end of the 'Comforter' treatment, truthfully I hoped it wouldn't taste so candyfloss'y (as I don't actually like candyfloss...) but it looked exciting, sadly it was a little too sweet for me. We wandered (or rather shuffled) around the new shop and then went on a tour of the new spa. We were given a ticket upon entering which corresponded to each person's tour; our tour was 'Perspective' which was the second tour.
Exciting 'Comforter' cocktails: sparkling water, rose essence? and candyfloss...
a little too sweet for me though.
As I said before the spa itself is cosy and homely, there's a little sitting room type place, so you can relax before or after your treatment; a kitchen (I'll explain more later); and lovely treatment rooms, which are prettier than my own bedroom! (Warning this post is picture heavy, thankfully not iPhone I borrowed my Dad's camera)

Cosy huh?
A wee demonstration of part of 'The Spell';
a treatment for the feet and the mind...

I had to write a worry of mine on a bit of the paper; which was then burned to 'get rid of it';
sadly I'm such a worrier naturally!
We were shown demonstrations of three different treatments being carried out; Synaesthesia; the signature Lush Spa treatment (I've pinched their description of it):
"The signature treatment of our Lush Spa experience; Synaesthesia is a merging of all the senses into a fully choreographed massage that will change your outlook on the world and leave you a changed person." source
With Synaesthesia you choose a mood word before your treatment, which then shapes your massage, the oil they use, the tea you drink afterwards and the bubble bar you take home; all link up with the same oil related to that word examples are shown below.
Teas and massage bars.

Bubble bars to take home after your Synaesthesia treatment.

The oil to match up to the word choosen; it all links together
to create an experience for not only the body but also the mind.
The next treatment we saw was definitely my favourite; 'The Comforter' I'd been a little aprehensive about a 'chocolate body wrap' but it looked amazing, the room was gorgeous, I mean twinkling ceiling for starters, pink soft lighting, rose scented bubbles, ahh bliss. (When can I move in?):

"Our new scrub treatment takes you on a magical journey with a hot chocolate scrub. We designed this treatment to remind you not to take life too seriously and always find time to laugh. As you enter our quirky treatment room you are surrounded by pink, magical stars and rose scented bubbles. You have never felt so comfortable lying down between our special marshmallow mattress and the warm duvet. Once again Simon Emmerson has worked his magic and composed upbeat music  to remind you of sweet memories."  source

This treatment appealed to me most as it wasn't too serious it was light-hearted and fun, but at the same time was lovely and pampering and I think it'll be the first treatment I try out.


A marshmallow mattress you say? I may end up falling asleep!
We also saw a wee demonstration of part of 'Validation' the facial, I'm not going to go into much detail about it, but the demo itself shows how exciting the whole treatment is; dry ice and fruit cocktail, whoop! For someone like me, Wednesday night was rather exciting! You can read more about Validation here.

Exciting :)

Last up was the 'Sound Bath' which is the one I've always been a bit aprehensive about... I'm quite sensitive to certain noises and scents, and I definitely wouldn't be ready for the Sound Bath or enjoy it at the moment; it works on sound therapy and relaxation, and I'm a little too tense for something like that... 
"Our tuning forks fill your ears with tuneful vibrations and are used to balance and fill you with energy. The beautiful music, written by Simon Emmerson and The Imagined Village, coupled with the hum of the tuning forks fills your ears and helps clear your mind of all the chatter, allowing you to listen to your own inner voice. It is an incredibly nurturing, comforting, almost regressive experience. Eventually, once you’ve ‘come to’, you leave the Spa, thoroughly relaxed, balanced, with sharper hearing and greater mental clarity." source 
Though I'm sure some people would love it, The Sound Bath was definitely my least favourite treatment available, it's a little 'out there' for me.

How pretty is this window display?

Add caption

Overall I was so impressed with the new shop and spa, and the staff were all lovely; Rowena Bird (one of the Lush co-founders) was also there, tres exciting! And I had such a lovely wee evening break from essay writing about convergent journalism; fun fun fun and even fitted in a wander round the Christmas market before my train home, I knew there was a reason I loved Wednesdays.
I hope you've all had a lovely week, I'm about to drink more tea and head to bed dosed up on cold and flu medicine as I have lost my voice and have a sore throat :( boo! It's the #bloggerschristmasparty tomorrow so I'll be powering onwards.

Till next time, 


  1. I was thrilled when I heard this was opening! I'm not a spa person either bit I LOVE Lush & would trust them to treat my skin. I look upon most beauticians with cynical scorn! x

    1. That's my main thing too, my skin is pretty sensitive so I'm always pretty apprehensive about treatments and such, in case it hurts my skin. Hence I'm so excited to try out a treatment at the Lush spa, also gutted I didn't get to chat more on Monday, sadly my croaky voice didn't allow much chatting :P x

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