Life in Pictures... nos. 10 and 11. (Whoops I missed a week!)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Well hello there,
Ah Monday again... and only two weeks till Christmas Eve! Sadly I'm not in the most Christmassy of moods today, I'm tucked up in bed feeling sorry for myself and trying to get a bit better before the #bloggerchristmasparty tonight, as I've got laryngitis; which is basically an infection type thing of the larynx (lower throat) I've also been advised to rest my voice, which for me is near impossible! Anyways what have all you lovelies been up to this past week?

1. Received my prize from DIY Nails and We are Faux, tres exciting!
2. Chocolate Santa gnomes :)

3. Favourite christmas biscuits and tea.
4. Signed ticket from Daniel Sloss :) Can't believe this was two weeks ago!

5. Salted caramel hot chocolate from Costa :) on my lunch break.
6. Last day of Movember!
7. SNOW! It's gone now though...
8. Hot water bottle, hot chocolate and Fresh Meat, perfect night in :)

9. Winter Wonderland
10. Vanilla chai latte with a cute French bulldog mug :)
11. After a day full of being a domestic goddess
It was time for a wee mocha before essay writing.
12. Chopped pear in my porridge yum!

13. Weekly Buzzcocks fix and herbal tea :)
14. Whoops went a little crazy at Lush!
15. Starting to feel sickly, veggie soup it is!
16. Christmassy haul :)
17. Proud of these bad boys! Christmassy nails :) I've had so many compliments
on them already and I only did them on Saturday!
18. Christmas wrapping!
19. With my lovely Granny at the fundraiser for Skye on Saturday night,
more on this soon!
20. Trying to battle the cold (as I know it's actually laryngitis I've got!)
this Superfood salad didn't work :(
21. Got these yummy marshmallows at the Christmas market in Edinburgh last Wednesday,yum!
22. My lovely Grandparentals, they are the sweetest!
Well loads of pictures...P.S I'm rather gutted/annoyed about the whole twitter instagram thing... And how you can no longer post instagram pictures to twitter! Eh?! Come on Facebook and Twitter; kiss and make up! Anyways I'm off to do some washing and pick up the little brother from school before getting ready and heading to the #bloggerchristmasparty oh and I need to wrap my Secret Santa pressie too!! Eek exciting, though I'm only on the lemonades (due to medicine) I'm so excited!! eeep!

Till next time, 


  1. great pictures looks like you are getting very festive!

    Is there anywhere i can sign up to be kept in the loop with any Scottish blogging events like the party ? I'm new to all of this :)

    D Xx

    1. Oh I love Christmas so definitely getting rather festive!
      here's the link to the Scottish Bloggers network if you sign up there you'll hear about more events and such like, we're hoping to have a few more events very soon in the new year :) also keep an eye out on twitter, follow other Scottish bloggers, as you'll hear what's going on :)



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