Life in Pictures... no.12

Monday, 17 December 2012

Well hello there,
Eek it's only 8 sleeps till Christmas!! Last week was super busy and I only managed two blog posts (sorry!) It didn't help that I had laryngitis (thankfully I now have my voice back!! hooray!) and was feeling rather crappy most of the week, add to that three Christmas parties/nights out, college and work, and sadly there's no time for blogging. But with a spare half hour I thought I'd put together last week's 'life in picture's' post :)

Today was my last day off before Christmas... crazy huh? I work in retail and Christmas is a little crazy, but I love it! I have two more days of college then the madness begins, with Christmas day off to spend with my lovely family. Due to all of this though I like to be fairly organised in the run up to Christmas! I'm completely finished my Christmas shopping now, with just a few bits to wrap :) So now in between working, meeting up with friends and family, Christmas movies, and everything else I can relax and not worry about last minute shopping! Today I went for a lovely lunch with my Granny and bought a couple of cute Christmas decorations and shockingly we are only putting our tree up today! :O Ah wells better late than never...

1. Dinner on the train on the way to the Bloggers Christmas Party, with festive Rudolph juice (Rudolph was not harmed in the making of this product!)
2. Noticing a theme anyone? Reindeer nails for the party :)
3. Festive attire for the Bloggers party, last year Primark mens jumper and PunkyPins holly necklace.
4. Allowed myself one cheeky cocktail despite being sickly :P Raspberry mojito yum!
5. New clutch bag I won in the Bloggers Christmas Party raffle!
We raised £190 for Glasgow Womens Aid!!
6. Dinner on the train to The List Hot 100 Party,
out two nights in a row with laryngitis, dedication ;)
7. Pretty Christmas lights in Glasgow.
8. Mmmm Ginger Grouse at The List Hot 100 party :)
9&10. Finally got round to putting up Christmas jumper pics from Monday...
this was Wednesday :P
11. The Beast! This was literally the best hot chocolate ever :)
12. Christmas candle time...
13. Penguin nails! Now I'm stumped as to what nails to do next though :/
14. Pretty jar candle.
15. Hangover cure after my work night out :P
16. So proud of my ten year old brother's Christmas book at school :D
17. Was super lucky and won another DIY Nails prize (in the raffle at the Bloggers Party) the lovely Tammy posted it out super quick!! I <3 DIY Nails! :)

So there we have it another week over and done with... and another week closer to the year being over, it's crazy how fast this year has flown! I shall be putting up a wee post tomorrow, hopefully about festivities, Christmas party anyone? Anyways have a lovely week everyone, till next time,


  1. your penguin nails are awesome!

    ♥ Thankfifi
    Thanks so much for your comment - was so nice to meet you too.x

    1. Aw thanks lovely :) hopefully shall see you again soon and maybe even meet Mr K :P x


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