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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Well hello there,
Christmas is over!! :( Well it's been and gone, as I work in retail Christmas week for me is a rather manic one and though I had Christmas day off work, I've been working every other day this week (and today is my first day off since the 17th excluding Christmas day, rejoice!) nevertheless I had a lovely Christmas with my family and friends and was extremely lucky!

I hope you all had a wonderful day/week regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or another celebration :) 

Christmas day in my house always follows a fairly similar routine; waking up early (this year we had a bit of a lie in though :) till 8.30am) and opening presents! My younger brothers and I head through to my Mum and Dad's room and we open our presents from our stockings, we then all head down stairs to open the presents from under our tree, tres exciting! `After bacon sandwiches, cups of tea and a spot of Christmas morning telly we all got ready to head to the Grandparentals for Christmas dinner and general festiveness with the family. But it's probably best to show this in pictorial form ;) WARNING; picture heavy ;)

Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum.

Can't beat Christmas jammies!
Many of our Christmas tree decorations belong to me, that I have either been given as gifts or bought myself, a little eclectic but I love them!

Both my Meerkats are from Accessorize, adorable yes?

A present from one of the families I lived with whilst in Australia.

Who doesn't love glitter? I sure do as is evident from my snowman and Christmas pud :)

A decoration from Punkypins last year, it was free with my order and has my name engraved on it!

From my Brother's when I lived in Aus.

My Christmas tree has a kangaroo on it and is therefore one hundred times more awesome than yours! ;)

Some Christmas Eve activities;
Well deserved after work French Martini's with the Pinky's girls on Christmas Eve.

I made yummy Gingerbread cupcakes for everyone on Christmas Eve, at home, at work and even gave a couple in to my regular coffee shop as the staff are so lovely!

My favourite Christmas nails :) I had so many compliments on this set from a huge variety of people, I love the Christmas pud!
Christmas Day; presents first ;)
Santa knows me too well :P

Christmas morning t-shirt

Lucky, lucky, lucky... anyone spot my blog friendly pressie in the top right corner? My beaut of a camera! Also my secret obsession with Hello Kitty is now out :P

Love this by a local artist, from my lovely Mum and Dad; I had shown in to my Mum in the Made in Stirling shop and told her I loved it! :)

Little Lush bits and pieces.

Missmatched socks from NY from the Grandparentals, they know me too well!

Terrible picture quality (on the iPhone as opposed to my camera) but lovely Nail polishes from  The McMurray's :)
Buche de Noel I made, which I then forgot to take to the Grandparentals... oops, we had it on Boxing Day instead.

Grandpa, middle brother and my Daddy (in his DIY Christmas jumper complete with lights!)

Finlay's cool brogues... budding fashionista ;)

My Gran is such a cutie, personalised place settings!

Little brother and Auntie Doreen

Chocolate wine, heavenly :)

Christmas Day fireworks, a new tradition? :) 
So there we have it my Christmas Day, I enjoyed a day of food, wine, laughs, presents and spending time with my lovely family. On Boxing Day we had my Granny Helen over for dinner and a lovely catch up, I love spending time with my family at Christmas more than anything! I have been so lucky too, as well as my presents pictured I recieved lots of money and chocolates, and shall be purchasing an iPad mini in January! :) exciting times! Anyways I best be heading to bed, as I have work first thing tomorrow morning, have a lovely Sunday everyone! 

Till next time,



  1. LOVE your Christmas morning tshirt and the family Christmas jumpers! And I love all your tree decorations, especially the dumbo one! Gorgeous thig to receive as a gift <3

    1. Aw I know I was so happy when I recieved it! It reminds me of that family every Christmas :) x

  2. I have nominated you for a Veratile Blogger Award! Check it out on my page xxx

    1. Popping over to have a wee look now thanks lovely :) xx


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