"You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting"- Girls review

Friday, 30 November 2012

Well hello there,
Thank Goodness it's Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm so happy for it to be December 1st tomorrow, advent calendar (mine's is one of the ones with little pockets! and sweeties in the different pouches) and of course all the different things that December will bring! Christmas parties, films, friends coming home, wrapping presents, ah exciting, but anyways onto what I've been loving! Have you seen Girls yet? It is quite easily my favourite show of 2012, Lena Dunham; creative genius! I did this review for my college magazine but thought I'd post it up here on my wee blog too:


Girls (18)

5/5 Stars

Created by: Lena Dunham
Starring: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet

Plot: Girls follows the lives of four ‘girls’ in their early-twenties living in New York; trying to make sense of the world around them and ‘find themselves’. Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna attempt to navigate through the trials of becoming an adult. . Reminding you of anything?  Girls has been compared to Sex and the City, but there are definitely no fancy apartments or Manolos.

Verdict: Not usually one to jump on the TV program bandwagon, I initially watched an episode of Girls purely out of curiosity. Having received critical acclaim in the US I wanted to see if it really could live up to the hype. One of the hottest exports for America all year and 2012’s most talked about show from HBO. Girls has been praised for its raw nature and humour “It's a raw, ironic, occasionally touching comedy of post-millennial manners.” and has also received 5 Emmy award nominations.

To put it simply I love Girls, it is funny, witty and ironic, I can relate to all of the girls but for different reasons, I’ve cringed at times, but overall what I love about Girls is its honesty. It shows that life in your early twenties isn’t as glamourous or easy, as often TV shows try to make it appear. Perhaps most importantly it shows that Girls aren’t perfect, but also that there’s nothing wrong with that!


Have you seen Girls? Anyone else loving it as much as I am?! My favourite character is definitely Shoshanna, much as she is naive she comes out with some of the most insightful lines. Though my favourite of her lines has to be 

Ray:"What's wrong?'
Shoshanna: 'It's personal, I can't explain it.'
Ray: 'Give it a whirl.'
Shoshanna: 'Okay, everyone's a dumb whore." 

I'm often told I'm a little blunt and this is definitely something I'd end up saying... snaps for Shosh! :P But you know you've got to be honest with people. If you haven't seen Girls I recommend you go watch it now! (Follow my blog first though...) ;) Anyways hope you're all having a great Friday, I'm off to bed to watch Pulp Fiction, drink tea and eat biscuits... crazy Friday night in! 
Till next time,


  1. I've been meaning to watch this, must do it soon!!
    Check out the Chanel giveaway on my blog

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


    1. You definitely should! And nipping over to have a wee look now :) xx

  2. I freaking love Girls!!! I loved the one when Shosh accidentally smoked crack. Hilarious! x

    1. That was easily my favourite moment of the whole season!! :) x


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