Tuesday's Talons (whoops two days late!) no. 3 spooky edition.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

I tried to upload this from the train last night but it didn't work, apologies!

Well hello there,
Happy Halloween to you all, I am currently blogging from my iPhone on the train to Edinburgh :) I thought I would try and get a post up today, as yesterday due to unexpected news in the family I was with them. I then spent last night hurriedly trying to get ready for Amsterdam! This morning I did some last minute packing and tidying the house, then coffee at the Burgh, some Halloween shopping and PR class in the afternoon. After which I rushed home to transform my little brother into Jack Skellington! (Nightmare before Christmas, the Pumpkin King) he looks amazing, check my twitter or Instagram for the picture! Fish and chips with the family for tea, now headed through to Edinburgh for a Halloweeny night with Kate and her flatmates before we head to Holland tomorrow, I'm so excited but equally terrified that I've forgotten something! (We only have hand luggage!) but anyways spooky nails...
I'd see. This design all o dr the Internet and Pinterest and decided they looked pretty easy to replicate and scary to boot. I used Essie 'Fiji' as the pale pinky white base and a Karen Millen nail polish in 'Deep Red' for the blood. This design is so easy to do, I didn't even use a separate brush I just used the regular brush that comes on the polish and blabbed 'blood' drips at the tops of each nail, creepy! Did anyone else to some Halloween nail art? I'd love to have a look, please comment links to any Halloween blog posts you've done or pictures as even though its the 31st today I still love it!! Also in exciting news I reached over 1,000 views a few days ago!!! For some they achieve these kind of views on a daily basis but for me it was a massive milestone! So excited! And thank you all for reading and commenting and subscribing I appreciate it so much :)

Blood and Gore!

Nothing better than gingerbread chai and a Halloween empire biscuit :)

Anyways I best be off as it's rather tricky to type so much on an iPhone, till next time

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