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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Well hello there,
 Ahh December (well nearly anyway...) so thought I'd put together a wee Christmas wish-list, though I know I won't be getting any of this, I am hoping to buy an iPad mini after Christmas, with pennies earned working plenty of Christmas overtime! :)

16GB iPad mini £269
Accessorize:Mari Studded Tote £45
Pink Blossom, patterned Stag's head £40
I've been lusting after an iPad practically since they came out, but sadly as a student can't really afford the £400 or thereabouts price tag! When the iPad mini was announced however I was hugely excited, firstly the size isn't an issue, I've played on them in the Apple store and was impressed by the screen size, thinness, and overall look of it; it's amazing! Secondly it's only £269, which is a lot of money, but much more affordable than the full size version! Time to work hard doing loads of shifts over Christmas!
The Stag head is a bit random but I love it! My parents bought a similar one for my Granpa's birthday and since then I've admired it from afar, this one is much more up my street though!
And then again the Mari tote! I've been longing after this at work, but can't buy it :( and now they've released this gorgeous studded version! Pwetty pwetty please big cheese's at Accessorize let me get discount on the Mari tote bags! :(

ASOS: Moving Bunny watch £20
Delilah Dust: Silk Wish Bracelet £3
Red Velvet Cake Yankee Candle £11.99

I don't wear a watch but feel I need to start... This one from ASOS is super cute incorporating bunnies, which is an instant plus for me! :) 
I love Delilah Dust jewellery not only are the pieces gorgeous, it's local too! Antonia who makes beautifully delicate jewellery lives just done the road from me, and I actually think we may have went to high school together (well not together as she is a few years younger than me... but I went to the local high school for one subject in sixth year... random I know!) but anyways enough of going off on a tangent... This bracelet is so pretty and only £3 bargain!
And last but by no means least a Red Velvet Yankee Candle! Mmmm, just thinking about it :) I love candles and red velvet cake, match made in heaven I think so! I'm desperate to get my hands on this! Santa? ;) 

My dream Christmas list and though I know I won't be getting any of these things, I don't mind at all, as I know Santa has bought me something very exciting, which will improve the quality of my photos greatly! I can't wait! What would be on your Dream Christmas wishlist? Has this given you any ideas? 

Till next time,


  1. Love the stags head, that's too cute! Would love one of those in my living room. Yum, the red velvet candle sounds delicious..good enough to eat :-) Did you end up buying your kindle fire btw?
    Lianne x

    1. Oh I know the stags head is gorgeous! And I didn't actually, decided it was too close to Christmas and I'm planning to buy an iPad mini after Christmas anyways :) did you get one? xx

  2. The bag is sooo nice! And the ipad mini is such a great product, want one myself xxx

    1. It's such a splurge but decided I'm going to take the plunge after Christmas :P xx

  3. That bunny watch is so damn cute.

    Hope to see you at the bloggers meet up if I can make it.

    Much love:


    1. I know how sweet :) and aw hope you can make it! Look forward to meeting you then! Iona xx


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