Life in Pictures... no.9

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Well hello there,
Where does the time go? It's already Tuesday and almost December! Crazy huh? And I've had such a busy/amazing last couple of days! Though little bits of negativity thrown in for good measure haven't been so good... Silly girls bitching on twitter, juvenile much?! But anyways onwards and upwards eh? Last week was fully bursting at the seams with business (what a mouth full!) Essay writing, The Pokey Hat fashion show, work, college, Mumford and Sons and Daniel Sloss! And breathe! But anyways hows about some pictures to show you all what I've been up to? :)
1. Tea and crumpets to aid me through late night essay writing; thankfully I finished my dreaded Language Acquisition essay and got it in on time!
2. Dinner on the train to Glasgow; flashback Dairylea lunchable!
3. The Pokey Hat fashion show
4. Quick spot of nail painting on the train :P
5. Trying out rolled 'bangs' and Victory rolls, when I should have been studying... Ever the procrastinator.
6. More from The Pokey Hat fashion show which was amazing!
7. Wednesday nights in are made for onesies, hot chocolate and New Girl :)
8. Oh look another hot chocolate night in; Thursday (such a buzzing social life :P see!) this time Never Mind the Buzzcocks and sprinkle toast!
9. One of the best nights of my life ever!! Mumford and Sons were amazing, simple as that! I love them so much, their support acts Dawes and The Piff were both amazeballs! :)
10. Creative Heartland craft fair in Stirling before work on Saturday, an amazing local artist made these mask/helmets, cool right? 
11. Lazy Monday at home, tea and prawn sarnies :)
12. Support your local! (coffeeshop that is!) Mine The Burgh Coffeehouse is the best!
13. Hello Kitty trainers for Daniel Sloss :)
14. Wrapping Christmas presents ;)
15. Meeting Daniel Sloss and Kai Humphries after their show with Gilly and Stephen,their show was hilarious! The Jimmy Carr laugh may have slipped out :P
16. Nipped in for a quick gingerbread chai before heading to the show :)

Plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate as usual; well it is Winter! But a few wee exciting activities thrown in too :) Mumford and Sons was literally one of the best nights ever! They were amazing live, I found myself beaming from ear to ear and singing along the whole time! I'll definitely go and see them again and I'm inspired by 'Country' (Winston) the banjo player in Mumford and Sons to learn how to play banjo as it looks so cool!! Perhaps a 2013 project? Last night I went to see Daniel Sloss with support from Kai Humphries who are both comedians, it was hilarious  Simple as that and if they are doing a show near you, you must go!! Without wanting to give too much away one story involving an STD clinic and the 'slossage' is definitely etched onto my brain forever! :/ Brain shower anyone? But honestly it was so funny, Gilly, Stephen, Craig and I were all doubled over laughing for much of the show! We then nipped into Cape for a drink and heard (not witnessed!) the strangest karaoke ever! Stirling never fails to surprise... Did anyone else do anything exciting last week? I also started wrapping Christmas presents :O and finally solved the issue of brother no.2's presents (answer take him shopping and let him choose clothes, which have been put away till Christmas!) Now all I need is an advent calendar and to get my journalism essay written, best be off then!
Till next time,


  1. Dairylea Lunchables, ya big kid!

    You can totally pull off the rolls. I just can't at all unfortunately which is a shame coz I love vintage hairdos!

    Lisa x

    1. Big kid I am indeed :P I hadn't had one in years! And aw thanks lovey, definitely thinking of rolling with them ;) (punny haha!) You're coming to the #bloggerschristmasparty right? x

  2. Hey, I love your blog. Great work! Please come and check out my blog. If you decide to follow me I’ll follow you back :) xx


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