Life in pictures... no.6(&7...)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well hello there,
So how is everyone? Apologies for the extended absence... I returned from Amsterdam in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and have been working and/or at college every day since (I even had class rep' training on the Tuesday!) fun fun. Coming home from holidays is always the worst, back to work and studying, back to the real world... bleurgh, I want to go back to travelling! I also had to go to a funeral which was so sad, it was the first funeral I'd ever had to go to and it was really draining and emotional, but on-wards and upwards. Anyways time for another week in pictures post... it's a little late so apologies for that lovelies.

Halloween seems so long ago, it signaled the start of my holidays and I celebrated with; 
1. A gingerbread latte with a yummy Halloween empire biscuit
2. And secondly with bloody drippy nails... gory!
3. Candy Skulling it up for a Halloween girly night in at Kate's before Amsterdam! 
4. Turned my little brother into Jack Skellington before he headed out guising :)

5.Possibly the best sign outside a Hairdressers ever... too funny; " OPEN FOR BUSINESS, HEADS CUT, HAIR COLOURED, TOOTH PULLED, UGLY PEOPLE, MADE BEAUTIFUL"... Miaow, biatch!
6. Another great sign in Amsterdam, not a hundred percent sure of what it means mind you haha!
7. Amsterdam! Pablo the Pigeon, a little friend we made on Dam Square :P
8. Kate at a Christmas Shop at the Tulip market.
9. Duckies!! Rubberducks outside a toy shop near Waterlooplein.
10. Favourite ice tea! Arizona peach ice tea, yum!

11. Big munch time at the Hostel bar before a big night, as it was our last night in Amsterdam :( nachos and wedges time!
12. Museumnacht! At the Nemo looking out over the city :) so pretty!
13.(These should be flipped...) In the car wash, at home :(
14. The best waffles and hot chocolate ever at The Metropolitan Deli, Amsterdam! AMAZING, recommend this place so much!
15. Proudly wearing my pretty poppy wreath, We Will Remember Them.
16. Toast Sprinkles, yummy, brought back all the way from Amsterdam :)
17. The yummiest Spiced Pear cupcake from TheCookroom stall at the Farmers Market in Stirling, yum! 
18. Poppy nail art :)

So there we have it, a picture heavy though brief and not nearly covering everything I've been up to over the past few weeks! Apologies once again for lack of blogging over the past week and a bit, I've just been struggling to concentrate and have been exhausted... Anyways, back into it now, and I look forward to blogging about my holiday! Which was amazing! :) But more to come on that soon, as well as The Liebster award, which I have nominated for by the lovely Amy from srslylou, exciting stuff! So that post is on the way too, as well as a long overdue October favourites post (eek, it's so late!) Ah wells, I'm off to bed now as I'm cream crackered, it's been a long day working in retail and my feet are so sore, night all. 
Till next time,



  1. Im not really into halloween but great halloween looks very cool x

    1. Aw thanks, we love Halloween in my family!! :) x

  2. Lovely photos , that halloween makeup looks amazing!!! Xx


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