Life in Pictures... No. 8

Monday, 19 November 2012

Well hello there,
I don't know about where you are but here in Scotland it's absolutely freezing... Today started off as a pretty good Monday despite the weather being miserable, coffee and a pain au raisin at the Burgh, a spot of Christmas shopping, then home to get on with finishing off my Language Acquisition essay (the main reason my blog has been so quiet over the last week!) and then lo and behold, I was rudely interrupted. Our loft and cavity wall insulation was supposed to be getting done tomorrow, but they turned up today, luckily I was at home (or rather unluckily for me...) I'm not complaining about our house being warmer, but it was the worst timing! I was trying to finish off my essay and had to stop for 3 hours, as it was so loud I literally couldn't focus, perfect. But anyways enough whinging... I've reached 2000 words on my essay but now I've got to play around with it, till I'm fully happy with it; for me this involves printing out my essay, cutting it up (literally) into chunks and reordering it, till it flows better... I often write in a really haphazard way, not finishing paragraphs at the time, etc. Its by no means a way for everyone, but when I'm writing an academic essay it works for me. But firstly I thought I'd have a wee break and let you all know what's been happening :)

Last week I was busy busy with college and coursework, with a dash of part-time work thrown in for good measure, combine that with a day out in Glasgow with my Granny and a friend's birthday night out, and you have a busy busy week! With practically no time for blogging :( It's sad but blogging is what has to suffer when I'm really busy...

1. Sporting my new 'Fergus the Fox' ring from Accessorize, he's so pretty and I've wanted him for ages! Though for some odd reason we didn't have my size in stock, finally it came in and I snapped it up!
2. Sunday lunch at work, my new favourite soup from M&S pulled pork with chilli chipolte, it's so good :) coffee, cappuccino cupcake and The Great Gatsby, that was a happy lunch time.
3. Can you tell I'm missing Amsterdam? Papernoten!! YUM! (sadly there's none left now!) and tea in my favourite cup.
4. Burgh Chai latte how I'd missed you whilst in Amsterdam.
5. Ketchup with my Granny :) the Arriba Arriba burger; a mexican burger with my favourite things in it :) bacon, guacamole, cheese, salsa, it was epic! 
6. When I saw these online half price I couldn't resist! £30 :) bargain, I rushed straight to my local Schuh store.
7. Sunday bath time, as the Christmas lights have now been switched on in Stirling I feel I can justify Christmassy baths; gingerbread house bubble bar from Lush bath :)
8. Soup Sunday lunch break.
9. New onesie time :) treated myself to a Reindeer print onesie from Primark; well it is nearly December :P
10. Monday morning planning at the Burgh, latte and a pain au raisin, to while away a miserable morning.
11. Tea and MaplePecan cookies to spur me on with essay writing... it honestly makes it 100x easier! 
12. Cheeky splurge in Superdrug, it's 3for2 after all :) 

So there we have it another week gone by in a flash... what has everyone else been up to this week?/today? Also I am sersiously struggling with buying the males in my family Christmas presents, why must they be so hard to buy for!! Am I the only one experiencing such difficulty? Anyways I best get back to finishing this dreaded essay... 

Till next time,


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    1. Thanks lovey, just saw your comment had slipped into the spam folder :/ but they are great! :) xx

  2. Your week looks fantastic!! I love Fergus the fox - he is too cute! Lush baths are my favourite and that onesie looks so cute and cosy! <3

    1. Aw thanks lovey :) Sorry I've replied so late! Been another busy one! And it's so comfy, plus Fergus is my fave (Accessorize!) :) x


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