And now it's November... October Loving.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Well hello there,
It's hard to believe that's another month over and done with (and in fact we're pretty much half way through November), I'm now back from my holiday in Amsterdam and in a bit of a post holiday slump... It's now truly the run up to Christmas! And this morning I've been attempting to get organised/finish Christmas present plans, eek! October favourites wise, I have a bit of a mixture; Funnily enough a number of my favourites this month are sample sizes that I've picked up with magazines, or in my Glossybox.

Earlier this month I picked up 3 copies of InStyle magazine, a bit exessive perhaps but I wanted to get one of each of the Benefit samples! The three samples available were Benetint, Sunbeam and ChaChatint; this month I have been loving Benetint as a really quick and easy cheek colour, I have also used it on my lips but the colour pay-off isn't as good when used this way for me, as I have naturally dark pinky coloured lips. I've actually been enjoying using Benetint so much I'd consider buying the full size!
The lady in WHSmith looked at me as if I was mad when I handed these over the counter!

I've been a 'They're Real' lover since first trying it back in July, I then bought it when I was in London and have been so happy with the results, surprisingly I had never tried 'BadGal' mascara, and InStyle this month was truly the gift that kept on giving! Not only did you get a sample, by taking your magazine and showing the 'Benefit' page, you got a free 'BadGal' travel size mascara. I have been pleasantly surprised by this mascara, and have found it's given me great volume and length, I'm going to get my Mum to take one of my other copies of InStyle to our local counter to pick up my second mascara (I love it so much! and it's the perfect size for my handbag!)

Last time I did a favourites post, way back at the start of October I had just purchased Mac 'Rebel' and have not been disappointed it's such an amazing deep berry shade, and describing it doesn't do it justice. Definitely my most worn lipstick of October, and a pretty Autumnal shade too!

This time last year I had just discovered Lush's famed showergel 'Snow Fairy' how I hadn't come across it before I don't know as I have been a dedicated Lushie for years! Though I am ever grateful that I did find it as it is one of my favourite shower gels ever! Snow Fairy was rereleased for the festive season earlier this month and I quickly snapped up a massive bottle! I love the sweet scent, which reminds me of rhubarb and custard sweeties mixed with pear drops, delicious! I also love how it lingers on my skin all day after my morning shower, it puts me in such a festive mood.

A few months back I ordered some nail decals on eBay (I linked to them in this weeks; Tuesdays Talons) and I've only recently started to use them, they are amazing! Such a quick way to jazz up plain nail polish, I can't recommend giving them a try enough, especially great for those of us too lazy for full on nail art all the time, or those with a shaky hand!

Thinking I'm going to try out some Unicorns next! 

Non beauty wise I have been listening to the new Mumford and Sons album Babel on repeat, constantly! I love Mumford and Sons, and I'm actually going to see them in less than two weeks (super excited!) I was really worried Babel wouldn't live up to Sigh no More but it's amazing, the songs are beautiful and I love it. I really recommend this, especially if you love a bit of folky music like me.

Autumn means cold, dreech weather and in turn for me that means Hot Chocolate, and October brought with it vast intake of this gloriously indulgent drink, yum! I've literally consumed so much hot chocolate last month, at home, at college, at The Burgh and an amazing hot chocolate in Amsterdam (not strictly October...) Hot chocolate in various forms was definitely an October favourite!
Yummy! The Burgh's hot chocolate's are truly amazing :)

Autumn is easily my favourite season, for starters my Birthday pretty signals the start of Autumn (1st of September!) and secondly it's just so pretty, so another October favourite has to be Autumn leaves, such a highlight of my year is crunching through the leaves, and of course pretty Autumnal pictures.
Pretty Autumn leaves; the walk to college is made much prettier at this time of year :) 

Clothes wise, I've not really been wearing one thing in particular, but have been wearing copious amounts of burgundy! It's such a lovely Autumnal colour, and suits my hair and skin tone really well :) Except I have been wearing my burgundy bobble hat from Accessorize loads! it's such a cosy hat.

So that's it really... what I've been loving in October, sad to say but I'm not the hugest fan of November as a month (it's actually my least favourite month) it's usually really dark and cold, and generally the month in which I feel a bit down. Hopefully this year will be different I have so many plans to fill up my November, nights out, lunch and shopping trips with my Granny and I'm going to see Mumford and Sons and then Daniel Sloss the next day! So I have quite a lot of things to look forward to :) Anyways I best be off as I'm going to meet my Mum when she finishes work, I also fear I may splurge on the Hello Kitty Vans in Schuh, as they are near enough half price, and so prettiful! :O eeek! Happy Monday everyone, till next time,