"You are from New York, therefore you are just naturally interesting"- Girls review

Friday, 30 November 2012

Well hello there,
Thank Goodness it's Friday! I don't know about you, but I'm so happy for it to be December 1st tomorrow, advent calendar (mine's is one of the ones with little pockets! and sweeties in the different pouches) and of course all the different things that December will bring! Christmas parties, films, friends coming home, wrapping presents, ah exciting, but anyways onto what I've been loving! Have you seen Girls yet? It is quite easily my favourite show of 2012, Lena Dunham; creative genius! I did this review for my college magazine but thought I'd post it up here on my wee blog too:


Girls (18)

5/5 Stars

Created by: Lena Dunham
Starring: Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet

Plot: Girls follows the lives of four ‘girls’ in their early-twenties living in New York; trying to make sense of the world around them and ‘find themselves’. Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna attempt to navigate through the trials of becoming an adult. . Reminding you of anything?  Girls has been compared to Sex and the City, but there are definitely no fancy apartments or Manolos.

Verdict: Not usually one to jump on the TV program bandwagon, I initially watched an episode of Girls purely out of curiosity. Having received critical acclaim in the US I wanted to see if it really could live up to the hype. One of the hottest exports for America all year and 2012’s most talked about show from HBO. Girls has been praised for its raw nature and humour “It's a raw, ironic, occasionally touching comedy of post-millennial manners.” and has also received 5 Emmy award nominations.

To put it simply I love Girls, it is funny, witty and ironic, I can relate to all of the girls but for different reasons, I’ve cringed at times, but overall what I love about Girls is its honesty. It shows that life in your early twenties isn’t as glamourous or easy, as often TV shows try to make it appear. Perhaps most importantly it shows that Girls aren’t perfect, but also that there’s nothing wrong with that!


Have you seen Girls? Anyone else loving it as much as I am?! My favourite character is definitely Shoshanna, much as she is naive she comes out with some of the most insightful lines. Though my favourite of her lines has to be 

Ray:"What's wrong?'
Shoshanna: 'It's personal, I can't explain it.'
Ray: 'Give it a whirl.'
Shoshanna: 'Okay, everyone's a dumb whore." 

I'm often told I'm a little blunt and this is definitely something I'd end up saying... snaps for Shosh! :P But you know you've got to be honest with people. If you haven't seen Girls I recommend you go watch it now! (Follow my blog first though...) ;) Anyways hope you're all having a great Friday, I'm off to bed to watch Pulp Fiction, drink tea and eat biscuits... crazy Friday night in! 
Till next time,

Sitting waiting wishing... Christmas Dreaming.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Well hello there,
 Ahh December (well nearly anyway...) so thought I'd put together a wee Christmas wish-list, though I know I won't be getting any of this, I am hoping to buy an iPad mini after Christmas, with pennies earned working plenty of Christmas overtime! :)

16GB iPad mini £269
Accessorize:Mari Studded Tote £45
Pink Blossom, patterned Stag's head £40
I've been lusting after an iPad practically since they came out, but sadly as a student can't really afford the £400 or thereabouts price tag! When the iPad mini was announced however I was hugely excited, firstly the size isn't an issue, I've played on them in the Apple store and was impressed by the screen size, thinness, and overall look of it; it's amazing! Secondly it's only £269, which is a lot of money, but much more affordable than the full size version! Time to work hard doing loads of shifts over Christmas!
The Stag head is a bit random but I love it! My parents bought a similar one for my Granpa's birthday and since then I've admired it from afar, this one is much more up my street though!
And then again the Mari tote! I've been longing after this at work, but can't buy it :( and now they've released this gorgeous studded version! Pwetty pwetty please big cheese's at Accessorize let me get discount on the Mari tote bags! :(

ASOS: Moving Bunny watch £20
Delilah Dust: Silk Wish Bracelet £3
Red Velvet Cake Yankee Candle £11.99

I don't wear a watch but feel I need to start... This one from ASOS is super cute incorporating bunnies, which is an instant plus for me! :) 
I love Delilah Dust jewellery not only are the pieces gorgeous, it's local too! Antonia who makes beautifully delicate jewellery lives just done the road from me, and I actually think we may have went to high school together (well not together as she is a few years younger than me... but I went to the local high school for one subject in sixth year... random I know!) but anyways enough of going off on a tangent... This bracelet is so pretty and only £3 bargain!
And last but by no means least a Red Velvet Yankee Candle! Mmmm, just thinking about it :) I love candles and red velvet cake, match made in heaven I think so! I'm desperate to get my hands on this! Santa? ;) 

My dream Christmas list and though I know I won't be getting any of these things, I don't mind at all, as I know Santa has bought me something very exciting, which will improve the quality of my photos greatly! I can't wait! What would be on your Dream Christmas wishlist? Has this given you any ideas? 

Till next time,

Life in Pictures... no.9

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Well hello there,
Where does the time go? It's already Tuesday and almost December! Crazy huh? And I've had such a busy/amazing last couple of days! Though little bits of negativity thrown in for good measure haven't been so good... Silly girls bitching on twitter, juvenile much?! But anyways onwards and upwards eh? Last week was fully bursting at the seams with business (what a mouth full!) Essay writing, The Pokey Hat fashion show, work, college, Mumford and Sons and Daniel Sloss! And breathe! But anyways hows about some pictures to show you all what I've been up to? :)
1. Tea and crumpets to aid me through late night essay writing; thankfully I finished my dreaded Language Acquisition essay and got it in on time!
2. Dinner on the train to Glasgow; flashback Dairylea lunchable!
3. The Pokey Hat fashion show
4. Quick spot of nail painting on the train :P
5. Trying out rolled 'bangs' and Victory rolls, when I should have been studying... Ever the procrastinator.
6. More from The Pokey Hat fashion show which was amazing!
7. Wednesday nights in are made for onesies, hot chocolate and New Girl :)
8. Oh look another hot chocolate night in; Thursday (such a buzzing social life :P see!) this time Never Mind the Buzzcocks and sprinkle toast!
9. One of the best nights of my life ever!! Mumford and Sons were amazing, simple as that! I love them so much, their support acts Dawes and The Piff were both amazeballs! :)
10. Creative Heartland craft fair in Stirling before work on Saturday, an amazing local artist made these mask/helmets, cool right? 
11. Lazy Monday at home, tea and prawn sarnies :)
12. Support your local! (coffeeshop that is!) Mine The Burgh Coffeehouse is the best!
13. Hello Kitty trainers for Daniel Sloss :)
14. Wrapping Christmas presents ;)
15. Meeting Daniel Sloss and Kai Humphries after their show with Gilly and Stephen,their show was hilarious! The Jimmy Carr laugh may have slipped out :P
16. Nipped in for a quick gingerbread chai before heading to the show :)

Plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate as usual; well it is Winter! But a few wee exciting activities thrown in too :) Mumford and Sons was literally one of the best nights ever! They were amazing live, I found myself beaming from ear to ear and singing along the whole time! I'll definitely go and see them again and I'm inspired by 'Country' (Winston) the banjo player in Mumford and Sons to learn how to play banjo as it looks so cool!! Perhaps a 2013 project? Last night I went to see Daniel Sloss with support from Kai Humphries who are both comedians, it was hilarious  Simple as that and if they are doing a show near you, you must go!! Without wanting to give too much away one story involving an STD clinic and the 'slossage' is definitely etched onto my brain forever! :/ Brain shower anyone? But honestly it was so funny, Gilly, Stephen, Craig and I were all doubled over laughing for much of the show! We then nipped into Cape for a drink and heard (not witnessed!) the strangest karaoke ever! Stirling never fails to surprise... Did anyone else do anything exciting last week? I also started wrapping Christmas presents :O and finally solved the issue of brother no.2's presents (answer take him shopping and let him choose clothes, which have been put away till Christmas!) Now all I need is an advent calendar and to get my journalism essay written, best be off then!
Till next time,

Tis the Season...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Well hello there,
Thank goodness it's Friday! Which today means a day in my jammies, blogging, writing a paper on the history of journalism, watching telly and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate. Perfect. I'm also going to nip into town to pick up an advent calendar as next Saturday is the first of December!! :) Which means I can now fully justify watching Christmas movies, wearing my reindeer onesie and drinking mulled wine, yay! But it also means the start of the Christmas party season! I already have three Christmas nights out planned, and one in the process (we're struggling to agree on a date!) two work nights out and the #bloggerschristmasparty which I'm super excited about, on the 10th of December. And Christmas parties of course means party outfits, so when I heard about the 'Xmas Party Outfit Challenge' run by Fashion Vouchers (here's the link to the entry page) a challenge to put together a Christmas party outfit for under £100, I jumped at the chance!
dress, shoes, necklace, bag
I decided to choose my outfit from ASOS, mainly because they have a really selection of party dresses, and dresses long enough (I'm a bit of a giant and struggle to find dresses I feel comfortable in...) luckily I hit the jackpot and found an amazing, oxblood, all over lace party dress. Firstly the colour is massively on trend and  the style is perfect for me; falling just below the knee, nipping in at the waist and an empire link skirt, in fact I'm so tempted to buy it!! I've kept the accessories fairly simple, with gold sparkly shoes (a bit of a contradiction there!), a jeweled bunting necklace, and black polka dot box clutch. And luckily I managed to come in on budget (with the help of student discount, as I'm a student!) just! My outfit came to £100 exactly, spooky huh?

The dress is £45 but with student discount is £40.50
The shoes are currently on sale from £40 to £28
The necklace is £10 but lovely student discount brings it down to £9
The bag is £22.50 on sale too.
Added all up totalling £100!

So what has everyone else got planned for the party season? I have a few outfits which I'm looking forward to wearing, including my Gok Wan bodycon dress, which I haven't worn yet and is gorgeous! As well as a few other party 'pieces' I have lurking on my clothes rail :) Happy Friday all, I'm off to make a cup of tea and a toasted crumpet, sweet.

Till next time,


The Pokey Hat

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Well hello there,
On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited (via the amazing ScottishBloggerNetwork website!)to The Pokey Hat launch party for Jeffrey Campbell's. So after a hectic day at college I rushed home to get ready, and of course panicked over what to wear, eyelash dramas and nearly being late for my train; Dad to the rescue, though I doubt he'll ever see this, THANKS so much Dad! 
Anyways onto the show The Pokey Hat is a Glasgow based online fashion store, and the fashion show/launch party was in honour not only of their new collection and celebrating young Scottish designers, but as a celebration of The Pokey Hat now being an official Jeffrey Campbell stockist! Here's a little background on The Pokey Hat from their website:

From Scotland with a major sweet tooth and a life long passion for dressing up it seemed only natural for founder of The Pokey Hat, Jen, to set up a clothing business and name it after a Glaswegian Ice Cream Cone!
Founded in 2011 from a humble Ebay store, The Pokey Hat now enjoys a fabulous online community of fashion fans on Facebook, Twitter and Chictopia and it's you, the fans, telling us what you want which shapes our future."
Sadly my camera is broken and I am waiting till Christmas for a new one... so I had to rely on my trusty iPhone which sadly doesn't deliver the best photos! Alas I got a few which aren't too bad :)

Apologies for the poor quality photos... :(

So there we have it my first fashion show! How exciting, and we were sat F-Row, a huge thank you to everyone at The Pokey Hat who organised an amazing launch party at FabrIQ, Glasgow. The three collections we saw were amazing; two by The Pokey Hat and the other a culmination of work by three up-and-coming Scottish designers Claudette, Once upon a Time and StaySick. I really liked the wide variety of styles showcased in the show and I especially loved the all over sequinned skirt, but sadly didn't get a good enough picture of it! Luckily there are some amazing pictures on The Pokey Hat facebook page. And of course all of the outfits set off by gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I'm awfully clumsy and so have avoided them for fear of diasater but seeing so many beautiful pairs, is really tempting me! Perhaps something to save for, and just take the safety risk ;) All in all a great wee Tuesday night in Glasgow, it was also lovely to see fellow bloggers again and meet some lovely new ones. 
Till next time,

Life in Pictures... No. 8

Monday, 19 November 2012

Well hello there,
I don't know about where you are but here in Scotland it's absolutely freezing... Today started off as a pretty good Monday despite the weather being miserable, coffee and a pain au raisin at the Burgh, a spot of Christmas shopping, then home to get on with finishing off my Language Acquisition essay (the main reason my blog has been so quiet over the last week!) and then lo and behold, I was rudely interrupted. Our loft and cavity wall insulation was supposed to be getting done tomorrow, but they turned up today, luckily I was at home (or rather unluckily for me...) I'm not complaining about our house being warmer, but it was the worst timing! I was trying to finish off my essay and had to stop for 3 hours, as it was so loud I literally couldn't focus, perfect. But anyways enough whinging... I've reached 2000 words on my essay but now I've got to play around with it, till I'm fully happy with it; for me this involves printing out my essay, cutting it up (literally) into chunks and reordering it, till it flows better... I often write in a really haphazard way, not finishing paragraphs at the time, etc. Its by no means a way for everyone, but when I'm writing an academic essay it works for me. But firstly I thought I'd have a wee break and let you all know what's been happening :)

Last week I was busy busy with college and coursework, with a dash of part-time work thrown in for good measure, combine that with a day out in Glasgow with my Granny and a friend's birthday night out, and you have a busy busy week! With practically no time for blogging :( It's sad but blogging is what has to suffer when I'm really busy...

1. Sporting my new 'Fergus the Fox' ring from Accessorize, he's so pretty and I've wanted him for ages! Though for some odd reason we didn't have my size in stock, finally it came in and I snapped it up!
2. Sunday lunch at work, my new favourite soup from M&S pulled pork with chilli chipolte, it's so good :) coffee, cappuccino cupcake and The Great Gatsby, that was a happy lunch time.
3. Can you tell I'm missing Amsterdam? Papernoten!! YUM! (sadly there's none left now!) and tea in my favourite cup.
4. Burgh Chai latte how I'd missed you whilst in Amsterdam.
5. Ketchup with my Granny :) the Arriba Arriba burger; a mexican burger with my favourite things in it :) bacon, guacamole, cheese, salsa, it was epic! 
6. When I saw these online half price I couldn't resist! £30 :) bargain, I rushed straight to my local Schuh store.
7. Sunday bath time, as the Christmas lights have now been switched on in Stirling I feel I can justify Christmassy baths; gingerbread house bubble bar from Lush bath :)
8. Soup Sunday lunch break.
9. New onesie time :) treated myself to a Reindeer print onesie from Primark; well it is nearly December :P
10. Monday morning planning at the Burgh, latte and a pain au raisin, to while away a miserable morning.
11. Tea and MaplePecan cookies to spur me on with essay writing... it honestly makes it 100x easier! 
12. Cheeky splurge in Superdrug, it's 3for2 after all :) 

So there we have it another week gone by in a flash... what has everyone else been up to this week?/today? Also I am sersiously struggling with buying the males in my family Christmas presents, why must they be so hard to buy for!! Am I the only one experiencing such difficulty? Anyways I best get back to finishing this dreaded essay... 

Till next time,

Liebster loving... learn a little more about me.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Well hello there,
So how are we all today? Personally I am so happy to be over and done with college for the week, I'm lucky enough to only have classes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. And tonight I'm having a sleepover at my Grandparentals house, it's cosy and lovely, and my Granny makes me cups of tea and yummy dinners. Tomorrow I'm heading into Glasgow with my Granny for lunch and a spot of Christmas shopping; unbelievably glad of a day off! Before heading back to sunny  Stirling, for a friend from college's Birthday night out, all in all I'm looking forward to tomorrow. After it's the usual, working all weekend; need to earn those pennies. How has everyone else's week been? My blog has been looking a little barren lately but I'm trying to get back into a routine! (honest) Anyways on with the exciting Leibster Award :)

The Liebster Blog Awards is awarded to bloggers, by bloggers. It helps spread the word about blogs with less than 200 followers and it's a brilliant way to find new faces! I was nominated by the lovely Amy from srslylou and I'm very excited to take part!

The Rules:
Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
They must answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
They must create 11 questions to ask the bloggers who they tag.
They must choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers.
There are no tag backs.

11 things about me:
  1. I have always been blonde, my entire life. Though I have been varying shades of blonde, I literally cannot imagine not having blonde hair (how vaccuous...)
  2. I have lived in 19 houses in my life, even though I'm only 20.
  3. I am the oldest of three children; I have two younger brothers, who despite being annoying, I love to bits.
  4. Coffee is an essential part of my daily life, I have a serious caffeine dependency.
  5. The longest time I go without checking my various social media platforms is when doing a shift at work... it's torturous.
  6. I enjoy working in retail though I can't wait to one day not have to (as I'm often heard saying) "sell dresses" or work Boxing Day.
  7. I have a rather embarrassing laugh... the parentals often refer to it is a 'Jimmy Carr' laugh :/
  8. I have lived in 5 countries; Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Germany and Australia.
  9. My favourite music genre is most probably folk, though I have rather eclectic music taste; I do love Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons though!
  10. I have an embarrassing love of Hello Kitty (I don't care that I'm 20!)
  11. My maternal side of my family are Greek, my Great-Granny was Greek and met my Great-Grandpa during WW2. 
My Questions from Amy:
1. What was the first tape cassette/cd you purchased? The first CD I owned was Bjork's album, but the first one I bought was the single 'Dr Jones' by Aqua; such a 90's kid!
2. Favourite tv show? I don't necessarily have a favourite though New Girl and Girls are probably my favourites at the moment. All time favourite possibly Criminal Minds.
3. Your favourite book? 'The Shadow of the Wind' by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, I love magical realism as a literary genre and this is my favourite book ever!
4. Do you still live in the same town that you were born in? No, in a nutshell I don't really have a hometown, I've moved all over my entire life.
5. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? I want to visit so many places, next place I'm planning to go is most likely Berlin or Paris. But I would love to go to Thailand, it looks so beautiful.
6. What's your favourite biscuit? My favourite biscuits are the viennesse ones from M&S.
7. Jumpers or cardigans? Jumpers, I have a ridiculous amount of jumpers!
8. What is your favourite genre of music? hmmm hard to pinpoint, probably folky music.
9. What is your most treasured item of clothing? my gold glittery Kurt Geiger's they were a Christmas present to myself and are so beautiful!
10. Your most purchased make up product? Nail polish remover! I go through so much, but I love the Bourjouis one which you dip your finger in.
11. Your favourite thing about blogging? Getting to know other bloggers (especially the #scottishbloggers) and being a part of the 'blogger family' everyone is lovely and so welcoming! Going to my first event last month was lovely!

Now I must nominate 11 lovelies, I have nominated.... 
  1. Emma - WOW! You're drop dead gorgeous
  2. Emma Jack - Read Bake Stitch -- here's her post
  3. Albonnie - littlebitofbeauty
  4. Courtney - CourtneyEmmyLoves -- here's her post 
  5. Kerry - Kerralina
  6. Robyn - BeautySchoolDropIn
  7. Hannah Louisa - hannahlhearts
  8. Cassandra - All things Cass -- here's her post
  9. Natalie - Breathe Beauty
  10. Amy - Amy's Little Corner of the Earth
  11. Kirsty - Kirstea and Cake

Questions for my Nominees:
  1. What is your favourite shop?
  2. How old is your blog?
  3. What is your profession? If you are a student, what are you studying?
  4. What did you want to be when you 'grew up'? 
  5. Is there one thing you always take with you when travelling?
  6. What makeup product could you not live without?
  7. What is your favourite band?
  8. What tip would you give to other bloggers?
  9. What excites you most about Christmas?
  10. Is there a colour you wear most? And if so what is it?
  11. What product (anything!) do you rave about? (clothes, makeup, food, anything!)
So that's my 11 questions for the 11 lovely ladies I have tagged... A bit random, but maybe something different :) 
Till next time,


And now it's November... October Loving.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Well hello there,
It's hard to believe that's another month over and done with (and in fact we're pretty much half way through November), I'm now back from my holiday in Amsterdam and in a bit of a post holiday slump... It's now truly the run up to Christmas! And this morning I've been attempting to get organised/finish Christmas present plans, eek! October favourites wise, I have a bit of a mixture; Funnily enough a number of my favourites this month are sample sizes that I've picked up with magazines, or in my Glossybox.

Earlier this month I picked up 3 copies of InStyle magazine, a bit exessive perhaps but I wanted to get one of each of the Benefit samples! The three samples available were Benetint, Sunbeam and ChaChatint; this month I have been loving Benetint as a really quick and easy cheek colour, I have also used it on my lips but the colour pay-off isn't as good when used this way for me, as I have naturally dark pinky coloured lips. I've actually been enjoying using Benetint so much I'd consider buying the full size!
The lady in WHSmith looked at me as if I was mad when I handed these over the counter!

I've been a 'They're Real' lover since first trying it back in July, I then bought it when I was in London and have been so happy with the results, surprisingly I had never tried 'BadGal' mascara, and InStyle this month was truly the gift that kept on giving! Not only did you get a sample, by taking your magazine and showing the 'Benefit' page, you got a free 'BadGal' travel size mascara. I have been pleasantly surprised by this mascara, and have found it's given me great volume and length, I'm going to get my Mum to take one of my other copies of InStyle to our local counter to pick up my second mascara (I love it so much! and it's the perfect size for my handbag!)

Last time I did a favourites post, way back at the start of October I had just purchased Mac 'Rebel' and have not been disappointed it's such an amazing deep berry shade, and describing it doesn't do it justice. Definitely my most worn lipstick of October, and a pretty Autumnal shade too!

This time last year I had just discovered Lush's famed showergel 'Snow Fairy' how I hadn't come across it before I don't know as I have been a dedicated Lushie for years! Though I am ever grateful that I did find it as it is one of my favourite shower gels ever! Snow Fairy was rereleased for the festive season earlier this month and I quickly snapped up a massive bottle! I love the sweet scent, which reminds me of rhubarb and custard sweeties mixed with pear drops, delicious! I also love how it lingers on my skin all day after my morning shower, it puts me in such a festive mood.

A few months back I ordered some nail decals on eBay (I linked to them in this weeks; Tuesdays Talons) and I've only recently started to use them, they are amazing! Such a quick way to jazz up plain nail polish, I can't recommend giving them a try enough, especially great for those of us too lazy for full on nail art all the time, or those with a shaky hand!

Thinking I'm going to try out some Unicorns next! 

Non beauty wise I have been listening to the new Mumford and Sons album Babel on repeat, constantly! I love Mumford and Sons, and I'm actually going to see them in less than two weeks (super excited!) I was really worried Babel wouldn't live up to Sigh no More but it's amazing, the songs are beautiful and I love it. I really recommend this, especially if you love a bit of folky music like me.

Autumn means cold, dreech weather and in turn for me that means Hot Chocolate, and October brought with it vast intake of this gloriously indulgent drink, yum! I've literally consumed so much hot chocolate last month, at home, at college, at The Burgh and an amazing hot chocolate in Amsterdam (not strictly October...) Hot chocolate in various forms was definitely an October favourite!
Yummy! The Burgh's hot chocolate's are truly amazing :)

Autumn is easily my favourite season, for starters my Birthday pretty signals the start of Autumn (1st of September!) and secondly it's just so pretty, so another October favourite has to be Autumn leaves, such a highlight of my year is crunching through the leaves, and of course pretty Autumnal pictures.
Pretty Autumn leaves; the walk to college is made much prettier at this time of year :) 

Clothes wise, I've not really been wearing one thing in particular, but have been wearing copious amounts of burgundy! It's such a lovely Autumnal colour, and suits my hair and skin tone really well :) Except I have been wearing my burgundy bobble hat from Accessorize loads! it's such a cosy hat.

So that's it really... what I've been loving in October, sad to say but I'm not the hugest fan of November as a month (it's actually my least favourite month) it's usually really dark and cold, and generally the month in which I feel a bit down. Hopefully this year will be different I have so many plans to fill up my November, nights out, lunch and shopping trips with my Granny and I'm going to see Mumford and Sons and then Daniel Sloss the next day! So I have quite a lot of things to look forward to :) Anyways I best be off as I'm going to meet my Mum when she finishes work, I also fear I may splurge on the Hello Kitty Vans in Schuh, as they are near enough half price, and so prettiful! :O eeek! Happy Monday everyone, till next time,


Life in pictures... no.6(&7...)

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Well hello there,
So how is everyone? Apologies for the extended absence... I returned from Amsterdam in the early hours of Tuesday morning, and have been working and/or at college every day since (I even had class rep' training on the Tuesday!) fun fun. Coming home from holidays is always the worst, back to work and studying, back to the real world... bleurgh, I want to go back to travelling! I also had to go to a funeral which was so sad, it was the first funeral I'd ever had to go to and it was really draining and emotional, but on-wards and upwards. Anyways time for another week in pictures post... it's a little late so apologies for that lovelies.

Halloween seems so long ago, it signaled the start of my holidays and I celebrated with; 
1. A gingerbread latte with a yummy Halloween empire biscuit
2. And secondly with bloody drippy nails... gory!
3. Candy Skulling it up for a Halloween girly night in at Kate's before Amsterdam! 
4. Turned my little brother into Jack Skellington before he headed out guising :)

5.Possibly the best sign outside a Hairdressers ever... too funny; " OPEN FOR BUSINESS, HEADS CUT, HAIR COLOURED, TOOTH PULLED, UGLY PEOPLE, MADE BEAUTIFUL"... Miaow, biatch!
6. Another great sign in Amsterdam, not a hundred percent sure of what it means mind you haha!
7. Amsterdam! Pablo the Pigeon, a little friend we made on Dam Square :P
8. Kate at a Christmas Shop at the Tulip market.
9. Duckies!! Rubberducks outside a toy shop near Waterlooplein.
10. Favourite ice tea! Arizona peach ice tea, yum!

11. Big munch time at the Hostel bar before a big night, as it was our last night in Amsterdam :( nachos and wedges time!
12. Museumnacht! At the Nemo looking out over the city :) so pretty!
13.(These should be flipped...) In the car wash, at home :(
14. The best waffles and hot chocolate ever at The Metropolitan Deli, Amsterdam! AMAZING, recommend this place so much!
15. Proudly wearing my pretty poppy wreath, We Will Remember Them.
16. Toast Sprinkles, yummy, brought back all the way from Amsterdam :)
17. The yummiest Spiced Pear cupcake from TheCookroom stall at the Farmers Market in Stirling, yum! 
18. Poppy nail art :)

So there we have it, a picture heavy though brief and not nearly covering everything I've been up to over the past few weeks! Apologies once again for lack of blogging over the past week and a bit, I've just been struggling to concentrate and have been exhausted... Anyways, back into it now, and I look forward to blogging about my holiday! Which was amazing! :) But more to come on that soon, as well as The Liebster award, which I have nominated for by the lovely Amy from srslylou, exciting stuff! So that post is on the way too, as well as a long overdue October favourites post (eek, it's so late!) Ah wells, I'm off to bed now as I'm cream crackered, it's been a long day working in retail and my feet are so sore, night all. 
Till next time,


Candy Skulling it up...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Well hello there,
Pinch punch first of the month! So it's November 1st and I suspect many are currently nursing sore heads and stained skin from face paint, as yesterday was of course Halloween. My friend Kate and I had planned to go out in Edinburgh but the weather yesterday was truly miserable and so we decided to stay in instead; a night of rose, Ben and Jerrys, facepainting and watching Fresh Meat, perfect. Despite staying in I still had a go at my planned Candy Skull makeup, it's not as neat as it would have been had we gone 'out out' nonetheless I'm still pretty pleased with it! I used facepaints by Snazaroo which I borrowed from my Mum, I have really sensitive skin and they don't irritate my skin or break me out.


Rubbishy iPhone quality picture...
After seeing Shlynsbin's post on Candy skull make up for Halloween I knew that was what I had to go as for Halloween, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Anyway's hopefully I'll get a few posts scheduled for whilst I'm away on jolly-holidays if not, I'll be back on Tuesday (well my flight gets in from Amsterdam at 10pm on Monday night!) Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope you all had a spooky and fun filled Halloween :) till next time, 


Tuesday's Talons (whoops two days late!) no. 3 spooky edition.

I tried to upload this from the train last night but it didn't work, apologies!

Well hello there,
Happy Halloween to you all, I am currently blogging from my iPhone on the train to Edinburgh :) I thought I would try and get a post up today, as yesterday due to unexpected news in the family I was with them. I then spent last night hurriedly trying to get ready for Amsterdam! This morning I did some last minute packing and tidying the house, then coffee at the Burgh, some Halloween shopping and PR class in the afternoon. After which I rushed home to transform my little brother into Jack Skellington! (Nightmare before Christmas, the Pumpkin King) he looks amazing, check my twitter or Instagram for the picture! Fish and chips with the family for tea, now headed through to Edinburgh for a Halloweeny night with Kate and her flatmates before we head to Holland tomorrow, I'm so excited but equally terrified that I've forgotten something! (We only have hand luggage!) but anyways spooky nails...
I'd see. This design all o dr the Internet and Pinterest and decided they looked pretty easy to replicate and scary to boot. I used Essie 'Fiji' as the pale pinky white base and a Karen Millen nail polish in 'Deep Red' for the blood. This design is so easy to do, I didn't even use a separate brush I just used the regular brush that comes on the polish and blabbed 'blood' drips at the tops of each nail, creepy! Did anyone else to some Halloween nail art? I'd love to have a look, please comment links to any Halloween blog posts you've done or pictures as even though its the 31st today I still love it!! Also in exciting news I reached over 1,000 views a few days ago!!! For some they achieve these kind of views on a daily basis but for me it was a massive milestone! So excited! And thank you all for reading and commenting and subscribing I appreciate it so much :)

Blood and Gore!

Nothing better than gingerbread chai and a Halloween empire biscuit :)

Anyways I best be off as it's rather tricky to type so much on an iPhone, till next time