Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Well hello there,
I don't know about you, but I love to win! My whole life I have loved winning, it's fair to say I am very competitive, now that I am a bit older I try to reign myself in a bit, but I still love winning. Especially competitions, when I was 14 I won a digital camera from an online competition held by Bliss magazine, I've won a cheesecake from The English Cheesecake company... my prizes are very varied, but there's nothing better than having a sh*tty day and finding you've won something! (Though I am not a comper, I won't just enter a competition for the sake of it, I'll only enter if I like or want the thing which is up for grabs!) A week past on Friday I entered a #freebiefriday competition run by The London Perfume Company (they do pretty good twitter competitions!) @londonperfumeco and guess what?! I WON! Last Friday I recieved my prize, an Elizabeth Arden lipgloss, though I don't use lipgloss a lot... (long hair and sticky lips sadly aren't the best combo) the lipgloss is in such a pretty and unusual colour and I will definitely give it a wee try, so thanks to the lovely London Perfume Company. The day I won my prize I was having such a rubbish day, full of the cold and had been working all day, so to then find out I was the winner was lovely, and cheered me right up!

Lovely backdrop of my grey bunny onesie :P

A bit too much skin, for such a small swatch...
Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lipgloss 'Mandarin Shine' :)

Anyone else secretly love winning? And super competitive? But much as I do love to win, I love being part of a team too, I'm driven more than anything, but winning is always an added bonus ;) Anyways time for NeverMindTheBuzzcocks and hot chocolate, perfect Monday night in...
Till next time,



  1. Aww well done hun! I guess some are more lucky than others haha


    1. I always say if you don't enter you can't win ;) haha, smaller competitions offer a better chance too :P xx

  2. What a fab win! I've recently started entering a few competitions too and I'm a little bit addicted now! Great post, I love to nosy at what other people have won :)

    Sorry about the delay checking out your blog, it's nearly been a whole week since the bbloggers chat...facepalm!!

    Jo xo

    1. Got to love winning ;) and sorry for such a late reply, just back from holidays and the busiest! week good luck with your competition entering :) xx


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