Tuesday's Talons no.2

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Well hello there,
As someone always busy, but a major nail art lover I've been keen to try out nail decals for a while. I'd used vinyl sticker type ones from an eBay seller before which were pretty rubbish and I was keen to try out water decals! 
Last month I ordered 6 sets of nail decals from AtYourFingertipsNailArtDesign an eBay seller, each set had 20 decals and was £2, pretty great price and I also got a random set free (though they were a little odd! hearts with devil horns and wings...) Postage and Packaging was free as I had ordered more than 5 sets, so I was really happy with the price; these will last me for ages!
I decided to give these a wee try on the weekend and they have lasted so well!! I had ordered a set of decals which have skulls with leopard print bows on them; perfect for the lead up to Halloween or any time really! 

Accent Nail; Revlon 185 Lilac Pastelle, Other Nails; Revlon 790                                                                                         No Shrinking Violet (both bought in Poundland!)
The actual polish is a little messy as I hadn't had time to neaten them up and then had work on Sunday morning... (I took this picture whilst waiting to start my shift) but I'm really pleased with how the decals turned out! I only used them on my ring fingers, firstly so they'd make a bigger impact and secondly as it's more economical, certain designs I'd use on all nails but I think these look really nice this way. They were also so easy and quick to use, my top tip thought is to cut out the design really well, as close to the actual image as possible. As you can see you can't even see any edges of the film on my nail, perfect. :) Anyways enough talking about nails and such like... I best be away to bed as it's 12.24 and not strictly Tuesday anymore... ah wells the title isn't changing, night everyone.
Till next time, 


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