Tuesday Talons... Cosmic Nail Art

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Well hello there,

So it's Tuesday and one of my two days off this week :) despite it being my day off I was up bright and early to head to Pinky's Nail bar in Stirling, so my friend Kelly (who owns Pinky's) could work some galactic magic on my nails! I used to be addicted to getting my nails done and always had gel or acrylics with crazy nail art, I got my acrylics taken off in July and since then have grown my natural nails and I'm happy to say they are naturally really strong! People often ask me if they're false nails :) as I often have bright and or glittery nail polish or nail art on my natural nails.

So pretty! and actually not as hard as you'd think!
Kelly and I (and Marge, one of the Pinky's nail technicians) spent the morning drinking coffee and transforming my nails into a planetary heaven, we are thrilled with the overall result and will be posting a tutorial very soon (as well as some other exciting projects we have planned!) I am loving this look, as it's so
pretty and sparkly!

I was really keen to share my pretty new nails with you all, but best be off as I have plenty of studying to be getting on with this afternoon... I've already spent a couple of hours procrastinating; tidying/looking at stuff on the internet. Time to actually get my presentation on 'Identity' finished. Hope you're all having a terrific Tuesday :) has anyone else tried out galaxy nails yet? Also would anyone be interested in a post about my past nail art? I've had some crazy nail art in the past... :)

Till next time,



  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks :) it's so pretty and relatively simple too x

  2. This is soooo pretty! The colours are just perfect for a cosmic look! x

    1. It's amazing how quickly this look comes together too! at first it looked a little odd, with splodges of random colours :P x

  3. These have to be the most gorgeous 'galazy' looking nails I've ever seen! So gorg! Thank you for sending me your link during #bbloggers chat! I can't wait to see your tutorial!
    Brittany's Secret

    1. Hopefully will be getting the tutorial up in the next week or so :) and thanks, we were so happy with how they turned out!! Iona x


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