Sitting waiting wishing... The Spooky Edition.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Well hello there,
So how is everyone? Feeling in the spooky Halloween mood anyone? I'm desperately in search of a costume for next Wednesday, I want it to be scary not slutty, but not crazy expensive... so on a bit of a hunt for ideas at the moment! I'm heading out in Edinburgh with my lovely friend Kate and her flatmates, then the next day we're heading to Amsterdam! I'm so excited! Anyways in the mean time it's Halloween, I've compiled a little Halloween themed wishlist/ things I think are really cool! Anyways I best be off as I'm headed to the hairdressers this afternoon.

  • Top; Jack Skellington hand painted pumps source, I'm such A Nightmare Before Christmas geek, so love these!
  • OPI 'So Skullicious' (source) nail polish set; these colours are so bright and pretty!
  • ASOS Skeleton jumper (source) I think this would be amazing to wear all year round, forget just for Halloween! 
  • I saw the Punkypins halloween collection on twitter the other day and think this 'I LOVE ZOMBIES' brooch is a must for Zombie fans, tempted to buy it for my Mum who loves 'The Walking Dead'! (source)
  • Lush 'Twilight' shower gel,  (source) I love Twilight bath bombs they smell amazing, so I'm super keen to try out this shower gel, it has such a relaxing scent perfect for cosy nights in. 
  • I have wanted a personalised name necklace for years, (source) I'd love the glittery red one a perfect mix of spooky and sparkly :) these ones are from Heidi Seeker.
Today I recieved a prize I won on twitter last Friday and I also recieved a pair of MissFlicklashes' which I will be reviewing soon, so exciting, so watch this space! :) Anyways time to head to the hairdressers, till next time,



  1. Those shoes are really nice and would be good to try attempting as a DIY post. Great post :)


    1. It's definitely worth a try, might have to try for next year! :) Thanks! x

  2. those little shoes are sooo cute!

    1. I know my Mum and I are planning a DIY to make them :) x


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