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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Well hello there,

October's wish list... Thing's I'd love but probably don't need;

  1. Still lusting over the 'How to Look the Best at Everything' (£24.50) kit from Benefit, which has actually been released now, I just feel I need to try another foundation before I completely settle forever with 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW' last week the lady at Mac gave me a sample so I'm going to use that up and then decide, whether to take the plunge with that or not... In regards to the kit it's something which will definitely be on my Christmas list but I'm not sure if I could justify it as a self-purchase?! Hmmm....
  2. The Sleek i Divine 'supreme' palette (£7.99) from the PPQ shangri-la collection is stunning, I do like the brighter 'respect' palette too, but 'supreme' looks really wearable and stunning. The colours are amazing and I hope will go well with my skin tone, definitely considering picking this up in Superdrug soon! I don't have anything from sleek yet but have heard the pigmentation and quality is really good, so shall hopefully be investing in some soon.
  3. I will definitely be investing in these ASAP the Tomasina Cat Ballerina, we sadly don't have them in the Accessorize store that I work in :( I think these cat face pumps are so cute, clearly heavily inspired by the Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty Flats' but at £26 as opposed to £465  they are much more within my price range! 
  4. I am a stationary fiend, in fact there is no doubting it is one of my addictions :/ this Zebra notebook from the J.W Anderson collection at Topshop is ridiculously cool, perfect for journo' scribblings. :) £7.99 isn't too bad for a pretty notebook either!
  5. This plain grey sleeveless dress from is the perfect length and style for layering up in Autumn, I've seen Primark had something similar if I see that I'll pick it up, if not at only £12.99 this is still a real bargain :)
  6. Collar tips are one of my favourite accessories at the moment as I'm loving wearing shirts and blouses so much! These ones from ASOS combine two of my favourite things swallows and collar tips; perfect. Swallow collar tips (£10)
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthwhile cause I will definitely be 'painting my pinky pink' as Nails Inc are encouraging, their pink glitter polish which they have released for the cause is so pretty and such a great cause means £11 doesn't seem so steep!
Last month I was very restrained with my shopping habit, I often joke that shopping is my 'hobby' though more and more I am seeing the reality in this joke. Eeek, sadly my bank balance is not such a fan of my favourite hobby, gutting really. But I've been making a sustained and consistent effort to both shop less and spend less, I've been fairly successful with this but it won't stop me dreaming about buying lots and lots of STUFF! Here's a wee list of things I'm currently lusting after, a few of them I've been loving for a while now which I take as a sign I really must love something, anyways enough about shopping much as it's fun.

    This week has been another busy one and I can't believe that next week is my last week before my college holidays! Tomorrow is my only day off all week and I'm spending it at journalism conference hosted by NUS Scotland and Amnesty International (dedicated student much...?) so I'll be heading through to Edinburgh for that :) it's such a great oppurtunity to learn more about the industry I'd love to work in more than anything! I'll be scooting straight back to Stirling after it finishes to meet my friend Nerissa and go to the Lush Christmas product launch! :) Which I'm so excited about! (SNOW FAIRY time of year!) we'll then head out for a few drinks, so sadly blogging is off the agenda tomorrow as it looks to be a super busy one, see you all on Saturday :)
    Till next time,


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