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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Well hello there,
A quick post tonight before bed, a few things I've been lusting after/trying to tell myself I 'need'! There are a few Primark things... but not Primark website :( sacre bleu! So anyways hope you all had a lovely Tuesday, I'm looking forward to my favourite weekday :) 'humpday' tomorrow! Coffee with my friend Shaunna in the morning, perhaps a little Boots search for something on my list, then college to get on with coursework and PR class, home time and then excitedly heading to the Lush 'Gorilla Perfume' Bus event at Junk Rooms in the evening, what a busy Wednesday but I'm looking forward to it :)

  1. Cute Dog Scarf- Topshop £20 so cute!! I love love love this scarf it's really sweet and in pretty subtle colours.
  2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW20 - £20.50; I got colour matched to this shade and was given a tested when I was in Edinburgh a few weeks back and I love love love it! I only started trying it a few days ago, but the coverage is great, it feels light on my skin and hasn't caused me to break out; perfect!
  3. Real Techniques Starter Set £21: this is out of stock in my local Boots :( and is currently on the 3for2! I am hoping to use my Boots points as well as a few vouchers I have to get extra points to buy both sets and something else similarly priced... Have heard lots of positivity about both sets, so really keen to invest!
  4. Real Techniques Core Collection £21: I'm most excited about this set due to the stippling brush having  had such amazing reviews, very excited to try these out too!
  5. Circle Ditsy Make-up Case- Cath Kidston £10; anyone detecting a theme this week? My old make-up bag is satiny and looking a little grubby, I really want a Cath Kidston one as they are wipe clean and this one is really pretty and girly! Perfect for my upcoming holidays in Amsterdam :) 
  6. Burgundy Vans £45- Schuh; I've been wanting a pair of Vans for a while now, I used to be a die-hard converse girl but I'm thinking of turning to the dark side and buying Vans in my favourite colour :) a little pricey though... What do you lot think? 
Anyways it's getting late and I best be heading off to bed... what do you all think of my current wishlist? Has anyone tried/have any of these products? What do you think of them? Advice greatly received before I splurge!! Night all, Till next time, 



  1. I saw your comment on littlebitofbeauty's blog about the mango hand cream by L'Occitane and it sounds lovely; I myself don't care for rose scents so I'd love to take a whiff of their mango one since I've heard such great things about their products! :)
    And I love those Vans, by the way!! What a gorgeous color! I used to rock some navy vans alllllll through middle school and then a pair of light grey/dark grey dual toned ones in high school... it really brings back memories!


    1. The mango hand cream is really lovely, it's not an overly sweet scent which is a definite plus :) Thinking they may be a little investment/pre Christmas treat! Shall be popping over to have a wee look at your blog as I love your username! :)

      Iona x


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