September Glossybox Review

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Well hello there,

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you all? I've been meaning to do a review of my September Glossybox for week's now but have been trying to try out all of the products before doing so and sadly this month I wasn't hugely excited about everything in the box...  (I actually received my October box yesterday... so will be putting an overview of that up very soon!) and it took me a while to get around to it.

Beautifully presented as always...

September's box was designed by Maggie Li an illustrator and it was really beautiful, I'm pretty excited about keeping this one on my dressing table as pretty storage :) Sadly though the contents didn't quite live up to the prettiness of the box; the theme of the September box was 'Rising Stars' and I did enjoy a couple of the products. *I realised when adding the pictures I had forgotten to take pictures of the individual items... sorry!*
Terrible picture... oops
  1. Sample of Lady Gaga 'Fame' perfume; this is an exciting product, it's the first ever perfume which is black but sprays 'clear', it has a pleasant smell and I would consider buying the full size product, though I feel that perfume samples are a bit of a 'cop out' especially when they are so small...
  2. Balance Me: Extra Care Eye Cream; I am very loyal to my Lush 'Enchanted' eye cream, though I have enjoyed trying this out, I wouldn't say it has made a massive difference as the black bags I have under my eyes never seem to go away, sadly I fear I may always have them (the joys of being so busy all the time!) But it did have a nice consistency and scent and I'll definitely finish the tube.
  3. Biosilk: Silk Therapy; is a "BioSilk Silk Therapy is a lightweight leave-in treatment that helps moisturize and restructure your hair without heaviness." I use Moroccan oil to keep my hair shiny and strong and was a little apprehensive to try this... It was ok, had I never used Moroccan oil I may have liked it more, but it just wasn't as good, you really have to shake this before applying otherwise some bits will come out really thick and some really thin...
  4. Sachets of Rodial 'Snake Serum' and SOME MASK: as soon as I saw this I was little bit wary I try to use as many natural skincare products as possible; cruelty and as chemical free as possible... For me this product sounded a little unnecessary especially as I'm only 20 and don't really have a need for an anti-wrinkle product yet. I did give it a try and it wasn't horrific, but didn't make a huge difference to be honest; I won't be rushing out to buy either of these products and will most likely not use the other sachets I have left... (I haven't tried out the clay mask yet...) 
  5. BodyShop vitamin E moisturiser; I used to love BodyShop in fact my Mum often held BodyShop at home parties, but since it was bought by L'Oreal (L'Oreal are not cruelty free), I have been hesitant to shop there/purchase and further products which is a shame as I did love some of their products!I haven't opened this as I'll pass it onto someone else instead who would actually get the use out of it... as I am pretty happy with my Lush moisturiser already. 
I like the Balance Me eye cream and love the LadyGaga Fame perfume, though apart from that I was a little dissappointed with my box, all of the products were sample size (I know that some other subscribers got one or more full size products...) The next box is due to arrive early next week which I look forward to seeing how it is; I'm going to keep my subscription till Christmas and then decide if I'll continue on with Glossybox or switch to Joliebox. I've two pretty good boxes and recieved some amazing products, so I guess one duff box out of 3 isn't too bad?! What do you all think of Glossybox? Did anyone else recieve the September glossybox/have different opinions of the products? 

Today I'm headed to work then off to The Bloggers Pub Quiz this evening, in Glasgow! How exciting :) so sadly there'll be no more posts today... I'm also coming down with a stinky cold, so if anyone has any good cold remedies/tips? They would be greatly appreciated! 

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