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Monday, 15 October 2012

Well hello there,

So it's Monday night and I'm absolutely 'cream-crackered'! I worked all day Saturday, Sunday and today (Bleurgh early morning Monday!) I've hd a fairly busy last week; Tuesday I was at college, busy studying away... Wednesday was a busy one, lunch with Shaunna, coffee at the Burgh, college and a rather anti-climatic Lush event 'Gorilla Perfumes tour'... Thursday was the usual exhausting! early start full day of college, then the late-night shopping shift... Friday was blissful :) a day off, I took Finlay to school, had a lovely coffee at the Burgh, then lunch and a good catch up/brainstorm with Kelly, coffee and more crazy brainstorming with Ami (watch this space!), then home for pizza and a cosy night in... Saturday I worked all day then came home and blogged (productive!)... Sunday saw another full day of work, then I headed with the family to see my Granny and Grandpa for a lovely Sunday dinner! :) And lastly today... getting up this morning in time for my 8.45am start at work was a struggle. I had planned to do some reading of my coursework but various tv shows distracted me... Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats, and ashamedley (I'll admit it) Eastenders, I'm talking to you! So here I am 11.15 and haven't done any studying tonight... argh! Tomorrow is one of my two days off this week! So I'll be spending it studying, yay, and working on an exciting blog post!

So here's my past week in pictorial form, for those who like something to look at ;)

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT1. Cheeky splurge in Accessorize yesterday... naughty.
2. Yesterdays OOTD 
3. Lunch at The Burgh perfect for a freezing Monday; gingerbread chai and a chicken and chorizo panini yum!
4. Helen at TheLoveCatsInc reached 1000 followers and is having a massive giveaway! Amaze :)
5. The lovely Nerissa bought me a cupcake and card on Saturday :)
6. Couldn't resist 3 for 2 at Boots!
7. Friday feeling! Coffee and magazine time at the Burgh (guessed what my favourite coffee shop is yet?)
8. Having a good hair day! Shocker...
9. Unsure why this stuff is even legal? Princes 'baked beans' and 'fish and chips' sandwich spreads... boke!
10. Fluff and hot chocolate :) found some Fluff in Sainsbury's for a bargainous £1.99!
11. The prettiest and loveliest lemonade ever, Rose lemonade, my fave.
12. Coffee-ing whilst I wrote my blog sitting in the Burgh.

Well there we have it another week gone by in a flash, before we know it, it'll be Christmas, on which note has anyone else starting planning/buying Christmas presents? Just me that's that sad? Working in retail I've found it's too stressful to leave it late, anyways my bed is calling as I'm shattered, I hope you've all had a lovely week/ Monday? Till next time,


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