Life in Pictures... no.5

Monday, 29 October 2012

 Well hello there,
Another Monday over and done with... And time for another 'Life in Pictures' post, last week I had so much college work to do, as well as work; fun fun fun! Today I had my last shift at work as I am now on holidays! Then went out for a lovely lunch with my friend Kelly and attempted to eat the biggest portion of nacho's I have ever seen! Sadly I was defeated... I've also spent today getting organised for heading to Amsterdam on Thursday, exchanging money, getting travel insurance, all the fun stuff.

Top Left- Right (then next row, etc...) 
1. A halloweeny Christmas Tree at City Walls, interesting :P Nightmare before Christmas?
2. Bought a new Airwick Vanilla and Caramel candle today :) smells lovely!
3. Monster munch of Nachos at City Walls, yum!
4-5. Inglot Stirling finally opened! Very exciting, so I built a palette with super pretty eyeshadows.
6.Swallow nail decals.
7. Home from the hairdressers, loving my new ashy blonde.
8. Fiendish Fancy :) whislt watching the Great British Bake Off Masterclass, perfection.
9. Reasons I love Autumn; no.1 pretty leaves.
10. no 2: Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and New Girl :) cheering myself up after a rubbishy day.

So another week been and gone, I was a bit blue last week, but thinking of Amsterdam and remembering to enjoy the little things are cheering me up! What has everyone else been up to this week? Enjoying Autumn? Also has anyone else been to Amsterdam?/ have any good tips of where to go or visit? Best be off, as I need to wash my make up brushes and hang up washing... the joys of chores. Also I was so excited to reach 21 followers today!! Thanks so much to all my followers :) it made my morning when I saw I'd reached 21!
Till next time,



  1. Those nachos look TO DIE FOR, and I love the swallows on the nails. Autumn leaves are so beautiful <3

    1. The nachos were so tasty! :) the decals are so easy and super cheap online! :) hope plans for the Christmas bloggers event are going well x

  2. Really really cute post, that candle looks lovely, and is that a Kiplings fiendish fancy I see?! I love those muahah :)

    1. It's Airwick one and smells lovely! :) and of course French fancies all the way, especially Halloweeny ones :P x


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