Life in Pictures... no.1

Monday, 1 October 2012

Well hello there,
A wee instagram post for you all tonight, showing what I've been up to over the last week (actually 2 weeksish...) I am currently looking forward to a wee holiday in Amsterdam exactly one month today! I haven't left Britain since I returned from Melbourne in August 2011, and I am so excited about it, going to the flea markets the museums, all so exciting. So for those wondering what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks here's a few wee pictures from my instagram which might give you a wee insight into it :)

Loads of Pictures this time as I forgot to do a weekly post last week oops! And lots of food pics :P

L-R 1. A random wee sign in a cafe window across from the Greyfriars Bobby statue in Edinburgh saw it on my night out and it made me smile.
2. White chocolate cupcake from Bibi's in Edinburgh (YUM!)
3. OOTD Sunday, working with my new Mac 'Rebel' lippie.
4. Zara inspired Primark clutch :) all set for a wee night out in Edinburgh.
5. New ring I bought in Accessorize in Edinburgh, a pretty Autumnal one.
6 & 7. Both pictures of the yummiest Starbucks latte; Pumpkin Chai Latte :)
8. Using big bumblebee studs as collar tips on my denim shirt.
9. Balloon animal fun at the college freshers fayre.
10. Purple DMs day.
11. Ooops bought a load of snacks at Sainsbury's! 
12. Moustache nail decals :S)
13. I made dinner; roast venison, loads of veggies and red onion gravy :) yum!
14. Hot chocolate and marshmallows :) cosy Autumn afternoon
15. Figs! I haven't had fresh figs in years, and they were on special at M&S :)
16. Lunch crackers with smushed up avocado, lemon and pepper, healthy and tasty (so many food snaps...)

17. Drinks with the work girlies :) one bottle of rose miraculously turned into 5!
18. Out for dinner at Cibo e Vino the meringues there are to die for!
19. Sea bass for my main course, was so delicious!
20. Mini haul from Boots, Primark and Ebay.
21. The best Hot Chocolate ever! From The Burgh Coffeehouse :) Friday treat...
22. Out to the cinema with Nerissa, Ben&Jerry's my favourite!
23. Dinner with Nerissa at Italia Nostra a new and amazing restaurant find in Stirling.
24. Current fave gingerbread chai latte at the Burgh.
25. Crazy Friday night in... wee glass of wine and crackers :P
26. Volunteering at Bloody Scotland (post to come soon!) I met Ian Rankin! :) 
27. Heading home after a wee night out in Falkirk and last day of Physio!
28. Heading out in Falkirk for a wee night out seeing Rudimental, and it was torrentially raining.

Incase you're wondering the order of the photos starts most recently and goes back in time, sounds awfully cheesy. I hope you enjoyed having a wee looky at my pictures and what I've been up to the last few days. Tomorrrow I'll be doing a review of September's Glossybox, what have you all been up to last week? Does anyone else regularly do posts like this? 

Till next time,


P.S Who else is going to the Bloggers Pub Quiz in Glasgow on the 18th of October?! :)

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