Life in Pictures... No. 4

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Well hello there,
So how's it going so far this week everyone? As I mentioned in my last post apologies for being AWOL over the weekend, I was super busy getting ready for my presentation on 'Identity' which was this afternoon. I was a little worried, as I was finding it a little awkward to ensure it was 'educational' enough, luckily my presentation seemed to go really well (and I passed!) although I did have to cut a massive bit out as I would have gone over the 10 minute mark, which was the maximum time we were allowed; I like talking.
Last week was my mid-semester break from college, a week for relaxing and catching up with college work, sadly I was working a lot, and was choked with the cold, so no relaxing for me! Anyways on with the pictures, as they'll help me show you what I've been up to :) The order goes backwards in time... awkward I know.
Starts Top corner LEFT-RIGHT 
1.What I'm up to currently... watching Buzzcocks and blogging :)
2. Getting into the Halloween spirit :) ghosty cupcake and witchy biscuit, spooky!
3. Cupcakes I made for my Mum to take to work for her birthday.
4. What's the worst thing that can happen when you've grown your nails all nice and pretty? This! My nail broke! :O Mourning this broken nail...
5. Out for a wee lunch with my Mum and little brother yesterday, the yummiest bacon, brie and cranberry flatbread with the best hot chocolate, where else? but The Burgh.
6. Look familiar? Monday morning gingerbread latte before shopping for Mum's birthday presents.
7. Rather proud of the Birthday cake I made for my Mum :) shall post a big picture of it soon :) Peanut butter and chocolate cake yum!
8. Sunday night in, Trainspotting, hot chocolate and wrapping presents; perfect.
9. Another day, another coffee.
10. Spooky nails :) skull decals with leopard print bows! 
11. Quick Saturday cupcakes, caramel cupcakes courtesy of Betty Crocker.
12. Enjoying a wee Rekorderlig and watching Strictly whilst they baked.
13. Tunnocks tea cake from The Bloggers Pub Quiz, squished in my bag! :( RIP, Tunnocks tea cake... 
14. Before the devastation was fully revealed.
15. Eek I've bought rather a lot of nail polish this month... only spent £18 on all these though :)
16. Cosmic nails by the lovely Kelly, as featured in last weeks Tuesday's Talons :)

Well there we have it for this week :) I'll hopefully get a post up about the Blogger's Pub Quiz very soon, it was my first bloggers event and it was really nice to meet other Scottish bloggers, enjoy a wee cocktail and a good old fashioned pub quiz (blogger themed of course!) There are already plans underway for a Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party, which is very exciting!! Any other Scottish bloggers who'd be interested let me know, as I can let you know all the details when I find them out :) Mainly though a huge thanks to the amazing Paula aka TheBrantasticLife  who organised the fantastic event I attended last week! It went so well and was such a good night :) Anyways time to quickly move on to my next post :) then sleep time!! As I neglected my wee blog over the past few days I'm making up for lost time!! Aww post heavy tonight...
Till next time, 


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