Got that Friday Feeling... 10 things which made me smile.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Well hello there,
Today was one of the best days I have had in ages,I've been trying more and more to make the little things count and it's been quite lovely. I got up super early and headed through to Edinburgh as I'd been invited through for the Media Day held by NUS Scotland and Amnesty International, it was so interesting and I have learnt so much, it gave me such great insight into the industry I'm so keen to work in. I then headed home to attend the Lush Stirling Christmas product launch party (knowing Christmassy products are out makes me so happy!) and then home for a Chinese. To many people today would seem like a rather 'blah' day but I've such a good one and am heading to bed happy and sleepy, here's 10 things which made it so great;

Though a little messy, looking at my sparkly nails makes me smile!
  1. Munching a packet of cheerios and drinking a massive latte on the train to Edinburgh listening to Mumford and Sons' new album. 
  2. Pretty green sparkly nails, which remind me of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz! 
  3. How pretty Leith Walk is in the Autumn.
  4. Meeting some lovely like-minded people today at the NUS Scotland and Amnesty International Media Day.
  5. Learning so much about the industry I would love to work in; I'd love more than anything to be a journalist. 
  6. Chatting to Phyllis Stephen founder and editor of The Edinburgh Reporter (I'm going to be writing for her soon!! watch this space...)
  7. Trying the new Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha; heavenly. 
  8. Picking up my FREE mini 'BadGal' mascara by showing a page from this month's InStyle at the Benefit counter in my local Debenhams :)
  9. Attending a lovely launch party for the Lush Christmas range, it made me feel lovely and festive and they have some amazing new products which I will be writing about very soon!! 
  10. The 'parentals' treating us all to a Chinese for dinner; mmm crispy chilli beef.
  11. Writing a wee blog post on all the little things which have made today so lovely.
Hope you all had as great a Friday as I have, shall hopefully blog again tomorrow :)

Till next time, 



  1. I attended a launch party to, I'm so glad they have brought the Snow Fairy back again, in love with that stuff. Your nails look gorgeous by the way xxx

    1. I always love attending the Lush launch parties :)they're so much fun and Snow Fairy makes me so happy! and thanks the glitter polish is from Accessorize, so pretty and festive xx


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