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Monday, 29 October 2012

Well hello there,
Sunday evening, time to get organised for the upcoming week, a busy one. Next week will no doubt go by in a whirlwind as it's set to be amazing! Monday brings my last shift at work before ten days off, I can hardly believe it, I haven't had that long off work in ages! This week there is also Halloween and my holiday to Amsterdam, which I am so excited for. Anyways being a blonde is pretty hard work, and I'm lucky to be very happy with my hairdresser (Frances Hunter, in Stirling, it's actually Scottish Salon of the year 2012/2013!) Friday was cut and colour time at the hairdressers, I always stay blonde but decided to change things up a little bit this time; with a new toner. My blonde is now much ashier, and I really like it it's a bit different, I haven't got a very good picture of it yet but here's a quick instagram pic I took on Friday evening. Anyways I best be headed to bed as I have so much to do tomorrow, including finishing my October Favourites blog post :)

Apologies for the poor quality inside night-time lighting...
And giant Iphone cover in the way!

Till next time,



  1. Hair looks gorgeous!! <3
    (Also loving your jumper!)

    1. Aw thanks lovey! my jumper is from ASOS, it was a little birthday gift to myself a few months back :P

  2. Replies
    1. N'aw thanks love! Much prefer this new blonde tone :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Having such a rubbishy day and just saw your comment lovey, thanks so much! Had a wee peek at your blog yesterday and love your posts! :) xx

  4. Your hair is gorgeous, Iona! I forever wish I had blonde hair! I always want what I can't have! xxx

    1. Oh thanks so much lovely! I can't imagine being anything else but blonde, ever. :P but you have such gorgeous hair too! xx


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