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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well hello there,
Evening all how is everyone? I had hoped to post this last night but sadly the internet in my area was down… (until an hour ago!) it truly is like living in the dark ages and even today at work the server was down and we had to manually authorise card payments, apparently it was the same in many other shops in Stirling... which was pretty rubbish. (The horror, just kidding!) 

Instagram picture :) the thumb nail is actually the same as the top, funny how lighting can make such a difference!
I had first seen the MUAConstellations nail art range on the MUA website (there were only 2 colours left Scorpio and one other) when I was having a look at the various  £4 palletes and was intrigued by the concept, and at only £3 thought I’d keep an eye out next time I was in Superdrug. Lucky for me whilst browsing in my local Superdrug in search of the MUA Undressed pallete, I found the Constellations range (rejoice!) and at a bargain price, even cheaper than the website! Only £2.50 each I treated myself to ‘Leo’ and ‘Gemini’, how exciting!
Slightly blurry but all set for a night out with a 'constellation' accent nail!
The MUA constellations range is a bit like a ‘caviar’ manicure or the Ciate Caviar Manicure kits (which are £18 and come in three different shades) the finished look is textured and 3 dimensional  not usually my kind of thing but worth a try. And the different shades are named after starsigns; Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra and Pisces.  I was heading out that night so decided to make my ring fingers accent nails in the ‘Gemini’ shade, a lovely mixture of pinks with bright pops of teal, really pretty.

My favourite is definitely 'Leo' the one at the top! So pretty.
Far left is 'Gemini' over a clear polish, then over a Miss Sporty teal polish, then 'Leo' over the top of a gorgeous polish  from Ultawear (one I bought when in Australia)
Application: application is fairly easy though can be a little messy, I recommend using a tray (I use the lid from an old glossy box) to catch any extra little beads. Firstly apply nail polish in your desired colour then while still wet shake on the little bead allow to set a few seconds then gently press in place and allow to dry completely, then put any spare beads back in the bottle using the nozzle as a funnel (upside down). Easy J
Verdict: The overall look I was pretty impressed with though sadly my nails didn't last that well, I’d say this kind of look would be great for a night out but wouldn't last day-to-day for me! By the end of my night out, parts of my accent nails were looking a little sparse in places… Though for £2.50 as opposed to £18 for the Ciate set I’d say the product is still a great buy and amazing look for a night out or event.

So what do you all think/make of the MUA constellations range? Have you seen them in shops yet? Or tried any of the other shades? I best be off to work now, as I have a busy day ahead… Happy Saturday all, till next time,



  1. loving these nail looks, and what a bargain! I might have to go in an see if there on offer in my store :)


    1. I was pretty pleased they may only be 50p cheaper than on the MUA site but I didn't even have to pay delivery! bonus :) the colours are also really pretty!
      Iona x


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