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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well hello there,

So how are you all on this dreary, rainy Wednesday? I'm just home from watching Madagascar 3, with my youngest brother Finlay (it was so funny, I'm such a big kid!) and a splurge in Primark... eek! which got me to thinking I still haven't uploaded a collective haul post, this post shows various purchases over the last 3 weeks or so, it's like so much! :/ but surprisingly it didn't cost me the earth! Although after seeing this picture I'm pretty sure I don't need to go shopping for a good few weeks, well except for Christmas shopping ;) which is present buying! There are a few things which I haven't photographed purely as they are gifts (yes I have started Christmas shopping already!) Although I have done a lot of shopping recently, most of the things are a. things I've really wanted or b. things I've been lusting after for a while and of course c. spontaneous purchases :/ those are the worst!

So here's a picture of all my purchases...

Not the best picture... rubbishy iPhone pictures as my camera is broken!
Clothes wise this month I've been a little naughty... a fair bit of Primark shopping (bargains hey!) jammies £8, a super cosy cable knit jumper £14, plaid shirt £9, mittens £2, black snood £4, black studded clutch £6, leopard print slippers £2 and a pack of combs and a mini hairbrush £1 each; only £47 for it all! I also bought a new dress at work for uniform (the Vicky dress) and a cute burgundy bobble hat from Accessorize. And a sweet pair of t-bar pumps from New Look which were only £7.99 as they had £10 off!!

 An embarrasing 9 polishes and 2 nail art type thingys... (the Technic ones were 99p, the Revlon ones are all from Poundland, the Barry M and Rimmel ones were on Boots 3 for 2, and the MUA £2.50 each... not so bad!) only £18 all together!

Three lipsticks... MUA shade 2 and 13 and Mac Rebel.

Miscellaneous purchases, Snow Fairy and Dirty that my Mum treated me to :) a purse spray from H&M surprisingly lovely and only£1.50, a speaker thing for my iPhone from, shoe polish, and the cutest Meerkat christmas decoration from Accessorize.

The Primark (Zara style) studded clutch which I've been on the look out for, for weeks! Saw it today in my local store!

Jewellery purchases... stud and pearl necklace from Primark (I'm going to remove the pearls though...) and a couple of bits and pieces from Accesorize.

Bumblebee necklace £5, 9 cross necklace £5, sideways cross £3
Last but not least some gorgeous necklaces from Delilah Dust
Made locally by Antonia, I bought a few necklaces a few weeks back when she had a twitter offer on! (@DelilahDust) So not only did I get my three lovely necklaces, I also got a free necklace and ear cuff :) The lovely Antonia even delivered my order to my work that evening as she was in town! What a sweetie! Delilah Dust offers free delivery in the UK, which is also amazing! Definely worth a look for Christmas presents or for just treating yourself :)

Spiked ear cuff and silver bead necklace; both FREE! :)
So that's what I've been purchasing this month... I'm on a spending hiatus for the moment, as I don't really need anything; and I'm going to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks! Tres exciting! Anyways I hope you're all enjoying 'Hump Day', I'm going to go make some dinner, finish some college work and then head to the cinema to see Sinister with Nerissa, I'm already terrified! Oh and tomorrow is the Scottish Bloggers Pub Quiz! Now what to wear?! :O

Till next time,


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