A 'lushly' Christmas...

Monday, 8 October 2012

Well hello there,

It's crazy to think that it's getting closer to Christmas, Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, I'm a real gift-giver and love meticulously planning the presents that I'm going to buy, make or prepare for different friends and family. As I said in my last blog post last Friday was really great and to top it all off, I went to the Lush Christmas Launch Party in the evening, Lush Christmas products are amazing, Snow Fairy is one of my all-time favourite products ever! And as would be expected there were some amazing new products too, the packaging on the gift boxes this year is absolutely stunning, and the whole range has something for everyone.

My local Lush store always throws lovely launch parties, with nibbles and cocktails (this occasion being Christmas Gin punch; inspired by the new soap 'Mr Punch Soap') and music to tie in with the occasion, not forgetting how lovely the staff are at Lush Stirling :)  I took a few pictures on the night of the new range and displays so will comment below them what they are and do, and after all the pictures I shall let you all know which products I'm most excited to try!
*Warning... lots of pictures coming up!*

Christmas Soap! This makes me so happy :)
This soap smells lovely; I think the pink bit smells like sweeties and the white part slightly minty, but smells best combined!

ALL time favourite! 

Giftboxes! The packaging is so pretty this year.

White Christmas; includes my favourite ever soap, 'Honey I washed the Kids' aswell as the new 'Popcorn' lip scrub!

A 'Mrs Frosty' to join 'Mr Frosty', cute.

I love the packaging of 'Secret Santa'!

This new ballastic looks amazing!

With 'Rocketeer' discontinued, this has been introduced shall ask my little brother for his verdict on it...

A new relaxing shower gel; lavender, benzoin and tonka all combining to create a dreamy shower gel.

Mmm... excited to try Popcorn lip scrub! Sweet and Salty? YES please :)
Also I had a lovely arm scrub and massage from the lovely Lucy using the new 'Midnight Massage' bar and it's lovely, jasmine scented and soothing; perfect.

Inspired by a festive Mexican punch and laced with tequila among other fruity ingredients... this smells amazing and perfect for mornings :)

Possibly my favourite new product as I LOVE moustaches! 'Bubblebeard' bubble wand, amazeballs! 

So I treated myself a little ;) a small bottle of 'Dirty' perfume which is one of my favourite scents ever! And a massive bottle of Snow Fairy because I love it so much! And I'm so happy it's back :)

So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I was working all weekend and headed out for a wee night out on Saturday night for Cerys' birthday to The Fubar, and it's crazy expensive prices... (£6 for a double vodka and lemonade! :O this is Stirling!) And today I was working then did a little bit of shopping in Primark, I bought lovely new cosy slippers, and I did 600 words towards my seminar paper on my Identity, I'm pretty pleased I got some college work started! Tomorrow I'm going to make a start on my other piece of coursework and I'm in college all day, what has everyone been up to this weekend? Has anyone else tried any of the new Christmas Lush stuff? Also what would you say describes your identity? I'm interested to find out as I'm writing about what shapes our identity in this current digital world :) Anyways night night all, I best be off to bed as I've got a long day of college ahead...

Till next time, 



  1. I was so gutted I couldn't make this, so thank you for filling me in :)
    I cannot wait to get some snow fairy back in my life!
    as for the identity stuff i've been doing similar stuff at uni and there's loads to say about influential bloggers as early adopters and opinion leaders.
    Kirstie x

    1. That would be gutting! Are you able to make it to any Edinburgh events now you're through there for uni?
      I've already bought a massive bottle and been using it every day :)
      And it's so interesting to look into bloggers and their roles within influencing and identity, very good points for me to think about thanks :)
      Iona x


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