Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Well hello there,
I don't know about you, but I love to win! My whole life I have loved winning, it's fair to say I am very competitive, now that I am a bit older I try to reign myself in a bit, but I still love winning. Especially competitions, when I was 14 I won a digital camera from an online competition held by Bliss magazine, I've won a cheesecake from The English Cheesecake company... my prizes are very varied, but there's nothing better than having a sh*tty day and finding you've won something! (Though I am not a comper, I won't just enter a competition for the sake of it, I'll only enter if I like or want the thing which is up for grabs!) A week past on Friday I entered a #freebiefriday competition run by The London Perfume Company (they do pretty good twitter competitions!) @londonperfumeco and guess what?! I WON! Last Friday I recieved my prize, an Elizabeth Arden lipgloss, though I don't use lipgloss a lot... (long hair and sticky lips sadly aren't the best combo) the lipgloss is in such a pretty and unusual colour and I will definitely give it a wee try, so thanks to the lovely London Perfume Company. The day I won my prize I was having such a rubbish day, full of the cold and had been working all day, so to then find out I was the winner was lovely, and cheered me right up!

Lovely backdrop of my grey bunny onesie :P

A bit too much skin, for such a small swatch...
Elizabeth Arden High Shine Lipgloss 'Mandarin Shine' :)

Anyone else secretly love winning? And super competitive? But much as I do love to win, I love being part of a team too, I'm driven more than anything, but winning is always an added bonus ;) Anyways time for NeverMindTheBuzzcocks and hot chocolate, perfect Monday night in...
Till next time,


Life in Pictures... no.5

 Well hello there,
Another Monday over and done with... And time for another 'Life in Pictures' post, last week I had so much college work to do, as well as work; fun fun fun! Today I had my last shift at work as I am now on holidays! Then went out for a lovely lunch with my friend Kelly and attempted to eat the biggest portion of nacho's I have ever seen! Sadly I was defeated... I've also spent today getting organised for heading to Amsterdam on Thursday, exchanging money, getting travel insurance, all the fun stuff.

Top Left- Right (then next row, etc...) 
1. A halloweeny Christmas Tree at City Walls, interesting :P Nightmare before Christmas?
2. Bought a new Airwick Vanilla and Caramel candle today :) smells lovely!
3. Monster munch of Nachos at City Walls, yum!
4-5. Inglot Stirling finally opened! Very exciting, so I built a palette with super pretty eyeshadows.
6.Swallow nail decals.
7. Home from the hairdressers, loving my new ashy blonde.
8. Fiendish Fancy :) whislt watching the Great British Bake Off Masterclass, perfection.
9. Reasons I love Autumn; no.1 pretty leaves.
10. no 2: Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and New Girl :) cheering myself up after a rubbishy day.

So another week been and gone, I was a bit blue last week, but thinking of Amsterdam and remembering to enjoy the little things are cheering me up! What has everyone else been up to this week? Enjoying Autumn? Also has anyone else been to Amsterdam?/ have any good tips of where to go or visit? Best be off, as I need to wash my make up brushes and hang up washing... the joys of chores. Also I was so excited to reach 21 followers today!! Thanks so much to all my followers :) it made my morning when I saw I'd reached 21!
Till next time,


Forever blonde...

Well hello there,
Sunday evening, time to get organised for the upcoming week, a busy one. Next week will no doubt go by in a whirlwind as it's set to be amazing! Monday brings my last shift at work before ten days off, I can hardly believe it, I haven't had that long off work in ages! This week there is also Halloween and my holiday to Amsterdam, which I am so excited for. Anyways being a blonde is pretty hard work, and I'm lucky to be very happy with my hairdresser (Frances Hunter, in Stirling, it's actually Scottish Salon of the year 2012/2013!) Friday was cut and colour time at the hairdressers, I always stay blonde but decided to change things up a little bit this time; with a new toner. My blonde is now much ashier, and I really like it it's a bit different, I haven't got a very good picture of it yet but here's a quick instagram pic I took on Friday evening. Anyways I best be headed to bed as I have so much to do tomorrow, including finishing my October Favourites blog post :)

Apologies for the poor quality inside night-time lighting...
And giant Iphone cover in the way!

Till next time,


Sitting waiting wishing... The Spooky Edition.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Well hello there,
So how is everyone? Feeling in the spooky Halloween mood anyone? I'm desperately in search of a costume for next Wednesday, I want it to be scary not slutty, but not crazy expensive... so on a bit of a hunt for ideas at the moment! I'm heading out in Edinburgh with my lovely friend Kate and her flatmates, then the next day we're heading to Amsterdam! I'm so excited! Anyways in the mean time it's Halloween, I've compiled a little Halloween themed wishlist/ things I think are really cool! Anyways I best be off as I'm headed to the hairdressers this afternoon.

  • Top; Jack Skellington hand painted pumps source, I'm such A Nightmare Before Christmas geek, so love these!
  • OPI 'So Skullicious' (source) nail polish set; these colours are so bright and pretty!
  • ASOS Skeleton jumper (source) I think this would be amazing to wear all year round, forget just for Halloween! 
  • I saw the Punkypins halloween collection on twitter the other day and think this 'I LOVE ZOMBIES' brooch is a must for Zombie fans, tempted to buy it for my Mum who loves 'The Walking Dead'! (source)
  • Lush 'Twilight' shower gel,  (source) I love Twilight bath bombs they smell amazing, so I'm super keen to try out this shower gel, it has such a relaxing scent perfect for cosy nights in. 
  • I have wanted a personalised name necklace for years, (source) I'd love the glittery red one a perfect mix of spooky and sparkly :) these ones are from Heidi Seeker.
Today I recieved a prize I won on twitter last Friday and I also recieved a pair of MissFlicklashes' which I will be reviewing soon, so exciting, so watch this space! :) Anyways time to head to the hairdressers, till next time,


Tuesday's Talons no.2

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Well hello there,
As someone always busy, but a major nail art lover I've been keen to try out nail decals for a while. I'd used vinyl sticker type ones from an eBay seller before which were pretty rubbish and I was keen to try out water decals! 
Last month I ordered 6 sets of nail decals from AtYourFingertipsNailArtDesign an eBay seller, each set had 20 decals and was £2, pretty great price and I also got a random set free (though they were a little odd! hearts with devil horns and wings...) Postage and Packaging was free as I had ordered more than 5 sets, so I was really happy with the price; these will last me for ages!
I decided to give these a wee try on the weekend and they have lasted so well!! I had ordered a set of decals which have skulls with leopard print bows on them; perfect for the lead up to Halloween or any time really! 

Accent Nail; Revlon 185 Lilac Pastelle, Other Nails; Revlon 790                                                                                         No Shrinking Violet (both bought in Poundland!)
The actual polish is a little messy as I hadn't had time to neaten them up and then had work on Sunday morning... (I took this picture whilst waiting to start my shift) but I'm really pleased with how the decals turned out! I only used them on my ring fingers, firstly so they'd make a bigger impact and secondly as it's more economical, certain designs I'd use on all nails but I think these look really nice this way. They were also so easy and quick to use, my top tip thought is to cut out the design really well, as close to the actual image as possible. As you can see you can't even see any edges of the film on my nail, perfect. :) Anyways enough talking about nails and such like... I best be away to bed as it's 12.24 and not strictly Tuesday anymore... ah wells the title isn't changing, night everyone.
Till next time, 


Life in Pictures... No. 4

Well hello there,
So how's it going so far this week everyone? As I mentioned in my last post apologies for being AWOL over the weekend, I was super busy getting ready for my presentation on 'Identity' which was this afternoon. I was a little worried, as I was finding it a little awkward to ensure it was 'educational' enough, luckily my presentation seemed to go really well (and I passed!) although I did have to cut a massive bit out as I would have gone over the 10 minute mark, which was the maximum time we were allowed; I like talking.
Last week was my mid-semester break from college, a week for relaxing and catching up with college work, sadly I was working a lot, and was choked with the cold, so no relaxing for me! Anyways on with the pictures, as they'll help me show you what I've been up to :) The order goes backwards in time... awkward I know.
Starts Top corner LEFT-RIGHT 
1.What I'm up to currently... watching Buzzcocks and blogging :)
2. Getting into the Halloween spirit :) ghosty cupcake and witchy biscuit, spooky!
3. Cupcakes I made for my Mum to take to work for her birthday.
4. What's the worst thing that can happen when you've grown your nails all nice and pretty? This! My nail broke! :O Mourning this broken nail...
5. Out for a wee lunch with my Mum and little brother yesterday, the yummiest bacon, brie and cranberry flatbread with the best hot chocolate, where else? but The Burgh.
6. Look familiar? Monday morning gingerbread latte before shopping for Mum's birthday presents.
7. Rather proud of the Birthday cake I made for my Mum :) shall post a big picture of it soon :) Peanut butter and chocolate cake yum!
8. Sunday night in, Trainspotting, hot chocolate and wrapping presents; perfect.
9. Another day, another coffee.
10. Spooky nails :) skull decals with leopard print bows! 
11. Quick Saturday cupcakes, caramel cupcakes courtesy of Betty Crocker.
12. Enjoying a wee Rekorderlig and watching Strictly whilst they baked.
13. Tunnocks tea cake from The Bloggers Pub Quiz, squished in my bag! :( RIP, Tunnocks tea cake... 
14. Before the devastation was fully revealed.
15. Eek I've bought rather a lot of nail polish this month... only spent £18 on all these though :)
16. Cosmic nails by the lovely Kelly, as featured in last weeks Tuesday's Talons :)

Well there we have it for this week :) I'll hopefully get a post up about the Blogger's Pub Quiz very soon, it was my first bloggers event and it was really nice to meet other Scottish bloggers, enjoy a wee cocktail and a good old fashioned pub quiz (blogger themed of course!) There are already plans underway for a Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party, which is very exciting!! Any other Scottish bloggers who'd be interested let me know, as I can let you know all the details when I find them out :) Mainly though a huge thanks to the amazing Paula aka TheBrantasticLife  who organised the fantastic event I attended last week! It went so well and was such a good night :) Anyways time to quickly move on to my next post :) then sleep time!! As I neglected my wee blog over the past few days I'm making up for lost time!! Aww post heavy tonight...
Till next time, 


Trying my luck... (A BOOT-iful Giveaway! by Hello, Terri Lowe)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Well hello there,
Apologies for my absence over the last few days, its been the last few days of my college mid-semester break and I had a pretty important presentation/paper to prepare for plus work and the BloggersPubQuiz, so busy busy! Sadly my wee blog was a bit neglected in the process :( anyways this is just a wee post as this morning I recieved an email from Kieron at Barratts Shoes letting me know about a competition being held on Hello, Terri Lowe's blog; basically there's the usual rafflecopter part (with the chance to win a £30 Barretts voucher) and then the more exciting online shopping styley part! You have to look on the Barratts website (online shopping my fave!) and choose which pair/pairs of shoes you would buy with a budget of £70, not too shabby. The three best entries as picked by Terri, will then be up with the chance of winning a £70 voucher, who desides? The readers of Terri's blog will then vote and decide who wins, very exciting! So I decided to have a wee go and enter... :)

I considered going for an investment pair of boots, but I have three pairs of Dr Martens (varying styles) and so I don't really need any other pairs of boots at the moment.
  • First up I went for these Sculpted heel Mary-Jane's a pretty good dupe for good JC's :) and with amazing studding up the back, a bargain at £30! These would also go perfectly with my Primark studded clutch I managed to get my paws on last week (in one of my latest posts.)
  • Secondly I chose a pair of slipper style pumps, I've been struggling to find a pair that won't break the bank but won't ruin my feet from being so cheaply made at the same time. These look like they have got it just right, only £22 and look pretty comfy too. Oh and can't forget the gorgeous gold chain detailing.
  • Lastly I went for a fairly practical pair of shoes, as surprisingly both of the pair above had only come to £52! Crazy! I chose a pair of 'fold-up' pumps in leopard print, a style which I have been meaning to buy for a while now as they'd be perfect for slipping into my bag for nights out! Especially if wearing the heels above ;) And at only £10 these are also a great buy, so a total of £62 and three pairs of shoes, amazeballs if you ask me!
So there we have it, my entry for Hello, Terri Loe's BOOT-iful Giveaway, fancy having a go too? Just head on over to Terri's blog post (here!)

Till next time,


September Glossybox Review

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Well hello there,

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you all? I've been meaning to do a review of my September Glossybox for week's now but have been trying to try out all of the products before doing so and sadly this month I wasn't hugely excited about everything in the box...  (I actually received my October box yesterday... so will be putting an overview of that up very soon!) and it took me a while to get around to it.

Beautifully presented as always...

September's box was designed by Maggie Li an illustrator and it was really beautiful, I'm pretty excited about keeping this one on my dressing table as pretty storage :) Sadly though the contents didn't quite live up to the prettiness of the box; the theme of the September box was 'Rising Stars' and I did enjoy a couple of the products. *I realised when adding the pictures I had forgotten to take pictures of the individual items... sorry!*
Terrible picture... oops
  1. Sample of Lady Gaga 'Fame' perfume; this is an exciting product, it's the first ever perfume which is black but sprays 'clear', it has a pleasant smell and I would consider buying the full size product, though I feel that perfume samples are a bit of a 'cop out' especially when they are so small...
  2. Balance Me: Extra Care Eye Cream; I am very loyal to my Lush 'Enchanted' eye cream, though I have enjoyed trying this out, I wouldn't say it has made a massive difference as the black bags I have under my eyes never seem to go away, sadly I fear I may always have them (the joys of being so busy all the time!) But it did have a nice consistency and scent and I'll definitely finish the tube.
  3. Biosilk: Silk Therapy; is a "BioSilk Silk Therapy is a lightweight leave-in treatment that helps moisturize and restructure your hair without heaviness." I use Moroccan oil to keep my hair shiny and strong and was a little apprehensive to try this... It was ok, had I never used Moroccan oil I may have liked it more, but it just wasn't as good, you really have to shake this before applying otherwise some bits will come out really thick and some really thin...
  4. Sachets of Rodial 'Snake Serum' and SOME MASK: as soon as I saw this I was little bit wary I try to use as many natural skincare products as possible; cruelty and as chemical free as possible... For me this product sounded a little unnecessary especially as I'm only 20 and don't really have a need for an anti-wrinkle product yet. I did give it a try and it wasn't horrific, but didn't make a huge difference to be honest; I won't be rushing out to buy either of these products and will most likely not use the other sachets I have left... (I haven't tried out the clay mask yet...) 
  5. BodyShop vitamin E moisturiser; I used to love BodyShop in fact my Mum often held BodyShop at home parties, but since it was bought by L'Oreal (L'Oreal are not cruelty free), I have been hesitant to shop there/purchase and further products which is a shame as I did love some of their products!I haven't opened this as I'll pass it onto someone else instead who would actually get the use out of it... as I am pretty happy with my Lush moisturiser already. 
I like the Balance Me eye cream and love the LadyGaga Fame perfume, though apart from that I was a little dissappointed with my box, all of the products were sample size (I know that some other subscribers got one or more full size products...) The next box is due to arrive early next week which I look forward to seeing how it is; I'm going to keep my subscription till Christmas and then decide if I'll continue on with Glossybox or switch to Joliebox. I've two pretty good boxes and recieved some amazing products, so I guess one duff box out of 3 isn't too bad?! What do you all think of Glossybox? Did anyone else recieve the September glossybox/have different opinions of the products? 

Today I'm headed to work then off to The Bloggers Pub Quiz this evening, in Glasgow! How exciting :) so sadly there'll be no more posts today... I'm also coming down with a stinky cold, so if anyone has any good cold remedies/tips? They would be greatly appreciated! 

Till next time,


Confessions of a shopaholic... step 1 admitting you have a problem!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Well hello there,

So how are you all on this dreary, rainy Wednesday? I'm just home from watching Madagascar 3, with my youngest brother Finlay (it was so funny, I'm such a big kid!) and a splurge in Primark... eek! which got me to thinking I still haven't uploaded a collective haul post, this post shows various purchases over the last 3 weeks or so, it's like so much! :/ but surprisingly it didn't cost me the earth! Although after seeing this picture I'm pretty sure I don't need to go shopping for a good few weeks, well except for Christmas shopping ;) which is present buying! There are a few things which I haven't photographed purely as they are gifts (yes I have started Christmas shopping already!) Although I have done a lot of shopping recently, most of the things are a. things I've really wanted or b. things I've been lusting after for a while and of course c. spontaneous purchases :/ those are the worst!

So here's a picture of all my purchases...

Not the best picture... rubbishy iPhone pictures as my camera is broken!
Clothes wise this month I've been a little naughty... a fair bit of Primark shopping (bargains hey!) jammies £8, a super cosy cable knit jumper £14, plaid shirt £9, mittens £2, black snood £4, black studded clutch £6, leopard print slippers £2 and a pack of combs and a mini hairbrush £1 each; only £47 for it all! I also bought a new dress at work for uniform (the Vicky dress) and a cute burgundy bobble hat from Accessorize. And a sweet pair of t-bar pumps from New Look which were only £7.99 as they had £10 off!!

 An embarrasing 9 polishes and 2 nail art type thingys... (the Technic ones were 99p, the Revlon ones are all from Poundland, the Barry M and Rimmel ones were on Boots 3 for 2, and the MUA £2.50 each... not so bad!) only £18 all together!

Three lipsticks... MUA shade 2 and 13 and Mac Rebel.

Miscellaneous purchases, Snow Fairy and Dirty that my Mum treated me to :) a purse spray from H&M surprisingly lovely and only£1.50, a speaker thing for my iPhone from, shoe polish, and the cutest Meerkat christmas decoration from Accessorize.

The Primark (Zara style) studded clutch which I've been on the look out for, for weeks! Saw it today in my local store!

Jewellery purchases... stud and pearl necklace from Primark (I'm going to remove the pearls though...) and a couple of bits and pieces from Accesorize.

Bumblebee necklace £5, 9 cross necklace £5, sideways cross £3
Last but not least some gorgeous necklaces from Delilah Dust
Made locally by Antonia, I bought a few necklaces a few weeks back when she had a twitter offer on! (@DelilahDust) So not only did I get my three lovely necklaces, I also got a free necklace and ear cuff :) The lovely Antonia even delivered my order to my work that evening as she was in town! What a sweetie! Delilah Dust offers free delivery in the UK, which is also amazing! Definely worth a look for Christmas presents or for just treating yourself :)

Spiked ear cuff and silver bead necklace; both FREE! :)
So that's what I've been purchasing this month... I'm on a spending hiatus for the moment, as I don't really need anything; and I'm going to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks! Tres exciting! Anyways I hope you're all enjoying 'Hump Day', I'm going to go make some dinner, finish some college work and then head to the cinema to see Sinister with Nerissa, I'm already terrified! Oh and tomorrow is the Scottish Bloggers Pub Quiz! Now what to wear?! :O

Till next time,


Tuesday Talons... Cosmic Nail Art

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Well hello there,

So it's Tuesday and one of my two days off this week :) despite it being my day off I was up bright and early to head to Pinky's Nail bar in Stirling, so my friend Kelly (who owns Pinky's) could work some galactic magic on my nails! I used to be addicted to getting my nails done and always had gel or acrylics with crazy nail art, I got my acrylics taken off in July and since then have grown my natural nails and I'm happy to say they are naturally really strong! People often ask me if they're false nails :) as I often have bright and or glittery nail polish or nail art on my natural nails.

So pretty! and actually not as hard as you'd think!
Kelly and I (and Marge, one of the Pinky's nail technicians) spent the morning drinking coffee and transforming my nails into a planetary heaven, we are thrilled with the overall result and will be posting a tutorial very soon (as well as some other exciting projects we have planned!) I am loving this look, as it's so
pretty and sparkly!

I was really keen to share my pretty new nails with you all, but best be off as I have plenty of studying to be getting on with this afternoon... I've already spent a couple of hours procrastinating; tidying/looking at stuff on the internet. Time to actually get my presentation on 'Identity' finished. Hope you're all having a terrific Tuesday :) has anyone else tried out galaxy nails yet? Also would anyone be interested in a post about my past nail art? I've had some crazy nail art in the past... :)

Till next time,


Life in

Monday, 15 October 2012

Well hello there,

So it's Monday night and I'm absolutely 'cream-crackered'! I worked all day Saturday, Sunday and today (Bleurgh early morning Monday!) I've hd a fairly busy last week; Tuesday I was at college, busy studying away... Wednesday was a busy one, lunch with Shaunna, coffee at the Burgh, college and a rather anti-climatic Lush event 'Gorilla Perfumes tour'... Thursday was the usual exhausting! early start full day of college, then the late-night shopping shift... Friday was blissful :) a day off, I took Finlay to school, had a lovely coffee at the Burgh, then lunch and a good catch up/brainstorm with Kelly, coffee and more crazy brainstorming with Ami (watch this space!), then home for pizza and a cosy night in... Saturday I worked all day then came home and blogged (productive!)... Sunday saw another full day of work, then I headed with the family to see my Granny and Grandpa for a lovely Sunday dinner! :) And lastly today... getting up this morning in time for my 8.45am start at work was a struggle. I had planned to do some reading of my coursework but various tv shows distracted me... Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats, and ashamedley (I'll admit it) Eastenders, I'm talking to you! So here I am 11.15 and haven't done any studying tonight... argh! Tomorrow is one of my two days off this week! So I'll be spending it studying, yay, and working on an exciting blog post!

So here's my past week in pictorial form, for those who like something to look at ;)

TOP LEFT TO RIGHT1. Cheeky splurge in Accessorize yesterday... naughty.
2. Yesterdays OOTD 
3. Lunch at The Burgh perfect for a freezing Monday; gingerbread chai and a chicken and chorizo panini yum!
4. Helen at TheLoveCatsInc reached 1000 followers and is having a massive giveaway! Amaze :)
5. The lovely Nerissa bought me a cupcake and card on Saturday :)
6. Couldn't resist 3 for 2 at Boots!
7. Friday feeling! Coffee and magazine time at the Burgh (guessed what my favourite coffee shop is yet?)
8. Having a good hair day! Shocker...
9. Unsure why this stuff is even legal? Princes 'baked beans' and 'fish and chips' sandwich spreads... boke!
10. Fluff and hot chocolate :) found some Fluff in Sainsbury's for a bargainous £1.99!
11. The prettiest and loveliest lemonade ever, Rose lemonade, my fave.
12. Coffee-ing whilst I wrote my blog sitting in the Burgh.

Well there we have it another week gone by in a flash, before we know it, it'll be Christmas, on which note has anyone else starting planning/buying Christmas presents? Just me that's that sad? Working in retail I've found it's too stressful to leave it late, anyways my bed is calling as I'm shattered, I hope you've all had a lovely week/ Monday? Till next time,


Confessions of a shopaholic; unable to resist Boots 3for2!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Well hello there,

I've actually just blogged 10 minutes ago, but thought I'd upload a quick post of a little Friday splurge, I nipped into Boots after dropping my little brother at school and treating my self to a gingerbread latte (bliss!) at the Burgh. Boots is currently running 3for2 and undoubtedly is attracting Beauty bloggers in their droves buying up bargains! Myself being no exception, I had headed in planning to buy the two sets of Real Techniques brushes (but one of them was sold out!) Hopefully my local store will get some more in before 3for2 ends!
I restrained myself and bought three nail polishes; two Barry M (actually my first Barry M polishes) and one Rimmel polish.

Rimmel Metal Rush 'Pearly Queen', Barry M Gelly Hi Shine 'Watermelon' and  Barry M 'Gold Mine Glitter'
Swatches are back to front...

I love the finish of the Barry M Hi Shine, and plan to buy a few others as well the amazing Rimmel Metal Rush which is duochrome and gorgeous layered over the teal polish. Lastly I bought 'Gold Mine Glitter' which is a lovely glitter polish, with a black background and two tones of glitter gold and a gunmetal grey; beautiful... I will review these all soon, and if you follow me on Instagram (@ionabb) you'll have already seen this picture, if not you should definitely head on over and follow! (cheeky!) I'm planning to do a collective haul post as I have done a bit of shopping recently, Autumnal stuff and such like, and will need to start my Christmas shopping soon too! Which is always fun but stressful, I am such an organised/planned out Christmas shopper, so bring it on!

Anyways I best be heading off to bed as I'm working all day tomorrow then headed to my 'Grandparentals' house for dinner, very excited to see them as they are finally home from their holidays! Hopefully I'll get a wee blog post up tomorrow night, if not shall see you all on Monday :) Till next time,


Constellations... MUA Nail Constellations Review

Well hello there,
Evening all how is everyone? I had hoped to post this last night but sadly the internet in my area was down… (until an hour ago!) it truly is like living in the dark ages and even today at work the server was down and we had to manually authorise card payments, apparently it was the same in many other shops in Stirling... which was pretty rubbish. (The horror, just kidding!) 

Instagram picture :) the thumb nail is actually the same as the top, funny how lighting can make such a difference!
I had first seen the MUAConstellations nail art range on the MUA website (there were only 2 colours left Scorpio and one other) when I was having a look at the various  £4 palletes and was intrigued by the concept, and at only £3 thought I’d keep an eye out next time I was in Superdrug. Lucky for me whilst browsing in my local Superdrug in search of the MUA Undressed pallete, I found the Constellations range (rejoice!) and at a bargain price, even cheaper than the website! Only £2.50 each I treated myself to ‘Leo’ and ‘Gemini’, how exciting!
Slightly blurry but all set for a night out with a 'constellation' accent nail!
The MUA constellations range is a bit like a ‘caviar’ manicure or the Ciate Caviar Manicure kits (which are £18 and come in three different shades) the finished look is textured and 3 dimensional  not usually my kind of thing but worth a try. And the different shades are named after starsigns; Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Libra and Pisces.  I was heading out that night so decided to make my ring fingers accent nails in the ‘Gemini’ shade, a lovely mixture of pinks with bright pops of teal, really pretty.

My favourite is definitely 'Leo' the one at the top! So pretty.
Far left is 'Gemini' over a clear polish, then over a Miss Sporty teal polish, then 'Leo' over the top of a gorgeous polish  from Ultawear (one I bought when in Australia)
Application: application is fairly easy though can be a little messy, I recommend using a tray (I use the lid from an old glossy box) to catch any extra little beads. Firstly apply nail polish in your desired colour then while still wet shake on the little bead allow to set a few seconds then gently press in place and allow to dry completely, then put any spare beads back in the bottle using the nozzle as a funnel (upside down). Easy J
Verdict: The overall look I was pretty impressed with though sadly my nails didn't last that well, I’d say this kind of look would be great for a night out but wouldn't last day-to-day for me! By the end of my night out, parts of my accent nails were looking a little sparse in places… Though for £2.50 as opposed to £18 for the Ciate set I’d say the product is still a great buy and amazing look for a night out or event.

So what do you all think/make of the MUA constellations range? Have you seen them in shops yet? Or tried any of the other shades? I best be off to work now, as I have a busy day ahead… Happy Saturday all, till next time,


Sitting Waiting Wishing... October 2.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Well hello there,
A quick post tonight before bed, a few things I've been lusting after/trying to tell myself I 'need'! There are a few Primark things... but not Primark website :( sacre bleu! So anyways hope you all had a lovely Tuesday, I'm looking forward to my favourite weekday :) 'humpday' tomorrow! Coffee with my friend Shaunna in the morning, perhaps a little Boots search for something on my list, then college to get on with coursework and PR class, home time and then excitedly heading to the Lush 'Gorilla Perfume' Bus event at Junk Rooms in the evening, what a busy Wednesday but I'm looking forward to it :)

  1. Cute Dog Scarf- Topshop £20 so cute!! I love love love this scarf it's really sweet and in pretty subtle colours.
  2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW20 - £20.50; I got colour matched to this shade and was given a tested when I was in Edinburgh a few weeks back and I love love love it! I only started trying it a few days ago, but the coverage is great, it feels light on my skin and hasn't caused me to break out; perfect!
  3. Real Techniques Starter Set £21: this is out of stock in my local Boots :( and is currently on the 3for2! I am hoping to use my Boots points as well as a few vouchers I have to get extra points to buy both sets and something else similarly priced... Have heard lots of positivity about both sets, so really keen to invest!
  4. Real Techniques Core Collection £21: I'm most excited about this set due to the stippling brush having  had such amazing reviews, very excited to try these out too!
  5. Circle Ditsy Make-up Case- Cath Kidston £10; anyone detecting a theme this week? My old make-up bag is satiny and looking a little grubby, I really want a Cath Kidston one as they are wipe clean and this one is really pretty and girly! Perfect for my upcoming holidays in Amsterdam :) 
  6. Burgundy Vans £45- Schuh; I've been wanting a pair of Vans for a while now, I used to be a die-hard converse girl but I'm thinking of turning to the dark side and buying Vans in my favourite colour :) a little pricey though... What do you lot think? 
Anyways it's getting late and I best be heading off to bed... what do you all think of my current wishlist? Has anyone tried/have any of these products? What do you think of them? Advice greatly received before I splurge!! Night all, Till next time, 


Life in Pictures... no.2

Monday, 8 October 2012

Well hello there,
So another week has been and gone... not many pictures on the ol' Instagram in the past week... It's been a busy one and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the thought of having a week off college as of Thursday at 4pm! :) It'll give me some much needed time to get on with coursework and of course blogging time :) Friday will be my first day off in a few weeks so it'll be devoted to watching movies I feel a movie day in my jammies is long overdue! 

1. New jammies and slippers :) these jammies are so cute they have a cute grey t-shirt with raccoon wearing a scarf on it, amazeballs! and super cosy leopard print slippers :) both from good old Primark!
2. All the Christmassy soap at Lush, just looking at this picture makes me smile and think festive.
3. Treated myself to two of the new 'MUA Constellations' nail art thingy's (a bit like caviar nails...) pretty though and only £2.50 in my local Superdrug! I bought 'Leo' and 'Gemini'
4. This morning's caffeine fix and planning out my week, as well as an exciting business call, putting the plans into place so I can start writing for 'The Edinburgh Reporter' tres exciting! :)
5. Friday Lush treats :) Snow Fairy and a little bottle of Dirty perfume.
6. Enjoying a latte in a cute cafe in Edinburgh before my Journalism conference.
7. Emerald City inspired nails :) 
8. Magazine splurge... So I bought 3 copies of InStyle so I could get one of each of the Benefit samples and Marie Claire for the gorgeous L'Occataine mango hand cream! The woman in WHSmith was very confused..
9. My favourite nail art I've ever done (and on myself!) cute wittle pandas! So simple and sweet, shames they didn't last that long...

So that was this past week in pictures, I had a pretty good week actually, how's about all of you? Who else went a little magazine crazy? No... just me? Well this time I'm definitely going to bed, night all! 
Till next time (tomorrow I hope!),


A 'lushly' Christmas...

Well hello there,

It's crazy to think that it's getting closer to Christmas, Christmas is one of my favourite times of year, I'm a real gift-giver and love meticulously planning the presents that I'm going to buy, make or prepare for different friends and family. As I said in my last blog post last Friday was really great and to top it all off, I went to the Lush Christmas Launch Party in the evening, Lush Christmas products are amazing, Snow Fairy is one of my all-time favourite products ever! And as would be expected there were some amazing new products too, the packaging on the gift boxes this year is absolutely stunning, and the whole range has something for everyone.

My local Lush store always throws lovely launch parties, with nibbles and cocktails (this occasion being Christmas Gin punch; inspired by the new soap 'Mr Punch Soap') and music to tie in with the occasion, not forgetting how lovely the staff are at Lush Stirling :)  I took a few pictures on the night of the new range and displays so will comment below them what they are and do, and after all the pictures I shall let you all know which products I'm most excited to try!
*Warning... lots of pictures coming up!*

Christmas Soap! This makes me so happy :)
This soap smells lovely; I think the pink bit smells like sweeties and the white part slightly minty, but smells best combined!

ALL time favourite! 

Giftboxes! The packaging is so pretty this year.

White Christmas; includes my favourite ever soap, 'Honey I washed the Kids' aswell as the new 'Popcorn' lip scrub!

A 'Mrs Frosty' to join 'Mr Frosty', cute.

I love the packaging of 'Secret Santa'!

This new ballastic looks amazing!

With 'Rocketeer' discontinued, this has been introduced shall ask my little brother for his verdict on it...

A new relaxing shower gel; lavender, benzoin and tonka all combining to create a dreamy shower gel.

Mmm... excited to try Popcorn lip scrub! Sweet and Salty? YES please :)
Also I had a lovely arm scrub and massage from the lovely Lucy using the new 'Midnight Massage' bar and it's lovely, jasmine scented and soothing; perfect.

Inspired by a festive Mexican punch and laced with tequila among other fruity ingredients... this smells amazing and perfect for mornings :)

Possibly my favourite new product as I LOVE moustaches! 'Bubblebeard' bubble wand, amazeballs! 

So I treated myself a little ;) a small bottle of 'Dirty' perfume which is one of my favourite scents ever! And a massive bottle of Snow Fairy because I love it so much! And I'm so happy it's back :)

So I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, I was working all weekend and headed out for a wee night out on Saturday night for Cerys' birthday to The Fubar, and it's crazy expensive prices... (£6 for a double vodka and lemonade! :O this is Stirling!) And today I was working then did a little bit of shopping in Primark, I bought lovely new cosy slippers, and I did 600 words towards my seminar paper on my Identity, I'm pretty pleased I got some college work started! Tomorrow I'm going to make a start on my other piece of coursework and I'm in college all day, what has everyone been up to this weekend? Has anyone else tried any of the new Christmas Lush stuff? Also what would you say describes your identity? I'm interested to find out as I'm writing about what shapes our identity in this current digital world :) Anyways night night all, I best be off to bed as I've got a long day of college ahead...

Till next time, 


Got that Friday Feeling... 10 things which made me smile.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Well hello there,
Today was one of the best days I have had in ages,I've been trying more and more to make the little things count and it's been quite lovely. I got up super early and headed through to Edinburgh as I'd been invited through for the Media Day held by NUS Scotland and Amnesty International, it was so interesting and I have learnt so much, it gave me such great insight into the industry I'm so keen to work in. I then headed home to attend the Lush Stirling Christmas product launch party (knowing Christmassy products are out makes me so happy!) and then home for a Chinese. To many people today would seem like a rather 'blah' day but I've such a good one and am heading to bed happy and sleepy, here's 10 things which made it so great;

Though a little messy, looking at my sparkly nails makes me smile!
  1. Munching a packet of cheerios and drinking a massive latte on the train to Edinburgh listening to Mumford and Sons' new album. 
  2. Pretty green sparkly nails, which remind me of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz! 
  3. How pretty Leith Walk is in the Autumn.
  4. Meeting some lovely like-minded people today at the NUS Scotland and Amnesty International Media Day.
  5. Learning so much about the industry I would love to work in; I'd love more than anything to be a journalist. 
  6. Chatting to Phyllis Stephen founder and editor of The Edinburgh Reporter (I'm going to be writing for her soon!! watch this space...)
  7. Trying the new Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha; heavenly. 
  8. Picking up my FREE mini 'BadGal' mascara by showing a page from this month's InStyle at the Benefit counter in my local Debenhams :)
  9. Attending a lovely launch party for the Lush Christmas range, it made me feel lovely and festive and they have some amazing new products which I will be writing about very soon!! 
  10. The 'parentals' treating us all to a Chinese for dinner; mmm crispy chilli beef.
  11. Writing a wee blog post on all the little things which have made today so lovely.
Hope you all had as great a Friday as I have, shall hopefully blog again tomorrow :)

Till next time, 


Sitting Waiting Wishing... October.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Well hello there,

October's wish list... Thing's I'd love but probably don't need;

  1. Still lusting over the 'How to Look the Best at Everything' (£24.50) kit from Benefit, which has actually been released now, I just feel I need to try another foundation before I completely settle forever with 'Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW' last week the lady at Mac gave me a sample so I'm going to use that up and then decide, whether to take the plunge with that or not... In regards to the kit it's something which will definitely be on my Christmas list but I'm not sure if I could justify it as a self-purchase?! Hmmm....
  2. The Sleek i Divine 'supreme' palette (£7.99) from the PPQ shangri-la collection is stunning, I do like the brighter 'respect' palette too, but 'supreme' looks really wearable and stunning. The colours are amazing and I hope will go well with my skin tone, definitely considering picking this up in Superdrug soon! I don't have anything from sleek yet but have heard the pigmentation and quality is really good, so shall hopefully be investing in some soon.
  3. I will definitely be investing in these ASAP the Tomasina Cat Ballerina, we sadly don't have them in the Accessorize store that I work in :( I think these cat face pumps are so cute, clearly heavily inspired by the Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty Flats' but at £26 as opposed to £465  they are much more within my price range! 
  4. I am a stationary fiend, in fact there is no doubting it is one of my addictions :/ this Zebra notebook from the J.W Anderson collection at Topshop is ridiculously cool, perfect for journo' scribblings. :) £7.99 isn't too bad for a pretty notebook either!
  5. This plain grey sleeveless dress from is the perfect length and style for layering up in Autumn, I've seen Primark had something similar if I see that I'll pick it up, if not at only £12.99 this is still a real bargain :)
  6. Collar tips are one of my favourite accessories at the moment as I'm loving wearing shirts and blouses so much! These ones from ASOS combine two of my favourite things swallows and collar tips; perfect. Swallow collar tips (£10)
  7. Breast Cancer Awareness is such a worthwhile cause I will definitely be 'painting my pinky pink' as Nails Inc are encouraging, their pink glitter polish which they have released for the cause is so pretty and such a great cause means £11 doesn't seem so steep!
Last month I was very restrained with my shopping habit, I often joke that shopping is my 'hobby' though more and more I am seeing the reality in this joke. Eeek, sadly my bank balance is not such a fan of my favourite hobby, gutting really. But I've been making a sustained and consistent effort to both shop less and spend less, I've been fairly successful with this but it won't stop me dreaming about buying lots and lots of STUFF! Here's a wee list of things I'm currently lusting after, a few of them I've been loving for a while now which I take as a sign I really must love something, anyways enough about shopping much as it's fun.

    This week has been another busy one and I can't believe that next week is my last week before my college holidays! Tomorrow is my only day off all week and I'm spending it at journalism conference hosted by NUS Scotland and Amnesty International (dedicated student much...?) so I'll be heading through to Edinburgh for that :) it's such a great oppurtunity to learn more about the industry I'd love to work in more than anything! I'll be scooting straight back to Stirling after it finishes to meet my friend Nerissa and go to the Lush Christmas product launch! :) Which I'm so excited about! (SNOW FAIRY time of year!) we'll then head out for a few drinks, so sadly blogging is off the agenda tomorrow as it looks to be a super busy one, see you all on Saturday :)
    Till next time,


    Life in Pictures... no.1

    Monday, 1 October 2012

    Well hello there,
    A wee instagram post for you all tonight, showing what I've been up to over the last week (actually 2 weeksish...) I am currently looking forward to a wee holiday in Amsterdam exactly one month today! I haven't left Britain since I returned from Melbourne in August 2011, and I am so excited about it, going to the flea markets the museums, all so exciting. So for those wondering what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks here's a few wee pictures from my instagram which might give you a wee insight into it :)

    Loads of Pictures this time as I forgot to do a weekly post last week oops! And lots of food pics :P

    L-R 1. A random wee sign in a cafe window across from the Greyfriars Bobby statue in Edinburgh saw it on my night out and it made me smile.
    2. White chocolate cupcake from Bibi's in Edinburgh (YUM!)
    3. OOTD Sunday, working with my new Mac 'Rebel' lippie.
    4. Zara inspired Primark clutch :) all set for a wee night out in Edinburgh.
    5. New ring I bought in Accessorize in Edinburgh, a pretty Autumnal one.
    6 & 7. Both pictures of the yummiest Starbucks latte; Pumpkin Chai Latte :)
    8. Using big bumblebee studs as collar tips on my denim shirt.
    9. Balloon animal fun at the college freshers fayre.
    10. Purple DMs day.
    11. Ooops bought a load of snacks at Sainsbury's! 
    12. Moustache nail decals :S)
    13. I made dinner; roast venison, loads of veggies and red onion gravy :) yum!
    14. Hot chocolate and marshmallows :) cosy Autumn afternoon
    15. Figs! I haven't had fresh figs in years, and they were on special at M&S :)
    16. Lunch crackers with smushed up avocado, lemon and pepper, healthy and tasty (so many food snaps...)

    17. Drinks with the work girlies :) one bottle of rose miraculously turned into 5!
    18. Out for dinner at Cibo e Vino the meringues there are to die for!
    19. Sea bass for my main course, was so delicious!
    20. Mini haul from Boots, Primark and Ebay.
    21. The best Hot Chocolate ever! From The Burgh Coffeehouse :) Friday treat...
    22. Out to the cinema with Nerissa, Ben&Jerry's my favourite!
    23. Dinner with Nerissa at Italia Nostra a new and amazing restaurant find in Stirling.
    24. Current fave gingerbread chai latte at the Burgh.
    25. Crazy Friday night in... wee glass of wine and crackers :P
    26. Volunteering at Bloody Scotland (post to come soon!) I met Ian Rankin! :) 
    27. Heading home after a wee night out in Falkirk and last day of Physio!
    28. Heading out in Falkirk for a wee night out seeing Rudimental, and it was torrentially raining.

    Incase you're wondering the order of the photos starts most recently and goes back in time, sounds awfully cheesy. I hope you enjoyed having a wee looky at my pictures and what I've been up to the last few days. Tomorrrow I'll be doing a review of September's Glossybox, what have you all been up to last week? Does anyone else regularly do posts like this? 

    Till next time,


    P.S Who else is going to the Bloggers Pub Quiz in Glasgow on the 18th of October?! :)

    Wake me up when September ends...September Loving.

    Well hello there,
    It's crazy to think that it's already October!! September 1st is my birthday and once September ends I realise how fast the year is passing, and this one has been no different, I have now been back from Australia for well over a year, which is crazy. So as September has drawn to a close and my favourite season is upon us I though a post about what I've been loving in September was in order, this will include a bit of everything, make up, clothes, food, music, the works. So here goes:

    Make Up:

    The Sure deodorant is missing as I left it at Kate's flat in Edinburgh :( this is tragic!!

    1. Benefit 'They're Real' mascara: I first tried this back in June when I got my makeup done at the Benefit counter but didn't take the plunge and buy it, I regretted this for so long! When I was in London I bought the special anniversary version with the free mini 'They're Real' at the Covent Garden store (the day that Robbie Williams was filming his music video outside the store! How exciting), and I love this so much. I use this mascara everyday, and so many comment on how it makes me lashes look, best mascara ever! 
    2. Sure 24 Hour Protect Deodorant (in 'Confidence): after hearing all the hype in the blogging world about this product I never expected it to be so good, but honestly it is amazing! Definitely the best deodorant I've ever tried, and it smells amazing (I have the pink packaging one) a bit pricey but definitely worth it if like me, you hate the thought of being sweaty... awkward much?! 
    3. Bourjois 'Dissolvant Miraculeux 1 Seconde': another item which was all over the bety blogs this summer which I decided to buy a few weeks ago in Boots, I had read that Sammi from Beauty Crush wasn't a big fan, so I was dubious, but I'm lazy and this is great. It was quick, smelt so much nicer than my usual nail polish remover and didn't leave my hands feeling horrid, another fantastic find.
    4. Mac 'Please Me' lipstick:  I bought this when I was in Selfridges in London, I'd wanted to treat myself to my first Mac lipstick and I was not disappointed  the perfect pinky colour, and such a lovely finish too. Definitely a go-to lipstick for me, my collection is already growing as I bought a new Mac lipstick on Friday (I suspect it could feature in my October favourites...)
    5. Eve's Balm: the only product to feature in my list which I received in my Glossybox, Eve's Balm "Easily absorbed recovery balm to nourish and protect dry and chapped skin" Eve's Balm has a really subtle kind of herbal smell and I always carry it in my handbag I use it for my lips which can get really dry and my hands especially when working. It's a charity product which raises funds for gynecology cancer research, the packaging on the product is really sweet and I love that it's like a little compact with a mirror! Although as it is white it does get a little grubby in makeup bag... 
     Mummy and Baby 'They're Real'

    The perfect pink, definitely a 'my lips but better'shade!

    1. Of course I've been loving a bit of Gangnam Style, my friend Chris loves K Pop and I'd never really seen the appeal... till now! My whole family loves it too it's so catchy and cheesy, what a tune!
    2. A song I can't stop listening to is Ellie Goulding 'I Know you Care' which is in the film 'Now is Good' the song is so beautiful and makes me so sad, but I can't stop hitting repeat. I have loved Ellie Goulding since I first heard 'Under the Sheets' when I was about 17 and am so excited for her new album which comes out this month! 
    3. Lastly I've been loving Ben Howard's album 'Every Kingdom' he has such a beautiful voice and I listen to it nearly every day, love love love!
    TV and Movies: 
    1.  I am halfway through series 1 of Friday Night Lights, which I received as one of my LoveFilm DVDs I am really enjoying it, I'll be able to give a better view upon it once I have finished watching the whole season but so far it's really great.
    2. I saw Anna Karenina last week and it is one of my favourite films of this year, the way they chosen to film is it incredibly clever and stunning. I loved the cameos from Vicky McClure (Lol in This is England) and also Cara Delevingne making her acting debut, as well of course as the star studded cast. Including Aaron Johnson as Count Vromsky who I actually saw in London whilst at the cinema watching the latest Bourne film (regular celeb spotter me) ;)
    Clothing and Accessories:

    1.  Since I got them I have worn my Dr Marten Taditas nearly everyday! They are so versatile, I'm allowed to wear them to work and like all DM's once broken in extremlely comfortable and I got them half price! 
    2. I have worn my cream Monsoon blouse umpteen times this month, it's such a great basic piece and is so pretty, definitely worth investing in.
    3. I love love love my burgundy ASOS henna skull jumper which I bought as a birthday present to myself, and it's gorgeous, I have been wearing shirts with jumpers layered on top so much this past month and this jumper works perfectly with many of my shirts and is a great Autumn jumper as it's quite a fine knit.
    Dr Martens Tadita Boot
    I love these boots so much! And only £61 at the moment, best investment!

    What have you all been loving in September? And most importantly who is excited for Autumn? It's such a pretty time of year, golden crunchy leaves, boots and cosy jumpers, hot chocolate and jammy days, perfection if you ask me. And of course the countdown to Christmas!! Hope you are all having a lovely Monday, I had a day off, I thought I was working but went in and I wasn't working my usual Monday shift, not complaining though I've had a relaxed day cleaning, watching telly and blogging. 
    Till next time,