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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Well hello there,

As my blog is still wittle baby I'm still playing about with different types of posts and such like, tomorrow I'll be uploading my September favourites but I thought that today being Sunday I'd round off the week with a list of 9 things which have made me smile. 
  1. Getting three tickets to see Mumford and Sons in Dundee in November (I got mine on Wednesday in the presale) words can't describe how excited I am!
  2. Friday saw my first proper day off in weeks, I didn't have college or work, this made me very happy.
  3. A yummy cupcake from Bibi's Bakery.
  4. Balloon animals and general silliness at college last Wednesday. I turned up to college for my tutorial and it wasn't on many people would have been annoyed not Gilly, Louise, Stephen and I, it was our Freshers Fayre (which was overall a bit sh*tty) but there was a balloon modeler (on stilts!) Popcorn and loads of free pens, this made me happy.
  5. Knowing that my Granny and Grandpa are coming home from their holidays this week and I'll get to see them!
  6. Trying the new Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, it was so yummy and Autumnal,
  7. The lovely lady at the Mac counter in Harvey Nic's she gave me a sample of some new foundation (shall keep you posted on this!) and I bought my new favourite lipstick 'Rebel' it's so pretty and plummy.
  8. Sonya at my local LUSH giving me a free tub of 'Cosmetic Warrior' face mask when I'd nipped in after work in desperate need of a face mask (I was having a major breakout!) they would have had to chuck it out as it was past its sell by date, but still good to use :)
  9. And lastly, recently I have made a conscious decision to try and meet more/different people and make some new friends, and it's so daunting. This blog is definitely helping and I'm so excited that I managed to get the night off and will be attending The Bloggers Pub Quiz a meet up for Scottish bloggers :) I also went to the cinema and a coffee with a new friend Stefani who I met volunteering at Bloody Scotland, we went to see Anna Karenina which was absolutely beautiful. 
Yum- Spiced Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks makes me sad we don't have one in Stirling :(

Curiously all of our balloon animals looked rather suspicious...
Mac 'Rebel' lippie :) and my stitch phone case, which always makes me smile.
White chocolate cupcake from Bibi's :)

And lastly a funny wee picture I took on my way home on a night out in Edinburgh on Friday night, this definitely made me smile (perhaps being a tad tipsy helped...) :P 

I hope everyone had a lovely week and shall be seeing you all soon, with my September favourites tomorrow!! What has made you smile this week? Please feel free to comment below and let me know, and as always please pretty please follow my blog!! I've been trying to make sure I remember the importance of the little things that make me happy. 
Till next time,


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