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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Well hello there, 
How are you all? I had fully intended to finish this post and put it up last night but I got home after being at the launch of the new Lush haircare range and was shattered, so instead had a girly night with my mum :) anyways though not beauty or fashion related karma is something important to me... So here goes:

I am firm believer in the power of karma, do good onto others and at some point it'll balance out and someone will do good onto you. Little things like treating a friend who's having a bad day to coffee and a slice of cake, or sending someone a card just because, giving someone the extra change to make up their bus fare are things which I think are really important. There have been times where I've been the one needing the extra 40p to pay my train fare and someone kind has offered it to me, on that occasion I had pretty much the exact money needed for my train fare to college and 60p extra, I was using the ticket machine and for some reason it wouldn't accept the last pound coin.
A staff member at the station noticed and rudely barked at me that the reason it wouldn't accept my coin was because it was fake... I had no idea it was a fake coin/up until that moment I didn't even know you got fake coins, I was left with no other money and no way of getting to college that day (oh crap!) the lady stood behind me in the queue stepped forward and put a pound into the machine to pay the remaining 40pence of my fare, and I was so grateful, the 60pence change I kept and then put into a charity collection box I saw later that day. If it hadn't been for that lady being kind I would have missed my train and class at college, little things like this remind me every day how important it is to look out for others, complete strangers who you'll probably never meet again...
Right now I'm not sure about how I feel about religion, but I believe that it's my 'duty' to do the little things, I'm not talking about giving all my wages to others and living on the streets myself, that's silly, but taking time to speak to someone who starts chatting to me and clearly really wants someone to talk to. Helping a lady off the train with a big buggy, thanking people properly when they do something nice for me, it's all important.
The last week I've not felt that I've been overly happy (in fact I've been having a bit of a shitty week)... but yesterday someone did something really nice for me, my boss gave me a brand new pair of purple Dr Martens, her mother-in-law had given them to her daughter after they had been donated at the charity shop were she works, completely unworn! I can't believe how lucky I am, my boss could have sold them on eBay and made her self some money, but she knew that I love DM's and that they would be well used so asked me if I would like them.

How lucky am I?! So so so grateful for these! :) love them, thanks Susan.

This morning I was lying in bed having my only lie in of the week, when my assistant manager called asking if I could start work early as my boss was unwell and needed to go home; without hesitation I got out of bed got ready and headed to work, I might not have got to spend as long lazing about, but any time I'm asked to start early I say yes, (today was especially important to do so!) hoping that if ever I was ill/couldn't make it to work someone would do the same for me.
So I went to work today with a box of chocolates and a card each for my boss and her mother-in-law,  I hope the chocolates cheered her up a little and that she is feeling better soon, so many of my friends don't get on with their boss or management but I consider myself very lucky in that respect...

So some non-beauty/fashion related food or thought for everyone a bit cheesy but important, I'm not saying let's all go out and give all our money away, but if you have spare change and someone is struggling for their bus fare, or a friend needs someone to listen, a friend needs a lift somewhere you're heading just do it... smile at strangers, when a random old lady starts talking to you have a conversation with her, it doesn't take much but, the way I see it "karma's a bitch" so do good onto others and you'll get good karma in return :)

Till next time,


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