The curious case of the misplaced parcel... (WIMH)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Well hello there, 
A few weeks ago after returning home from college I discovered I had received one of the cards from the postman saying I needed to collect a parcel from the depot which had been too big to fit through my letterbox, I was instantly puzzled as to what this parcel was... Glossyboxes arrive through Hermes and I hadn't done any online shopping recently, so where was it from? I called the depot to find out when they closed, not till 6.30 it was to 5.55 so my Dad drove me over there and I excitedly waited for my parcel at the desk, I waited for what seemed like an age, until a queue had developed behind me, and still the lady had not returned with my parcel. I was feeling anxious and uncomfortable, after the longest 7 minute wait I've ever experienced the lady returned to the desk;empty handed. She then went on to explain that me postie had put my parcel somewhere and they couldn't find it, she took my phone number and said they'd give me a ring when I could collect it... I was still left puzzled number where was my parcel? number what was my parcel?

The next day after they had called my Dad collected my parcel after a long day at college then work, I returned home to finally find out what it was; my first parcel from 'What's in my Handbag'. WIMH is a new concept the motto being 'Try the beauty products everyone else loves" each week you can request to try the weekly product; a product which has been shown on the website in a picture of 'what's in someones handbag' I've probably made it sound more complicated than necessary but it's really exciting! I had signed up a few weeks back after seeing Kirstie from Coffee and Cakes had received something from the site so hopped on board the amazing idea ;)

For me?! ;)

The product I received was the Oskia 'Renaissance Mask' the box in which it was packaged was pretty massive for the actual product size, but I loved the personalised label on the tissue paper. My sample was a generous 15ml glass jar held in a little cotton bag with the Oskia logo on.

Great attention to detail, this is so sweet, the little attached leaflet also had some really interesting information inside.

Oskia's attention to detail in packaging was really good, the packaging was simple and classy. Though I had never heard of Oskia before so I did a little research;

"OSKIA's trademark nutritional approach additionally boosts skin health and cellular efficiency by delivering nutrients including vitamins and minerals such as the key ingredient MSM to leave skin healthier, smoother, working harder and better equipped to maintain a radiant and youthful appearance." 

As I've previously mentioned my skin can be really tricky and reacts badly to many products, I was only able to test the collagen mask I received in my 'glossybox' a few months back as my skin started burning and going red almost immediately after application and promptly had to scrub it off. After my bad reaction to that mask I was nervous about trying the Oskia mask, though was pleasantly surprised; it felt lovely and buttery on my skin and didn't break me out, or make me have an allergic reaction.

Perfect sample size to get a good idea of what the product is actually like.
The Oskia logo :) simple and pretty.

It has a lovely subtle smell, slightly fruity, which was another major plus for me. All in all I really enjoyed using the renaissance mask, I usually use Lush face masks, but this was a nice change and was a lovely luxurious treat :) it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, perfect. Much as I'd love to repurchase this product, it is rather expensive £48.50 for 50ml (my 15ml sample was worth £14.55!!) though I will cherish and use up my sample till the very end! Thanks WIMH I love your website and service you are providing! :)

Swatching the renaissance mask.

Sorry for a week of blogging absence, I am currently writing a number of posts and have had a super busy past week though I'll fill you in on all that in another post very soon. Hope you're all having a lovely day/evening, till next time,


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