In the midst of a quarter life crisis...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well hello there,

Apologies as this weekend I've been AWOL, on Friday I was super busy, doing some shopping, going to my physiotherapy class and the hairdressers (getting my blonde on);

 Pearly pink and purple nails I did for my birthday :)

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up with the most horrific cold, bleurgh. I turned 20 and have been having what I describe as my 'quarter-life-crisis' for weeks now, for me 20 is kind of a big deal, not in terms of a big party or presents but that I'm no longer a teenager, hopefully people will take me more seriously, we'll see though. I went for coffee and cake with my Mum and little brother and had a nice dinner with the parentals (which I cooked!! shocking) I then went out for much needed cocktails, wine and a wee dance at Dusk with my friend Nerissa.

Birthday cocktails time and freshly blonde hair :) with Nerissa... (goodbye to my horrific roots!!)

Sunday I had a holiday from work and headed to Glasgow with the family, hangover free but feeling horrific due to my worsening cold, I stocked up on Liz Earle and had some bargain Costco pizza for lunch, Sunday afternoon I had planned to blog, but I felt awful with my croaky voice and high temperature I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and watched 4OD. Today I had to work, so first I headed to Boots, in search of Day/Night Nurse which has been my best friend all day, luckily we weren't too busy, I picked up my little brother from school then met my friend Kelly for a much needed catch up over a pot of the best Chai tea ever (at The Burgh Coffeehouse in Stirling if you're wondering! £2.35 for a big pot of tea bargain!!) Now I'm home and getting all sorted for my first proper day back at college tomorrow and squeezing in a bit of blogging too.
Waiting on Kate and Sam last Wednesday before my early birthday night out, despite being obsessed with hair, fashion and beauty I surprisingly don't take that long to get ready!! Therefore; Instagram selfie time ;)

I thought I'd fill you in on my weekend since I've been missing in action, and though I'm still full of the cold it's time to get off my lazy bum and update my blog! Now to decide what to blog about next?!

Till next time,



  1. your hair is beautiful!so jealous
    & get well soon!xx

    1. Oh thanks so much lovey, just heading over to have a wee peak of your blog :)


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