House of Fraser Blogger Challenge :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well hello there,

I came across this post on hannahhearts's blog who commented on my blog yesterday :) (my second commenter!! the first was flowersatdawn please comment I love hearing feedback and will try to reply to everyone!) and thought it looked like a fun thing to do, firstly I love shopping! I work in retail and love love love when regular customers ask me to help them choose things to buy, picking outfits which suit people, their colouring, shape, personality makes me so happy :) but this is something I would love to wear! I feel that this outfit could easily be worn on a multitude of occasions, it's a really autumnal look, and features my favourite colour for Autumn burgundy. My skin tone and being so blonde really suit burgundy though it's a colour which looks lovely on many different people.

My look which I have put together is a day look though I think by adding heels and different makeup it can easily be adapted for heading out for a few cocktails.
Firstly I decided to include a pair of burgundy skinny jeans from Oasis, these are such a versatile piece which I would wear all the time, in fact I'm going to go into Oasis to try them on (here's hoping they're long enough!) Currently I am loving pairing blouses with skinny jeans and this embellished cream blouse from Warehouse is simply gorgeous, it also has beautiful cowl detailing on the back. Of course in Autumn in Britain boots are an essential, these flat black Chelsea boots are a real staple, and could easily be worn with many different outfits but perfect with this one.
I also included a beautiful mac with exquisite piping detailing also from Warehouse, I have a mac which I bought in an 'Op-shop' (charity shop) in Australia which I love and wear all the time, they are timeless and go with so much, perfect for a milder Autumn stroll. Scarfs are something I wear a lot of in Autumn and this one with the deer print, captures the 'woodland' trend perfectly without seeming too OTT, another find from Warehouse.
Accessories wise I've gone for a simple matching ring and pendant by Ted Baker featuring a quaint rocking horse design, and of course in this seasons hottest metal rose gold, I love the simplicity of them and personally always wear a ring of some sort. As well as an O'clock watch I spied these last week in John Lewis and was instantly drawn to the burgundy one which I feel will be a timeless piece (get it? timeless...hahaha :P terrible pun). And as girl obsessed with handbags finding the right one for this look was a challenge! I finally found this Steve Madden one and fell in love (possible future investment?) my favourite part is definitely the chain detailing, ah lovely.
I had to include some make up too as for me no look is complete without suitable makeup and nails, nails wise I went with a fairly neutral Nails Inc shade in Elizabeth Street, which is the prettiest pale pink. And then for a contrast on the lips the epitomy of chic and present in many a makeup bag Mac's Russian Red, which I am planning to finally purchase on my next trip to Glasgow or Edinburgh!! I also included the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which I am currently lusting after, I have the MUA Heaven and Earth palette which I've heard is a pretty good dupe' but I would love the real thing, my go-to look is a taupe based smoky look and would be beautiful paired with this overall look.

So there we have it my entry to the House of Fraser blogger challenge, I would wear this look shopping, sightseeing, when out for lunch, it's really versatile, though I would mostly wear it to college, I like to look smart and well presented whilst still being on trend and this look is perfect for fulfilling those criteria. I've loved doing this challenge though it has definitely put me in a dangerous mood... a shopping mood, eek!! Not sure how thankful my bank balance will be that I have completed this challenge ;)
If you're interested in also taking part click here it's such a fun post to take part in especially if you love shopping as much as I do. Anyways I best be heading to bed another long day of college then work ahead tomorrow, and firstly I need to iron tomorrow's outfit (ahh domesticity) and skull loads of orange juice in an effort to ditch this lingering cold, bleurgh.

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  1. Lovely outfit, the boots are perfect for a/w :) xxx

    1. Thanks lovey, I actually just bought new boots (tan ones) which would work perfectly with this outfit, would probably have to rethink the bag though :P xx


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