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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Well hello there,  
How are you all? I'm absolutely shattered after a long Monday (I can't believe Monday has been and gone, where does the time go?!) and have another long day tomorrow, starting with the school run, college and then training for volunteering this weekend at Bloody Scotland; which is Scotland's first Crime Writing Festival (my college class and I helped with marketing strategies for the event) how exciting, though I'm sure this time tomorrow I'll be sound asleep in bed! So for now I'm going to look back on Friday, and my exciting foray into the new Lush haircare;

After attending the launch party for Lush Emotional Brilliance last month I was very excited when I saw in my Lush times and on the Lush Stirling facebook page about the launch of the new Lush haircare range!! Beauty products being ethical, fairtrade, organic are all really important to me, I have grown up using Lush products and now that I am an adult their ethos really appeals to me. I am a religious user of many Lush products already and so was really excited to see all the new products and try some out!!

So after my usual Friday routine, taking Finlay to school, having a skinny latte at The Burgh Coffeehouse and going to my Physio gym class at the Peak, I then met my Mum and headed for a second coffee at the Burgh (they have an amazing offer; if you buy a coffee or tea before 10am, you get another free that day with your receipt!) this time I had one of their amazing berry iced teas :)
The usual... skinny latte at The Burgh Coffeehouse :) and they have the friendliest staff too!

 My Mum and I then excitedly headed to Lush at 4pm for the unveiling of the new Lush haircare! Everyone who works at Lush in Stirling is absolutely lovely, and we were able to explore the new range, and ask plenty of questions about the new products and their uses/benefits. Sadly Lush Stirling hadn't received 'Big' solid conditioner or 'Superbalm' which was a little gutting but I guess it's an excuse to go back again and have a look at both of those products!

The lovely manager of Lush Stirling; Tina loving the new products!

Our local store was running a promotion that when you bought a new hair care product you got a free bottle (full size) of perfume!! (I got Tuca Tuca, I still haven't tried it but I'm very excited to give it a whirl) AMAZING! So I had no choice but to buy something, I would've been crazy not to; I decided to buy 'Roots' which is a treatment for 'thine' hair, hair which is thin and fine, although I do have a lot of hair so it isn't thin, the actual hairs are very fine, and I'm always on the lookout for a new treatment which actually works for me.

'Roots' is said to be a 'stimulating' treatment/scalp cream and for me it definitely felt that way, firstly it smells amazing, I love minty smells, in fact 'Dirty' shower gel from Lush is my favourite because it's so minty and fresh and makes me happy :) so that was a huge positive for me. I used this on Friday night before washing my hair and I felt that it left my scalp feeling rejuvenated (if that's even a thing...) I often can feel that my scalp is quite sensitive, but this felt cooling, which I'm guessing is due to the three types of mint used in it and the honey to soothe. I loved this treatment, I got my Mum to apply it and massage it into my scalp and through my hair as directed on the tub, it then said to leave it on for 15 minutes though I left it on for about an  hour (it was actually dryish/hard) though I felt this made a massive difference to my scalp (still a little tender from lots of bleach the other week) and my hair as a whole.

'Test-driving' Roots, a rather unflattering picture, but you get the idea...

'Roots' hair treatment has many other benefits which I am sure I will discover with more use of it, though so far my consensus is that I really love it! Have you tried any of the new Lush hair care products? What are your favourites?

'Blousey' which was the most popular new product in Stirling, this past weekend; one to watch!

'Sea Spray' a sea-salt spray, I still have some of the 'Awapuhi wild ginger sea spray' left from a past glossybox, but may try this in the future.
'Shine so Bright' a wonderful idea, I guess it would be great if you often use heat on your hair?
'Fairtrade Honey' shampoo, though I usually love honey scents this was too strong for me so I don't think I'll be able to try this, as it was a bit overwhelming for me... I can be really sensitive to scents and I struggle to get perfumes as many of the scents give me migraines :( 
'HappyHappyJoyJoy' "so good we named it twice" well it's definitely my Mum's new favourite and I'm looking forward to properly trying it out.

My Mum bought 'HappyHappyJoyJoy' perfumed conditioner which she is loving, it leaves your hair with a lovely orange blossomy scent :) and reminds her of her Grandpa, nostalgic and lovely. I'm thinking that I'd like to try out 'Blousey' next which is a shampoo for damaged, bleached or coloured hair, perfect for me!! Though the £16 price tag is slightly eye-wateringly expensive, I am waiting to hear more reviews about this product, so I can make up my mind whether to buy it or not... I love the idea, I'm just unsure if I can justify spending so much on shampoo when I have loads of my current shampoo (I love Juicy) left. Overall I really love the look of the new Lush hair care although not every product is specific to what I need, 'Shine so Bright' for example is a hair balm for split ends and although this is a great idea, I don't often get split ends, as I don't straighten my hair very often (cause I'm so lazy!) either way the new range is definitely worth a look, there's something for everyone and fingers crossed all the products will be as great as 'Roots'!

Anyways I best be off to bed as another long day of college tomorrow awaits, I also have a list of blog posts to do!! So shall be getting on with those during my free period at college tomorrow :)
As always comments and follows are very welcome ;) till next time,


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  1. so the lush roots -hair treatment was helpful?

    i bought one yesterday, yet to try that on.


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