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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Well hello there,
So to most bloggers, hitting 201 views isn't a big deal, for me it is!! :) My blog has now been 'live' for 17 days, and though 201 views in that time isn't massive it makes me so happy to know that people have actually read my blog!! How exciting?!
Anyways thought I'd start with a general my past week in pictures courtesy of the lovely Instagram easily one of my most abused Iphone apps ;) as of tomorrow the rest of my week is jam-packed!! Tomorrow I am in college from 9am till 4pm though I have a three hour gap in the middle, tres annoying... I then have work from till 7.30pm the joys of late night shopping eh? I'm then heading out in Falkirk with some friends to see Rudimental :) Friday brings the usual Physio class though it is my last class ever! Of course this will depend on how able I feel after Thursday night... from Friday night on wards I'll be volunteering all weekend at Bloody Scotland (Scotland's first crime writing festival, my college class and I helped the organisers earlier this year with marketing strategies; mine being twitter and QR coding based...) so my weekend though free from my usual work at Monsoon instead I'll be devoted to that of literature, it sounds so cheesy! I hope to get some blogging done during my three hour gap tomorrow; I mean it'd be a crime not to... Apart from that though I may be rather absent this weekend. So here's my first week in pictures post and thanks again to everyone who has read my blog so far and commented, I appreciate it so much! :)

1. What this weekend consists of Bloody Scotland, its going to be crazy busy but really interesting to meet lots of different people!
 2. Catching up over yummy cake and coffee with Eilidh last week, she was having a shitty day we both needed a good moan; problem solved.
3. My little brother Rowen clearly knows me too well, this was what he bought me for my birthday and I LOVE it! I can't wait to test out some of the recipes.
4. Conscious effort to eat healthier lunches, crudites and guacamole for lunch the other day :)
5.The best 'Deluxe Hot Chocolate' ever at The Burgh on Monday with a side plate of mini marshmallows, heavenly!
6.Wearing my new scarf from Accessorize with its pretty candy skull print.
7.War wound i.e. a broken nail.
8. Monday morning; not so bad after all, porridge with chocolate granola, my daily latte with a smiley face on the lid (why I love The Burgh) and my newest ring from Monsoon...
9. Sunday splurge at Boots, eek.
10. Cappuccino cupcake from Thecookroom.co.uk so good!
11. My boss gave me these last Friday so so lucky! Brand new Purple Doc's :)
12. The usual Friday morning routine school run with Finlay followed by a large skinny latte at The Burgh :)

Well I hope everyone has had a great week so far (Happy 'Hump' Day everyone) Wednesday has always been my favourite day of the week as it's the middle of the working week, a little different as I now work weekends but I still love Wednesdays. Have a couple of reviews in the pipeline so keep your eye out, definitely going to review my favourite ever mascara, 'They're Real' and the lovely 'Oskia Renaissance' face mask I received yesterday and tried last night.
Thanks again for reading, it means a lot... (just saw it's now 211 views, small steps, that make me happy!)
Till next time,


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