Things which made me smile this week :)

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Well hello there,

As my blog is still wittle baby I'm still playing about with different types of posts and such like, tomorrow I'll be uploading my September favourites but I thought that today being Sunday I'd round off the week with a list of 9 things which have made me smile. 
  1. Getting three tickets to see Mumford and Sons in Dundee in November (I got mine on Wednesday in the presale) words can't describe how excited I am!
  2. Friday saw my first proper day off in weeks, I didn't have college or work, this made me very happy.
  3. A yummy cupcake from Bibi's Bakery.
  4. Balloon animals and general silliness at college last Wednesday. I turned up to college for my tutorial and it wasn't on many people would have been annoyed not Gilly, Louise, Stephen and I, it was our Freshers Fayre (which was overall a bit sh*tty) but there was a balloon modeler (on stilts!) Popcorn and loads of free pens, this made me happy.
  5. Knowing that my Granny and Grandpa are coming home from their holidays this week and I'll get to see them!
  6. Trying the new Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, it was so yummy and Autumnal,
  7. The lovely lady at the Mac counter in Harvey Nic's she gave me a sample of some new foundation (shall keep you posted on this!) and I bought my new favourite lipstick 'Rebel' it's so pretty and plummy.
  8. Sonya at my local LUSH giving me a free tub of 'Cosmetic Warrior' face mask when I'd nipped in after work in desperate need of a face mask (I was having a major breakout!) they would have had to chuck it out as it was past its sell by date, but still good to use :)
  9. And lastly, recently I have made a conscious decision to try and meet more/different people and make some new friends, and it's so daunting. This blog is definitely helping and I'm so excited that I managed to get the night off and will be attending The Bloggers Pub Quiz a meet up for Scottish bloggers :) I also went to the cinema and a coffee with a new friend Stefani who I met volunteering at Bloody Scotland, we went to see Anna Karenina which was absolutely beautiful. 
Yum- Spiced Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks makes me sad we don't have one in Stirling :(

Curiously all of our balloon animals looked rather suspicious...
Mac 'Rebel' lippie :) and my stitch phone case, which always makes me smile.
White chocolate cupcake from Bibi's :)

And lastly a funny wee picture I took on my way home on a night out in Edinburgh on Friday night, this definitely made me smile (perhaps being a tad tipsy helped...) :P 

I hope everyone had a lovely week and shall be seeing you all soon, with my September favourites tomorrow!! What has made you smile this week? Please feel free to comment below and let me know, and as always please pretty please follow my blog!! I've been trying to make sure I remember the importance of the little things that make me happy. 
Till next time,


Loving a bit of British film... Review of 'Now is Good'

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well hello there,

A bit of a change from the usual fashion and beauty posts but it seems my blog is growing into more of a general 'girly lifestyle' blog... it sounds so cheesy, this post is pretty lazy as I had written it for my college magazine anyways and decided to adapt it for the ol' blogosphere, make it a bit chattier, etc. I am pretty tight and but that I mean I hate paying cinema prices, and will very rarely go to the cinema on any day other than 'Orange Wednesdays' I'm not even on Orange but luckily for me both my Mum and Dad are so I get one of them to get the code and forward it on to me... (cheeky!) I went to see 'Now is Good' a few weeks back with my friend Nerissa, I'm not a huge fan of soppy 'chick flick' type movies but thought I'd give it a chance as it was on the list of films I'd been requested to review (the rest being thrillers, action movies and horrors!) 'Now is Good' pleasantly surprised me now I'm not saying it was amazing, and I'll re-watch it hundreds of times, but it was better than I'd expected. 

Photo from (not intended to make profit or to breach copyright)

Now is Good (12A)

Director: Ol Parker

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Jeremy Irvine, Paddy Considine, Olivia Williams, Kaya Scodelario.

Adapted from the novel ‘Before I Die' by Jenny Downham, 'Now is Good' centres around the life of Tessa (Dakota Fanning) a teenage girl who has recently discovered she has only a short time left to live as she is dying from a rare form of leukaemia. Tessa is determined not to be treated any differently and compiles a ‘bucket list’ of sorts with a wide range of things she'd like to do before (as can be crudely put 'kicking the bucket') she dies, top of her ‘things-to-do’ is losing her virginity.

As I mentioned before I didn’t expect a lot from ‘Now is Good’ seeing Dakota Fanning’s name on the list of actors, I had presumed 'Now is Good' was a mega-budget Hollywood drama but was pleasantly surprised as in fact it is a British made film, by the BBC Films ,Blueprint Pictures and Goldcrest Pictures, rather refreshing that it wasn't in fact made by one of the titans of the film industry (you know the ones... Warner Bros. Universal, etc.)
 I really enjoy lower budget British films as they often show a grittier, more realistic and 'raw' Britain and to extent Now is Good delivers on this; Fanning’s performance as Tessa, with a rather  impressive English accent, delivers  a moving performance. The film depicts some rather shocking scenes showing the harsh reality of cancer, for me the scene involving the removal of Tessa's catheter and the scene involving the nose bleed even made me wince (and I have a pretty strong stomach.) But at the same time there are some inconsistencies, Tessa is dying from leukemia yet is able to gallivant about often wearing little more than a t-shirt and tube skirt, I'm not saying I know from experience what's it like to be in that position, though I imagine you wouldn't be bursting with energy bounding around. The film does show the effects Tessa's desire to 'live' before she dies has on her but I feel at times it could have been shown in a more 'realistic' way. 

Having penned a varied list of things to do before she dies ranging from taking drugs, riding an elephant, sex, and breaking the law, to name a few. The film follows the adventures Tessa embarks upon in her quest to ‘live’, with the help of her wild best friend Zoey (Kaya Scodelario, Skins) and her good looking next door neighbour Adam (Jeremy Irvine, War Horse) who becomes her first (and only) love of her short life. Another issue I had was the cliche that as Tessa was dying she 'had to fall in love' perhaps because I am the eternal singleton... Lovely as it was for Tessa to find happiness through love, I feel it is a little cliched. For me the best performance was delivered by Paddy Considine, I first saw Considine in 'Dead Man's Shoes' as I love British film, 'This is England' is one of my favourite films of all time, I watched 'Dead Man's Shoes' last year in my film class and was in awe of the grittyness and overall feel Shane Meadows creates through his films, in that film Considine portrayed a subtle threatening menace, his performance was incredible and in 'Now is Good' he delivered again. I feel his performance as Tessa's dad was incredible, it was moving and was believable, the moment in which he breaks down realising how little time his daughter has left is heart-breaking. His denial throughout the film that Tessa was actually going to die was often undercut by her younger brother and his innocence in his attitude to it all delivering cracking lines such as "Dad can we go on holiday when Tessa dies?" Overall 'Now is Good' is worth a watch if you’re looking for a change from the usual soppy films, though clich├ęd at times it is a fairly impressive British dramedy.

Though a little different to the usual posts, I hope you enjoy my wee review of 'Now is Good' what do you think? Would you like to see more reviews similar to this? Book reviews, etc...? I often have to write them anyways for my college magazine so like this one I can adapt them for my blog. I hope you're all well and such like, and shall be posting a more typical beauty or fashion post tonight :)

So shall speak to you all later on, 
Till then, 



Monday, 24 September 2012

Well hello there, 

Hi all, how's it going? Apologies for my absence this weekend I had planned to blog last night but ended up heading out for a wee drink with the work girls, needless to say one drink turned into 5 bottles of rose... So blogging was off the agenda last night. But I've stayed up late tonight finishing off this post and writing two pieces for the college magazine, which I will adapt for the ol' blog too :)

A few weeks back I received an email from the lovely people at MoneySupermarket asking if I'd be interested in entering their #PassionforFashion blogging challenge, ( the task was to create 5 winter looks, which fitted into 5 specific categories; Party, Casual, Outdoor, First-Date and Office-wear. Of course for me this was an excuse to online 'window shop' :) So I jumped at the opportunity, so here's my entry I hope you all like the outfits I've put together?! What looks would you put together for these categories? Anyways here goes;

I decided to go classic with this look, opting for an 'lrd' (little red dress), faux fur jacket (as it's freezing in Britain during winter, especially on a night out!) and simple accessories. I love the simplicity of this Zara clutch and the lace tights make the look a little edgier.
Dress  ASOS £28
Jacket Jamella Jamil at Very £59
Shoes  Debenhams £42 
Clutch ZARA £19.99
Earrings Topshop £15
Rings ASOS £9
Tights Topshop £8.50
Lipstick Lush (Ambition) £14.50


This is the kind of outfit I'd wear on a day off, heading to the shops, cinema or even in to college. A comfortable and practical look, that's still on trend, I love love love this Accessorize bag and the stud detailing on the blouse, pair with classic vans, perfect.

Trousers Monsoon £39
Blouse H&M £19.99
Jumper Topshop £35
Bag Accessorize £38
Necklace Warehouse £6
Ring Accessorize £6
Vans £45 Schuh
Total £188.99


I've been lusting after this Primark version of the famous Zara khaki/leather jacket and think it makes the perfect base for an outdoorsy Autumn/Winter look. Combined with this amazing bag from ASOS with rabbit detailing and brown Dr Martens, it's a perfect look for a winter walk in the park.

Bag ASOS £25
Contrast Parka Primark £25 (photo credit
Skirt Topshop £16
Jumper New Look £17.99
Snood Accessorize £16
Boots Dr Martens £60 (on sale from £100)
Tights Matalan £4
Gloves Accessorize £12
Total £175.99

First Date...

I think this look is perfect for a first date, this gorgeous dress from Fusion at Monsoon has such a pretty bird print, I also love the stud detailing on the bag and denim jacket. I've also used accessories with bow detailing for an overall pretty look.

Dress Monsoon Fusion £55
Tights M&S £3.50
Earrings Accessorize £4
Shoes New Look £34.99
Bag ASOS £15
Jacket Topshop £48
Scarf Accessorize £14
Total £174.49


This look is perfect for the office especially if you're wanting to look stylish whilst professional, these burgundy trousers from M&S look so chic combined with the blouse and loafers. The lollipop brooch would look so cute pinned onto the mac, and the scarf tied onto the bag in a big bow.

Trousers M&S £35
Blouse ASOS £32
Coat ASOS £55
Bag ASOS £28
Shoes Accessorize £28
Scarf Matalan £6
Earrings Accessorize £5
Brooch HeidiSeeker £4

Hope you liked my wee outfits I put together, till next time,


The curious case of the misplaced parcel... (WIMH)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Well hello there, 
A few weeks ago after returning home from college I discovered I had received one of the cards from the postman saying I needed to collect a parcel from the depot which had been too big to fit through my letterbox, I was instantly puzzled as to what this parcel was... Glossyboxes arrive through Hermes and I hadn't done any online shopping recently, so where was it from? I called the depot to find out when they closed, not till 6.30 it was to 5.55 so my Dad drove me over there and I excitedly waited for my parcel at the desk, I waited for what seemed like an age, until a queue had developed behind me, and still the lady had not returned with my parcel. I was feeling anxious and uncomfortable, after the longest 7 minute wait I've ever experienced the lady returned to the desk;empty handed. She then went on to explain that me postie had put my parcel somewhere and they couldn't find it, she took my phone number and said they'd give me a ring when I could collect it... I was still left puzzled number where was my parcel? number what was my parcel?

The next day after they had called my Dad collected my parcel after a long day at college then work, I returned home to finally find out what it was; my first parcel from 'What's in my Handbag'. WIMH is a new concept the motto being 'Try the beauty products everyone else loves" each week you can request to try the weekly product; a product which has been shown on the website in a picture of 'what's in someones handbag' I've probably made it sound more complicated than necessary but it's really exciting! I had signed up a few weeks back after seeing Kirstie from Coffee and Cakes had received something from the site so hopped on board the amazing idea ;)

For me?! ;)

The product I received was the Oskia 'Renaissance Mask' the box in which it was packaged was pretty massive for the actual product size, but I loved the personalised label on the tissue paper. My sample was a generous 15ml glass jar held in a little cotton bag with the Oskia logo on.

Great attention to detail, this is so sweet, the little attached leaflet also had some really interesting information inside.

Oskia's attention to detail in packaging was really good, the packaging was simple and classy. Though I had never heard of Oskia before so I did a little research;

"OSKIA's trademark nutritional approach additionally boosts skin health and cellular efficiency by delivering nutrients including vitamins and minerals such as the key ingredient MSM to leave skin healthier, smoother, working harder and better equipped to maintain a radiant and youthful appearance." 

As I've previously mentioned my skin can be really tricky and reacts badly to many products, I was only able to test the collagen mask I received in my 'glossybox' a few months back as my skin started burning and going red almost immediately after application and promptly had to scrub it off. After my bad reaction to that mask I was nervous about trying the Oskia mask, though was pleasantly surprised; it felt lovely and buttery on my skin and didn't break me out, or make me have an allergic reaction.

Perfect sample size to get a good idea of what the product is actually like.
The Oskia logo :) simple and pretty.

It has a lovely subtle smell, slightly fruity, which was another major plus for me. All in all I really enjoyed using the renaissance mask, I usually use Lush face masks, but this was a nice change and was a lovely luxurious treat :) it left my skin feeling soft and refreshed, perfect. Much as I'd love to repurchase this product, it is rather expensive £48.50 for 50ml (my 15ml sample was worth £14.55!!) though I will cherish and use up my sample till the very end! Thanks WIMH I love your website and service you are providing! :)

Swatching the renaissance mask.

Sorry for a week of blogging absence, I am currently writing a number of posts and have had a super busy past week though I'll fill you in on all that in another post very soon. Hope you're all having a lovely day/evening, till next time,


201 views... Yeah buddy :) plus my past week in pictures

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Well hello there,
So to most bloggers, hitting 201 views isn't a big deal, for me it is!! :) My blog has now been 'live' for 17 days, and though 201 views in that time isn't massive it makes me so happy to know that people have actually read my blog!! How exciting?!
Anyways thought I'd start with a general my past week in pictures courtesy of the lovely Instagram easily one of my most abused Iphone apps ;) as of tomorrow the rest of my week is jam-packed!! Tomorrow I am in college from 9am till 4pm though I have a three hour gap in the middle, tres annoying... I then have work from till 7.30pm the joys of late night shopping eh? I'm then heading out in Falkirk with some friends to see Rudimental :) Friday brings the usual Physio class though it is my last class ever! Of course this will depend on how able I feel after Thursday night... from Friday night on wards I'll be volunteering all weekend at Bloody Scotland (Scotland's first crime writing festival, my college class and I helped the organisers earlier this year with marketing strategies; mine being twitter and QR coding based...) so my weekend though free from my usual work at Monsoon instead I'll be devoted to that of literature, it sounds so cheesy! I hope to get some blogging done during my three hour gap tomorrow; I mean it'd be a crime not to... Apart from that though I may be rather absent this weekend. So here's my first week in pictures post and thanks again to everyone who has read my blog so far and commented, I appreciate it so much! :)

1. What this weekend consists of Bloody Scotland, its going to be crazy busy but really interesting to meet lots of different people!
 2. Catching up over yummy cake and coffee with Eilidh last week, she was having a shitty day we both needed a good moan; problem solved.
3. My little brother Rowen clearly knows me too well, this was what he bought me for my birthday and I LOVE it! I can't wait to test out some of the recipes.
4. Conscious effort to eat healthier lunches, crudites and guacamole for lunch the other day :)
5.The best 'Deluxe Hot Chocolate' ever at The Burgh on Monday with a side plate of mini marshmallows, heavenly!
6.Wearing my new scarf from Accessorize with its pretty candy skull print.
7.War wound i.e. a broken nail.
8. Monday morning; not so bad after all, porridge with chocolate granola, my daily latte with a smiley face on the lid (why I love The Burgh) and my newest ring from Monsoon...
9. Sunday splurge at Boots, eek.
10. Cappuccino cupcake from so good!
11. My boss gave me these last Friday so so lucky! Brand new Purple Doc's :)
12. The usual Friday morning routine school run with Finlay followed by a large skinny latte at The Burgh :)

Well I hope everyone has had a great week so far (Happy 'Hump' Day everyone) Wednesday has always been my favourite day of the week as it's the middle of the working week, a little different as I now work weekends but I still love Wednesdays. Have a couple of reviews in the pipeline so keep your eye out, definitely going to review my favourite ever mascara, 'They're Real' and the lovely 'Oskia Renaissance' face mask I received yesterday and tried last night.
Thanks again for reading, it means a lot... (just saw it's now 211 views, small steps, that make me happy!)
Till next time,


Back to my "Roots"... New Lush haircare!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Well hello there,  
How are you all? I'm absolutely shattered after a long Monday (I can't believe Monday has been and gone, where does the time go?!) and have another long day tomorrow, starting with the school run, college and then training for volunteering this weekend at Bloody Scotland; which is Scotland's first Crime Writing Festival (my college class and I helped with marketing strategies for the event) how exciting, though I'm sure this time tomorrow I'll be sound asleep in bed! So for now I'm going to look back on Friday, and my exciting foray into the new Lush haircare;

After attending the launch party for Lush Emotional Brilliance last month I was very excited when I saw in my Lush times and on the Lush Stirling facebook page about the launch of the new Lush haircare range!! Beauty products being ethical, fairtrade, organic are all really important to me, I have grown up using Lush products and now that I am an adult their ethos really appeals to me. I am a religious user of many Lush products already and so was really excited to see all the new products and try some out!!

So after my usual Friday routine, taking Finlay to school, having a skinny latte at The Burgh Coffeehouse and going to my Physio gym class at the Peak, I then met my Mum and headed for a second coffee at the Burgh (they have an amazing offer; if you buy a coffee or tea before 10am, you get another free that day with your receipt!) this time I had one of their amazing berry iced teas :)
The usual... skinny latte at The Burgh Coffeehouse :) and they have the friendliest staff too!

 My Mum and I then excitedly headed to Lush at 4pm for the unveiling of the new Lush haircare! Everyone who works at Lush in Stirling is absolutely lovely, and we were able to explore the new range, and ask plenty of questions about the new products and their uses/benefits. Sadly Lush Stirling hadn't received 'Big' solid conditioner or 'Superbalm' which was a little gutting but I guess it's an excuse to go back again and have a look at both of those products!

The lovely manager of Lush Stirling; Tina loving the new products!

Our local store was running a promotion that when you bought a new hair care product you got a free bottle (full size) of perfume!! (I got Tuca Tuca, I still haven't tried it but I'm very excited to give it a whirl) AMAZING! So I had no choice but to buy something, I would've been crazy not to; I decided to buy 'Roots' which is a treatment for 'thine' hair, hair which is thin and fine, although I do have a lot of hair so it isn't thin, the actual hairs are very fine, and I'm always on the lookout for a new treatment which actually works for me.

'Roots' is said to be a 'stimulating' treatment/scalp cream and for me it definitely felt that way, firstly it smells amazing, I love minty smells, in fact 'Dirty' shower gel from Lush is my favourite because it's so minty and fresh and makes me happy :) so that was a huge positive for me. I used this on Friday night before washing my hair and I felt that it left my scalp feeling rejuvenated (if that's even a thing...) I often can feel that my scalp is quite sensitive, but this felt cooling, which I'm guessing is due to the three types of mint used in it and the honey to soothe. I loved this treatment, I got my Mum to apply it and massage it into my scalp and through my hair as directed on the tub, it then said to leave it on for 15 minutes though I left it on for about an  hour (it was actually dryish/hard) though I felt this made a massive difference to my scalp (still a little tender from lots of bleach the other week) and my hair as a whole.

'Test-driving' Roots, a rather unflattering picture, but you get the idea...

'Roots' hair treatment has many other benefits which I am sure I will discover with more use of it, though so far my consensus is that I really love it! Have you tried any of the new Lush hair care products? What are your favourites?

'Blousey' which was the most popular new product in Stirling, this past weekend; one to watch!

'Sea Spray' a sea-salt spray, I still have some of the 'Awapuhi wild ginger sea spray' left from a past glossybox, but may try this in the future.
'Shine so Bright' a wonderful idea, I guess it would be great if you often use heat on your hair?
'Fairtrade Honey' shampoo, though I usually love honey scents this was too strong for me so I don't think I'll be able to try this, as it was a bit overwhelming for me... I can be really sensitive to scents and I struggle to get perfumes as many of the scents give me migraines :( 
'HappyHappyJoyJoy' "so good we named it twice" well it's definitely my Mum's new favourite and I'm looking forward to properly trying it out.

My Mum bought 'HappyHappyJoyJoy' perfumed conditioner which she is loving, it leaves your hair with a lovely orange blossomy scent :) and reminds her of her Grandpa, nostalgic and lovely. I'm thinking that I'd like to try out 'Blousey' next which is a shampoo for damaged, bleached or coloured hair, perfect for me!! Though the £16 price tag is slightly eye-wateringly expensive, I am waiting to hear more reviews about this product, so I can make up my mind whether to buy it or not... I love the idea, I'm just unsure if I can justify spending so much on shampoo when I have loads of my current shampoo (I love Juicy) left. Overall I really love the look of the new Lush hair care although not every product is specific to what I need, 'Shine so Bright' for example is a hair balm for split ends and although this is a great idea, I don't often get split ends, as I don't straighten my hair very often (cause I'm so lazy!) either way the new range is definitely worth a look, there's something for everyone and fingers crossed all the products will be as great as 'Roots'!

Anyways I best be off to bed as another long day of college tomorrow awaits, I also have a list of blog posts to do!! So shall be getting on with those during my free period at college tomorrow :)
As always comments and follows are very welcome ;) till next time,


The Power of Karma...

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Well hello there, 
How are you all? I had fully intended to finish this post and put it up last night but I got home after being at the launch of the new Lush haircare range and was shattered, so instead had a girly night with my mum :) anyways though not beauty or fashion related karma is something important to me... So here goes:

I am firm believer in the power of karma, do good onto others and at some point it'll balance out and someone will do good onto you. Little things like treating a friend who's having a bad day to coffee and a slice of cake, or sending someone a card just because, giving someone the extra change to make up their bus fare are things which I think are really important. There have been times where I've been the one needing the extra 40p to pay my train fare and someone kind has offered it to me, on that occasion I had pretty much the exact money needed for my train fare to college and 60p extra, I was using the ticket machine and for some reason it wouldn't accept the last pound coin.
A staff member at the station noticed and rudely barked at me that the reason it wouldn't accept my coin was because it was fake... I had no idea it was a fake coin/up until that moment I didn't even know you got fake coins, I was left with no other money and no way of getting to college that day (oh crap!) the lady stood behind me in the queue stepped forward and put a pound into the machine to pay the remaining 40pence of my fare, and I was so grateful, the 60pence change I kept and then put into a charity collection box I saw later that day. If it hadn't been for that lady being kind I would have missed my train and class at college, little things like this remind me every day how important it is to look out for others, complete strangers who you'll probably never meet again...
Right now I'm not sure about how I feel about religion, but I believe that it's my 'duty' to do the little things, I'm not talking about giving all my wages to others and living on the streets myself, that's silly, but taking time to speak to someone who starts chatting to me and clearly really wants someone to talk to. Helping a lady off the train with a big buggy, thanking people properly when they do something nice for me, it's all important.
The last week I've not felt that I've been overly happy (in fact I've been having a bit of a shitty week)... but yesterday someone did something really nice for me, my boss gave me a brand new pair of purple Dr Martens, her mother-in-law had given them to her daughter after they had been donated at the charity shop were she works, completely unworn! I can't believe how lucky I am, my boss could have sold them on eBay and made her self some money, but she knew that I love DM's and that they would be well used so asked me if I would like them.

How lucky am I?! So so so grateful for these! :) love them, thanks Susan.

This morning I was lying in bed having my only lie in of the week, when my assistant manager called asking if I could start work early as my boss was unwell and needed to go home; without hesitation I got out of bed got ready and headed to work, I might not have got to spend as long lazing about, but any time I'm asked to start early I say yes, (today was especially important to do so!) hoping that if ever I was ill/couldn't make it to work someone would do the same for me.
So I went to work today with a box of chocolates and a card each for my boss and her mother-in-law,  I hope the chocolates cheered her up a little and that she is feeling better soon, so many of my friends don't get on with their boss or management but I consider myself very lucky in that respect...

So some non-beauty/fashion related food or thought for everyone a bit cheesy but important, I'm not saying let's all go out and give all our money away, but if you have spare change and someone is struggling for their bus fare, or a friend needs someone to listen, a friend needs a lift somewhere you're heading just do it... smile at strangers, when a random old lady starts talking to you have a conversation with her, it doesn't take much but, the way I see it "karma's a bitch" so do good onto others and you'll get good karma in return :)

Till next time,


P.S please please follow my blog!! :) oh and leave some feedback or anything really in the comments, I reply (promise!) :)

House of Fraser Blogger Challenge :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Well hello there,

I came across this post on hannahhearts's blog who commented on my blog yesterday :) (my second commenter!! the first was flowersatdawn please comment I love hearing feedback and will try to reply to everyone!) and thought it looked like a fun thing to do, firstly I love shopping! I work in retail and love love love when regular customers ask me to help them choose things to buy, picking outfits which suit people, their colouring, shape, personality makes me so happy :) but this is something I would love to wear! I feel that this outfit could easily be worn on a multitude of occasions, it's a really autumnal look, and features my favourite colour for Autumn burgundy. My skin tone and being so blonde really suit burgundy though it's a colour which looks lovely on many different people.

My look which I have put together is a day look though I think by adding heels and different makeup it can easily be adapted for heading out for a few cocktails.
Firstly I decided to include a pair of burgundy skinny jeans from Oasis, these are such a versatile piece which I would wear all the time, in fact I'm going to go into Oasis to try them on (here's hoping they're long enough!) Currently I am loving pairing blouses with skinny jeans and this embellished cream blouse from Warehouse is simply gorgeous, it also has beautiful cowl detailing on the back. Of course in Autumn in Britain boots are an essential, these flat black Chelsea boots are a real staple, and could easily be worn with many different outfits but perfect with this one.
I also included a beautiful mac with exquisite piping detailing also from Warehouse, I have a mac which I bought in an 'Op-shop' (charity shop) in Australia which I love and wear all the time, they are timeless and go with so much, perfect for a milder Autumn stroll. Scarfs are something I wear a lot of in Autumn and this one with the deer print, captures the 'woodland' trend perfectly without seeming too OTT, another find from Warehouse.
Accessories wise I've gone for a simple matching ring and pendant by Ted Baker featuring a quaint rocking horse design, and of course in this seasons hottest metal rose gold, I love the simplicity of them and personally always wear a ring of some sort. As well as an O'clock watch I spied these last week in John Lewis and was instantly drawn to the burgundy one which I feel will be a timeless piece (get it? timeless...hahaha :P terrible pun). And as girl obsessed with handbags finding the right one for this look was a challenge! I finally found this Steve Madden one and fell in love (possible future investment?) my favourite part is definitely the chain detailing, ah lovely.
I had to include some make up too as for me no look is complete without suitable makeup and nails, nails wise I went with a fairly neutral Nails Inc shade in Elizabeth Street, which is the prettiest pale pink. And then for a contrast on the lips the epitomy of chic and present in many a makeup bag Mac's Russian Red, which I am planning to finally purchase on my next trip to Glasgow or Edinburgh!! I also included the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which I am currently lusting after, I have the MUA Heaven and Earth palette which I've heard is a pretty good dupe' but I would love the real thing, my go-to look is a taupe based smoky look and would be beautiful paired with this overall look.

So there we have it my entry to the House of Fraser blogger challenge, I would wear this look shopping, sightseeing, when out for lunch, it's really versatile, though I would mostly wear it to college, I like to look smart and well presented whilst still being on trend and this look is perfect for fulfilling those criteria. I've loved doing this challenge though it has definitely put me in a dangerous mood... a shopping mood, eek!! Not sure how thankful my bank balance will be that I have completed this challenge ;)
If you're interested in also taking part click here it's such a fun post to take part in especially if you love shopping as much as I do. Anyways I best be heading to bed another long day of college then work ahead tomorrow, and firstly I need to iron tomorrow's outfit (ahh domesticity) and skull loads of orange juice in an effort to ditch this lingering cold, bleurgh.

Till next time,


In the midst of a quarter life crisis...

Monday, 3 September 2012

Well hello there,

Apologies as this weekend I've been AWOL, on Friday I was super busy, doing some shopping, going to my physiotherapy class and the hairdressers (getting my blonde on);

 Pearly pink and purple nails I did for my birthday :)

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up with the most horrific cold, bleurgh. I turned 20 and have been having what I describe as my 'quarter-life-crisis' for weeks now, for me 20 is kind of a big deal, not in terms of a big party or presents but that I'm no longer a teenager, hopefully people will take me more seriously, we'll see though. I went for coffee and cake with my Mum and little brother and had a nice dinner with the parentals (which I cooked!! shocking) I then went out for much needed cocktails, wine and a wee dance at Dusk with my friend Nerissa.

Birthday cocktails time and freshly blonde hair :) with Nerissa... (goodbye to my horrific roots!!)

Sunday I had a holiday from work and headed to Glasgow with the family, hangover free but feeling horrific due to my worsening cold, I stocked up on Liz Earle and had some bargain Costco pizza for lunch, Sunday afternoon I had planned to blog, but I felt awful with my croaky voice and high temperature I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and watched 4OD. Today I had to work, so first I headed to Boots, in search of Day/Night Nurse which has been my best friend all day, luckily we weren't too busy, I picked up my little brother from school then met my friend Kelly for a much needed catch up over a pot of the best Chai tea ever (at The Burgh Coffeehouse in Stirling if you're wondering! £2.35 for a big pot of tea bargain!!) Now I'm home and getting all sorted for my first proper day back at college tomorrow and squeezing in a bit of blogging too.
Waiting on Kate and Sam last Wednesday before my early birthday night out, despite being obsessed with hair, fashion and beauty I surprisingly don't take that long to get ready!! Therefore; Instagram selfie time ;)

I thought I'd fill you in on my weekend since I've been missing in action, and though I'm still full of the cold it's time to get off my lazy bum and update my blog! Now to decide what to blog about next?!

Till next time,