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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Well hello there,

Review # 1 Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-in-Conditioner

I don't know about everyone else but for me my hair is such a big part of my identity, it sounds silly really but being blonde is all I've ever known and I can't imagine not being blonde to be honest. My hair is a bit like a security blanket, I change my makeup and my styles of clothes but the one constant for me despite being styled in different ways is always being blonde. So it's no surprise with such an attachment to my blondeness that I use products designed to keep it that way; I've used many different 'Blonde boosting' shampoos and conditioners and sprays, but have found that one of the best ways for me personally to keep my hair looking wonderfully shiny and blonde is with the amazing 'Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-in-Conditioner'. 

My hair has been varying lengths over the years but is currently pretty long, and of course with long hair come tangles... people often remark how jealous they are that my hair grows so fast, though don't be jealous really it's a burden as my 'roots' grow through much quicker, can't have it all I guess. Though my hair is naturally fairly light I began dying it when I was 16 using Nice 'n' Easy, I have since used various at home dye kits, but these days find I can achieve the best overall look by paying a bit more and getting my hair done at the hairdressers. My hairdresser is Frances Hunter in Stirling, which has actually just been voted the 'Scottish Hair Salon of the Year 2012' I've been going there since returning home from Australia last year and always love my hair after Nicola (my hairdresser) has cut and coloured it. 

The Aussie leave in conditioner not only smells great it works a treat, it's my favourite ever hair product, there I said it (best not go back on what I've said now...) For those who haven't tried it and are wondering why it's so great, I shall quote from the bottle;

"Our unique formula with Australian Wild Peach extract and a dash of Avocado oil, not only helps protect coloured hair, but also helps detangle and leaves it vibrant and manageable- oh and it smells great too nd because coloured hair tends to dry out in the sun, it's great for the beach. By the way if you're reading this on the beach, we're jealous. It's raining here."

As far as I'm concerned it does what it says on the 'tin' I spray this all over my hair after I've washed and conditioned it (using either Lush Daddyo or I Love Juicy shampoo then the Aussie colour miracle conditioner) and then fight with my hair to get all the 'tugs' out... just kidding though as when using this brushing my hair is so much easier! Yay a solution, it probably doesn't help that I'm not much of a hair brusher in face I avoid brushing my hair as much as possible, so for those dreaded moments this is a godsend. I love this product and will continue to use it until I find something which is better... this could be pretty tricky though as at such a great price and so easily available for me its a definite winner!

So anyways I'm off to bed, I have enrollment for second year at college tomorrow and then I'm heading through to Edinburgh for an early birthday night out :) got to love extended opening hours till 5am ;) 
Till next time,


p.s I really need to stop blogging late at night... as I end up taking the pictures in the dark and rushed, rookie errors!!

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