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Friday, 24 August 2012

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Clear skin for me has been a constant battle and when I first read about Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' I didn't quite believe the hype, and thought it too good to be true, how wrong I was! I bought the 50ml starter kit in the Liz Earle store in Sloane Square, when I was in London last week. My friend Chris and I went in and first impressions of the overall brand were pretty amazing, I mean the store in itself is so clean and crisp, it was just lovely. I made a beeline for the products in search of the '50ml starter kit' big enough to get enough use to know if it would work for me, yet small enough that I wouldn't feel like I was wasting my money if it didn't. And I am happy to announce that it worked! I am unlucky enough to have both extremely sensitive and acne prone skin, this makes finding skincare products a nightmare, strangely makeup isn't as much of a problem.
                               My beloved Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish-Hot Cloth Cleanser' :)                          
                          (Terrible Iphone picture... quick upload just to break up the text a little)

Though this hasn't always been the case, makeup used to be a major problem for me;one story my Mum often regails involves a tinkerbell makeup set and me ending up with a face swollen up like a bright red balloon, lovely. So after many major allergic reactions in my childhood, I am pretty careful about what I do and don't put on my face, I often stick to Lush 'Ultrabland' for my face as it's really gentle and amazing for taking off my makeup. Though lately I've been finding it's a little too thick for everyday use and I wanted to try a new cleanser (as I wouldn't necessarily class Ultrabland as a cleanser) hence trying 'Cleanse and Polish' and despite having only been using it for a week I can safely say my skin has never felt or looked so good! (YAY!)

                                I still love this for really stubborn mascara! Lush 'Ultrabland'

When I was younger I had pretty bad acne, I hated it and took pretty strong medicine and used medicated gel treatment for it, sure it cleared it up, but it also ruined my skin, drying it out and leaving it in a worse state than before... great. When I left school in 2010 I spent my summer in rainy Scotland then as soon as I'd turned 18 packed my bags and headed off for a year in sunny Melbourne, Australia (6 months worth of acne medication in tow). I began to wean myself off my medication cutting down from 2 tablets twice a day to only using one once a day, the good weather and climate also helped and my skin was soon looking and feeling great, and so I decided that strong acne medication was no longer for me.
I now compensate by having a fairly rigid skincare regime, I cleanse morning and night, tone (sometimes...) and moisturize, I take my makeup off before bed and every few weeks I use a Lush face mask and toner tab. My top tip for spots; treat them, but don't use harsh chemicals! I have found in my case products like Clearasil have made things a hundred times worse, my favourite spot treatment is Lush 'Grease Lightning'.

Some people are lucky to have clear skin, sadly I am not, though I don't suffer from frequent spots these days I do have pretty bad acne scarring which I am fairly self conscious of.  I am finding that with a rigid skincare routine and good quality (gentle) skincare my skin can look pretty good, in fact this week using a combination of my Liz Earle and Lush products, I have hardly had to use any foundation at all; success!! Day 2 in the blogosphere and I have confessed all about my trials and tribulations in achieving clear skin, I am planning to do a review of my 'Cleanse and Polish' in the near future as well as showing my skin care routine in depth. I hope I haven't rambled on too much (the horrors of having teenage spotty skin!) and that you have enjoyed reading,

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Products mentioned:
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Lush Ultrabland
Lush Grease Lightning

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