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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Well hello there, (A wee instagram picture from earlier today to introduce myself and also let you know why I'm writing my blog...)

I'm Iona, I am 19 (twenty next week though! eeek) and after 2 previous failed blogging attempts I decided this time I would blog about something I really love and what do I love you might ask? Well fashion and beauty of course, it's official I'm obsessed from trialing the new crazes to cult classics and everything in between. I am a second year student, studying Media and Communications and decided with what I'm studying I'd be silly not to blog about what I love! I've spent countless hours reading beauty and fashion blogs of others and decided it was a time I had a go. :)

Now this isn't my first attempt at blogging I've previously had both travel and food blogs, though my current student income doesn't quite accommodate for regular travelling and my new healthy eating plan doesn't quite fit around baking... So what better way to channel my journalistic tendencies than writing a new beauty blog, fresh from freezing Scotland.

I'm aiming to do a bit of the usual OOTD's, reviews, hauls, etc along with some new pieces that have been whirring about in my head for a while. And this time, I will post regularly and will stick it out!

Anyways have a good un' and hope you enjoyed reading (at least I hope someone's reading... otherwise I'll force my Mum to read it! :P )


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